1 What ? reincarnation.

' man I need to hurry , damn why does he have to always remain in class past his time I mean yeah his single but atleast he should get a hobby ' I thought as I ran through the crowds and I know you must be wondering who I am well my name is Alex am 16 years old currently in highschool a devoted otaku and the one am complaining about is my homeroom teacher Mr. XX he is a

also our maths teacher , yeah the guy has a serious problem always stays in class past his time especially when it's the last lesson of the day I mean his single I get it but he doesn't even have a hobby and all he does is press all that information on my head though I must admit I do not pay attention despite all that I have good grades so I keep getting allowances from my parents , they separated ages ago and mom is already remarried with a family and if I have to say her relationship began way longer than the separation cause she had his child like two months after so I don't blame dad , mom though I hate her it's her fault that our family broke apart.

Anyway so that's my life now you must be asking yourselves why am I in a hurry well today season 2 part 2 of ' that time I got reincarnated as a slime ' will start airing and if I don't watch it now those fuckers might ruin it for me so yeah it's very important I mean I have read the webnovel but anime just adds an element that I like and I wouldn't miss it .

' am almost there ' I thought but then I see a ball in the middle of the road , I look around and see the child who had kicked it running to the road I don't know what happened but my body just acts on its own I shout. " HEY KID GET OUT OF THE WAY " running I push him to the side only to find my self spinning in air then I hit the ground , I can here sounds of people screaming and running around but I can't see anything my body is paining all over ' man this life sucks atleast I went out a hero I just wish I meet a ROB '. I thought before I blacked out.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

' damn that hurt . . wait am I still alive but why can't I feel my body ' I thought then tried to look around but I still couldn't see anything all was black ' maybe this is the void and a ROB will find me soon ' that thought made me excited and I started thinking of what to wish for but after a week it seemed no one was coming ' yeah this is normal they always take time in some novels the mc remains in the void for billions of years ' now am scare what if I remain here forever they might forget me but ' I need to come down and think ' after some time I got it ' I need to absorb energy from the void then I can become a god ' and with that I began to concentrate on the energies around me which took quite some time but I finally got it , the I entered a meditative state for I don't know how long till I felt something pulling me and opening my eyes I was in a room with an old man the room was pure white compared to my former pitch black prison.

" I say , I have to hand it to ya kid to comprehend the void in just a million years moreover with out such a thing existing in your past world . . amazing ". a voice says.

" wait are you God or a ROB ". Alex asked full of anticipation.

" nah I can be a ROB or God depending on the situation ". he said " to you am the ROB "

Alex: " yessss , but wait why was I stuck in the void for a million years ".

ROB: " sorry . . I got busy and time flow their works differently ".

Alex: " ok . and what's with my memory I can't remember much apart from some dots and anime and webnovels " .

" well your luck , cause in the void mortal souls loose their memories till the most precious ones which I your case are anime and webnovels . . man you're messed up , that over your own parents HAHAHAHA ". the ROB laughs much to my annoyance.

" hey stop laughing atleast I know I didn't like them that much which only means neither did they ". I shout at it.

" ok ok . ' man some people don't know how to have fun ' now let's get to the wishes as for where you will reincarnate , use your wish ". ROB said.

' huh yes but I don't what to be reincarnated cause I don't need a new family so transmigration it is but where '

After an enternity of thinking I got it .

" l know , I want to be transmigrated into highschool dxd ".

" well that done now you have five wishes so choose well ". ROB

' more thinking I have five wishes so I will go with '. I think about for a minute but I know the answer is pretty simple.

" ok for my first wish I want the origin skill Information king Akashic Records ".

" for my second wish I want an Energy Breeder Reactor that can produce all and any type of energy desired indefinitely "

ROB: " hohoho now that an interesting wish but it's doable next ".

Alex: " third I want Origin skill Creation God Yahweh from a fanfic I read "

ROB: " huh , your going straight for the op path , well I ain't here to judge so granted "

Alex: " ok , forth I want a body and soul that can handle opposing energies and fifth I want a body and soul with infinite potential to grow beyond. "

ROB: " and here I thought I would see you again soon but you just had to find a loop hole smart ".

I didn't know how to feel about the statement the ROB wanted me to die when I was just reincarnated but am not stupid if the Reactor produces opposite energies I might blow up so I found a solution.

ROB: " ok when and where do you want to appear ". this guy is insensitive.

Alex: " ok I want to appear in the dimensional gap but make it that Great red doesn't find me or tries to kill me and as for when I want it twenty years before canon ".

ROB: " ok byeee , see ya soon " he said as he snapped his fingers.

I shouted " WAITTT " as I was sucked into a portal , I cursed the ROB who had a creepy smile on his face leaving him in the white room.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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