Dungeon of Pride, Laplace

Darkness reigned before the dawn of light... Who would have thought that his mundane life would take a chilling turn one day? Trapped in the monotony of his office existence, Simon suddenly finds himself thrust into an extraordinary realm beyond imagination. Death was merely the beginning... When Simon opened his eyes next, a fantastical landscape vastly different from his familiar office cubicle awaited him. A marvellous sight, a different world. The cruel life... Althaea, a realm of merciless brutality where the law of survival dictates: eat or be eaten, kill or be killed. Born not as a human... Simon emerges as a demon, a being shunned by humanity and embroiled in a relentless war between humans and demons. The Seraphims, protector of humanity, and the Demon lords who rule across all demonkind. Amidst all the chaos, he must navigate the treacherous hierarchy of demonkind as one of the lowest-ranking Demon Nobles. The unique power... The art of dungeon creation—a golden opportunity to ascend above the chaos and establish his dominion. With power comes adversaries... Now he must delve deeper, unveil its hidden powers and forge alliances that will dictate his fate. Fight rival demons, vengeful seraphims, and ancient evils who were up to no good. . Join Simon on his odyssey through a world teetering on the edge of destruction, where every step forward is fraught with danger and every decision could mean life or death. Will he rise to the challenge and defy the odds, or will he succumb to the unforgiving darkness that threatens to consume him? ----- Join our discord for Q&A and to chat with fellow members- https://discord.gg/bXexmSNeqn You can support me by helping me buy illustrations:- patreon.com/ViciousPepper.

ViciousPepper · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
897 Chs

Chapter 435- Hidden Chambers and Traps (2)

If he wanted to grow the rank of his dungeon, he needed a steady supply of DP and adventurers to enter his dungeon. Additionally, given that the enemy he would have to face in the future would only be stronger, he needed DP to add new floors, monsters and install various other traps and mechanisms to his dungeon.

Thus the idea that he spawns a monster that could potentially wipe out a low ranking party on the upper floors, didn't seem appropriate to him.

"I know what lord Simon is thinking, it is dangerous to spawn them on the upper floors but what about the middle floors? The adventurers there might be able to do something and come up with ways and strategies to defeat these monsters".