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Dust to Dust


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She stares at the scar on her palm. No matter how much she tries, the cigarette burn will not go away. It will always be a reminder of the damage he has done to her life, and the potential danger he poses to her. "You don't know the pain you had caused." she says. He grabs her hand. She can feel his warmth transmitting to her body. An unknown emotion flickered in his eyes. He lowers his head and presses his lips against the scar he had caused. "I promise," he mutters against her hand. "I will never cause you any more pain. I will protect you." __________________________________________________________ 17 years old Leia desires for one thing- death. Anything that will allow her to escape the terrible bullying she is subjected to in school. Her plan is simple; step in front of an oncoming car, get hit and die. However, her attempt to end her life goes haywire when she accidentally saves a little girl from a freak car accident. Who could guess that she would survive the hit and that the girl she saved is the little sister of Colin Harries, the notorious bad boy from her school? Overwhelmed by gratitude, Colin vows to protect her from the bullying. But can Leia trust the boy that indirectly took part in her torment? Will she opens up her heart to the boy that belongs to the group of people that drives her to suicide?


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