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Right now, Ryuhei was having dinner with everyone in Gremory castle. Many questions were raised for him and others.

"Ryuhei-kun, can you tell us about what happened?" Velelana said while she held Nilou in her arms.

"Yes, I'm also curious about the new members…" Sirzechs said while glancing at Garp and the others. He had hundreds of years of combat experience, so with just one glance he knew that these guys were strong. Especially Garp and Mihawk, the pressure these two exude must be close to Maou level.

"Ah um…" Ryuhei hesitated, then glanced at the maids in the castle. Zeocitus seemed to understand, so he ordered the maids to leave. The only maid who didn't have to leave was Grayfia, after all, in the eyes of the Gremory family, Grayfia was no different from their own.

As for Ryuhei, he has enough trust in the Gremory family, anyway, now he has two important hostages, Rias and Nilou-chan.

Ryuhei began briefly talking about his ability to travel to another world. Well, it's as simple as that. He didn't want people to be shocked when they learned that he now ruled that world.

Then they started discussing many things with each other.

"Ryuhei-kun, we have made it public that you are a member of Devil Factions. Soon we will have a meeting with the Norse Pantheon on dealing with Khaos Brigade." Sirzechs said.

" … I get it" Ryuhei grinned while touching one of his flank. The others seemed to notice his smile as well.

"What's wrong, Darling?" Akeno asked Ryuhei.

"It's nothing… I just recalled some memories with 'my friends'." Ryuhei said.

Dinner that day ended without much happening, Ryuhei and the others were assigned their rooms. Immediately after returning to the bedroom, Ryuhei left to do some shady work.


Ryuhei teleported back to his mansion, where Doflamingo was lounging on the sofa while watching Dragon Ball.

"Ryuhei-sama, look what I found. This dragon named Shenron can grant us wishes."

"…Where is Tiamat?" Ryuhei immediately changed the subject, he didn't want to argue with Doflamingo.

"Lady Tiamat has gone to bed… So where are the others?" Doflamingo said as he looked around and didn't see anyone else.

"They're at Rias's house." Ryuhei sat down and lit a cigarette for himself.

"…So what kind of work do you want me to do?"

"Um… I want you to join the Khaos Brigade." Ryuhei said.

"Khaos Bridge?."

"Well, it's a terrorist organization… Even though I have eyes and ears in it, I can't always manage everything. That is why I want you to join this organization."

"…You are just lazy." Doflamingo said with a blank face.


Ryuhei then began explaining to Doflamingo about the Khaos Brigade. Although Ophis is the leader of the Khaos Brigade, it is clear that these guys only see her as a puppet leader.

"I know you are very good at finding information and running shady things. Also, don't use your real name… Use the Joker as you used to run the underworld." Ryuhei said.

"So do I need to disguise?"

"Probably not…"

Ryuhei then teleports himself and Doflamingo to Team Vali's headquarters.


In a certain room, Vali Lucifer and the others were playing a board game when a large teleportation circle appeared in the center of the room.

"Yo." Ryuhei made a simple greeting before walking over to the sofa and sitting down, followed by Doflamingo.

"huh… what are you doing here?" Vali asked.

"Well, what's wrong with me being here?" Ryuhei said.

"No… It's just that you don't use your puppet this time." Vali said, most of Ryuhei's appearances are in the identity of Shiro Oni, an identity that Ryuhei uses to participate in the Khaos Brigade.

"Oh… Leaving that aside, it doesn't matter whether I use those puppets or not anyway."

"Oi Ryuhei, who is the guy standing behind you?." Bikou said pointing at Doflamingo.

"This guy is the Joker, he's joining our team." Ryuhei said.

"Fufufu, nice to meet you. I'm Joker." Doflamingo said as he approached his new 'colleagues'.

"Joker ? Are you a fan of Marvel?." Le Fay said


They then continued to talk to each other about many things, until a black smoke appeared in the middle of the room.

Ryuhei looked towards the smoke and saw a cute young girl with hip-length black hair and black eyes. Her ears are different from normal people because they have pointed tips. This is none other than the 'Boss' of Khaos Brigade.

Ophis saw Ryuhei, she immediately approached and spread her hand.

"Ooh, tribute." Ryuhei showed a smile and took out a bag of candy.

In the past, Ryuhei had intended to challenge Ophis to a duel, but luckily Irene convinced him to stop doing that stupid thing. And then at some point, Ophis invited Ryuhei to join the Khaos Brigade.

At first Ryuhei was going to refuse but in the end he accepted to join this terrorist organization. And in the end, this candy package is for Ryuhei to bribe Ophis. Obviously to keep Ophis from revealing his true identity to the rest of the organization.

"Ophis, can this guy join your organization?" Ryuhei said while pointing at Doflamingo.

For everyone else, Ophis would simply agree… However, it was different for Ryuhei. Somehow, this loli dragon had learned to demand a reward if Ryuhei asked her for something.

