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Dwarf Smith From Earth


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What would a dwarf raised on Earth do when System Apocalypse happens? Read to find out. Derek Smith (what a name!) became a minor celebrity when his friend posted a video titled "The Real-World Dwarf is a cool dude!". Being a fourth-year high-schooler who is 4'8 (142cm) in height is one thing, but having the muscles of a bodybuilder and the face of a middle-aged man at the same time is another. And don't you dare to bring up shaving in front of him. Did I mention that the boy's favorite hobby is smithing? Derek always wondered if the gods sent him to the wrong world. Until, one day, Earth Awakened. With dungeons, monsters, magic, and status screens, everything became not so different from fantasy fiction. The sudden change brought chaos to the world, but to the young dwarf, it also brought the opportunity to discover his true self. And maybe to reunite with his real kinfolk. But first, he needs to survive. Who asked him to explore this abandoned mine at the worst time possible? Now Derek is trapped, and the only way to escape is to learn how this mysterious System works. Too bad there is no manual or teacher to help him with that. Or maybe there is? Volume 1: The Dwarf, The Mine, and the RPG Apocalypse


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