1 Chapter 1-The Arrival of Humanity & the Clash between the Dark Lord and the Hero

Ethan woke up from the altar.

In front of him, numerous small, green-skinned, humanoid creatures were kneeling.

These creatures looked ferocious, their fangs exposed, as if they could tear apart their prey at any moment.

But they were all trembling in front of Ethan.

Ethan rubbed his temples.

Suddenly, a flood of information surged into his mind...

[Welcome to Dark Lord Game!]

[Current total number of players: 8 billion.]

[All human players will be divided into "Dark Lord" and "Hero" factions.]

[You have been assigned to the "Dark Lord" faction.]

[Please note that in this game, death means losing the game eligibility, and you will actually die.]

[Winning Condition: Completely dominate or destroy an entire empire.]

[After winning the game, you can choose to return to the real world or continue to challenge higher-level worlds!]

[Dark Lords will have a three-day protection period, after which Hero players will sense nearby Dark Lord players.]

[Dark Lords will face the crusade of Heroes, Adventurers, Legions, and even empires. You may also be threatened by other Dark Lord players. Keep a low profile and develop until you have sufficient power!]


[Each Dark Lord player will initially receive a group of weak 'Followers'.]

[Your initial followers: Goblin.]

[Number of initial followers: 30.]

[Please choose your initial Bloodline, which will determine your future development direction and power limit!]

After digesting all these.

Ethan was incredibly shocked.

"Apart from me, billions of humans worldwide is involved in this game?"

"I never thought I would become a Dark Lord... this is too weird!"

"My initial followers are too weak, just ordinary Goblins..."

"Damn, it's a hellish start!"

However, Ethan quickly gathered his emotions.

What he needed to do now was to choose his initial Bloodline within the time limit.

The system reminded him that he only had 5 minutes to make this decision.

If he could not choose his Bloodline within 5 minutes, the system would randomly assign one for him.

If he ended up with a rubbish Bloodline... Ethan would be crying without tears.

In front of Ethan, countless rays of light flashed.

Each of them contained a power of Bloodline.

Unfortunately, although these rays of light were colorful, human with the naked eye could not tell their quality.

No one knew which contained a powerful bloodline and which contained a terrible Bloodline.

Ethan knew that his initial followers were already very weak, and he must choose a powerful Bloodline now.

Otherwise, under the pressure of the powerful Heroes, he might be instantly killed.

The quality of the Bloodline directly related to his life!

But the problem now was - all the rays of light looked the same, and he could not tell which was better.

As time went by.

The frustrated Ethan suddenly found that above those rays of light, rows of explanatory texts appeared in front of his eyes:

[Goblin (Dark Lord)] Low-level Dark Lord Bloodline, after fusion you can be transformed into a Goblin Dark Lord, possessing night vision talent. Too weak, not recommended.

[Orc (Dark Lord)] Low-level Dark Lord Bloodline, after fusion you can be transformed into an Orc Dark Lord, possessing strong talent. Quite weak, not recommended.


[Stone Giant (Dark Lord)] Medium-level Dark Lord Bloodline, after fusion you can be transformed into a Stone Giant Dark Lord, possessing hard stone skin talent. Not strong enough in the later stage, not recommended.


"So I can see hidden information?"

Ethan was very sure that this information was not instructions included with the rays of light.

Other Dark Lord players should not know this information.

But regardless, now was not the time to be happy.

Ethan quickly searched for a Bloodline suitable for himself.

[Dark Elf (Dark Lord)] Medium-level Dark Lord Bloodline...

[Skeleton Mage (Dark Lord)] Medium-level Dark Lord Bloodline...

[Merfolk (Dark Lord)] Low-level Dark Lord Bloodline...

"Why are they all medium and low-level Bloodlines?"

Ethan furrowed his eyebrows and increased his browsing speed.

Time ticked away second by second, and the designated 5 minutes were about to end.

But Ethan had not yet seen a Bloodline that he liked.

"I should at least find a high-level Dark Lord Bloodline, right?"

Ethan was frantically searching through the rays of light…

Finally, several high-level Bloodlines appeared before him...

[Magical Treant Dark Lord] High-level Bloodline...

[Dark Wizard Dark Lord] High-level Bloodline...

[Undead Knight Dark Lord] High-level Bloodline...

Obviously, high-level Bloodlines are much better than low and medium-level Bloodlines.

Whether it's potential or early-stage power, they completely crush the low and medium-level Bloodlines.

It can be said that just by choosing a high-level Bloodline, one could surpass 99% of Dark Lord players.

"Should I make my choice?"

Ethan glanced at the time.

There were more than 30 seconds left until the deadline.

If it was a player with poor mental quality, they probably would have chosen a high-level Bloodline by now.

But Ethan did not act yet.

He always felt that a few very powerful Bloodlines had not yet appeared.

If he chose now, he would lose the opportunity for the final decision.

10 seconds.

Ethan's gaze quickly skimmed over the low, medium, and high-level Bloodlines that constantly passing before his eyes.

9 seconds.

Ethan gave up a rare high-level Blood Phoenix Dark Lord Bloodline.

He was still not giving up on finding the strongest Bloodline.

8 seconds.

7 seconds.


3 seconds.

Just then.

Ethan spotted a faint golden light in the distance, flickering in and out like a star.

If Ethan hadn't been so observant, he wouldn't have noticed that ray of light at all.

[Golden Divine Dragon (Dark Lord)] Rare and top-level Dark Lord Bloodline, after fusion you can be transformed into a Golden Divine Dragon. This Bloodline is extremely powerful, requiring a lot of earth power to nurture and grow. Once fused, you can gain both Dragonborn and Divine Dragon forms, and gain skills such as Golden Holy Scales, Magic Immunity, Lightning, Fire, Light, etc... Highly recommended!

"I'll choose this one!"

In the final second of the countdown.

Ethan resolutely chose the Bloodline of the Golden Divine Dragon.

As soon as Ethan's words fell.

All the other rays of light vanished.

The ray of light representing the Golden Divine Dragon Bloodline suddenly became extremely bright, shooting into the sky and then transforming into a strong golden light pouring down from the clouds, directly covering Ethan's body!

Ethan was enveloped in the golden light, feeling as if his entire body was being soaked in warm water.

His body clearly became stronger.

In that instant, the power within made he feel he could break through the sky and move mountains and seas!

This feeling was truly wonderful!

[Congratulations, you have chosen your Bloodline and become a new Dark Lord.]

[Your current location is an abandoned temple, there is a dungeon beneath the temple, this area is your initial territory.]

[Please make good use of your initial territory and initial followers, then continue to become stronger and become the ultimate winner!]

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