"I will agree to one condition." Ophis said.

" What's condition ?."

"You have to pay me an ice cream per day."

"The deal is complete." They then shook hands as if they had just signed a big contract before Ophis sat on his lap to enjoy the candy.

" Tasty." Ophis enjoyed the candies while her legs swaying slightly, then looked at Ryuhei and said.

"Did you get stronger?." Her words startled everyone, especially Vali.

Ryuhei said nothing and just took care of Ophis' hair. Ryuhei changed his hairstyle to two braids because he felt it was the best hairstyle for this loli.

"You're very good, Ryuhei-sama." Le Fay praised.

"Do you want me to do it for you?." Ryuhei asked.

"You can?" Le Fay asked.

Ryuhei nodded and also took care of Le Fay's hair. Le Fay felt very comfortable when he took care of her hair.

"You're very good, Ryuhei-sama. Where did you learn this skill?"

"It's just experience." Ryuhei said while showing a warm smile as he remembered his daughter.

"…Is that so." Le Fay didn't know what to say.

"Done" Ryuhei changed Le Fay's hairstyle to a bun.

"Wow, that's cute, Arthur-Niisama, what do you think?" Le Fay asked.

"Hmm, that's good." Arthur nodded.

"Are you going to participate in this meeting?" Vali asked.

"I guess yes… Anyway, we need to introduce the Joker to the others… Plus I want to know what they're up to." Ryuhei said before he used magic to change his appearance.

They were all about to teleport to Khaos Brigade's headquarters when Ophis stopped, looking as if she just remembered something.

"What's wrong, Ophis?"

"Put the candy away for me." Ophis said and handed the bag of candy to Ryuhei. She is afraid that others will take her candy, If the members of Khaos Brigade 'wish' want her candy, then Ophis will have to accept their wish.

"Um, okay."


The party then teleports to Khaos Brigade's meeting room, where only the Hero Faction appears. Cao Cao noticed Ryuhei's appearance, he immediately approached while showing a fake smile.

"Hey, my friend." Cao Cao came to say hello. He then looked towards Doflamingo and said.

"Have you got a new member?" Cao Cao then began to probe Doflamingo's power. Cao Cao extended his hand towards Doflamigo and said.

"Hey, what's your name? Why don't you go to the Hero faction so we can talk." Cao Cao begins trying to get close to Doflamingo after recruiting the bespectacled man. However, Doflamingo immediately brushed Cao Cao's hand away and said.

"I prefer working with my boss."

Although Cao Cao was angry because he felt offended. But he still managed to put on a smile. Siegfried behind Cao Cao was so angry that his leader was being disrespected, he immediately walked towards Doflamingo while shouting.

"Haaa? Why are you so arrogant?"

However, Doflamingo just ignored Siegfried because he didn't feel any threat from the white haired guy.

" Bastard ." Siegfried was furious at being ignored by this new member. He walked over and tried to calm himself down and flashed a grin.

"Hey, why are you wearing glasses? . What are you hiding? ." Siegfried tries to insult the new member, then uses his hand to knock Doflamingo's sunglasses off.

Just then Doflamingo stood motionless as his sunglasses were blown away by Siegfried. He tried to cover his eyes with his hand, but he couldn't, the others were able to see his eyes. In Doflamingo's left eye… There are two pupils.

"Wow, that looks disgusting… polycoria ?. It looks disgusting hahaha." Siegfried starts insulting Doflamingo's left eye. This is why Doflamingo always wears glasses and he will always wear them no matter the situation. He began to remember how he was always bullied by the kids in Mari Geosie because of his scary left eye. There were times when Doflamingo even tried to get the eye out.

"Hey… White-haired bastard." Doflamingo muttered as he released a tremendous amount of killing intent towards Siegfried.

Siegfried immediately frowned upon sensing Doflamingo's killing intent. He immediately drew his sword and charged towards Doflamingo. Siegfried was always confident in his speed, he circled to the right of Doflamingo and unleashed a slash. However, Doflamingo was able to block the attack with his silk thread.

"You... slow." Doflamingo said causing Siegried to jump backwards and then circle in front of Doflamingo to attack.

"You're as slow as a turtle." Doflamingo continued speaking, immediately Siegfried's body stopped.

Siegfried gradually became confused as he realized that he could no longer control his body.

Doflamingo began to bend his fingers causing the ropes to begin to tighten.

"Ahhhhh." Siegfried began to scream in pain as both of his hands were bent into the shape of L .

"Such punishment is enough, Joker." Ryuhei said, although he wanted Doflamingo to kill these fake bastards, now was not the time. Doflamingo obeyed Ryuhei's orders and released Siegfried, who was lying on the ground screaming.

"… Pathetic…" Doflamingo muttered as he looked at Siegfried, then bent down and picked up his glasses before putting them on.

"Bastard… Suddenly reminds me of those nasty memories."

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