Duality Warrior In One Piece

You know the rules, a person dies, meets god/gods gets some powers and goes to a fictional world. MC will focus getting stronger while enjoying his life adventuring, so he won't join Luffy's crew and he won't go searching for the One piece like the rest of the pirates. P.S Read the aux chapters because i wrote some important details and heads ups about what to expect from my works.

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Prologue 2

(Unknown amount of time later)

'Ugh my head hurts, what happened?' I think as I slowly open my eyes, I look around and notice that I'm in what looks to be a bedroom. Confused i try recalling what happened. 'That's right I stabbed that dark angel but he somehow survived'.

As I was recalling the fight I hear someone enter the room,"Ah you're awake, I must say you got lucky the miasma didn't linger too much on you or you would've been dead".

A petite angel dressed in a nurse outfit walks up to me and gives me a gentle smile. 'Cute' is all I could think as I looked at her.

"Hmm, you're vitals are okay and everything looks normal so you're good to go, once you feel well I recommend you head to the high gods mansion in the center plaza because they will be holding a meeting regarding everybody that was in the fight". Once she said all that and made sure I was fine she turned around left leaving me with my thoughts again.

'The high gods mansion huh, Let's go what's going on' I stand up slowly and start stretching and clenching my body, legs, and hands just to make sure I'm A Okay. 'Okay time to head out'.

Exiting the house I look around and see angels heading left and right while ethereal people like me are heading straight ahead in groups so I decided to follow them.

After 5 minutes of walking I noticed a peculiar mansion with a lush green garden and "Are those trees growing weed?!" I couldn't help but blurt out. Standing here I realized that this mansion can belong only to one person so i headed straight into the mansion knowing this was definitely where the meeting was gonna be.

Entering what appears to be a presentation room, I look around seeing rows upon rows of people sitting and talking between each other with some pointing at the middle of the stage where the 3 high gods are standing. I head to the nearest empty seat and wait for them to start.

(3rd PoV)

As the clammoring went on, Morgan stood up and walked to the center stage and started speaking "Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well. Now that most of you are here we can start explaining why you were all brought here".

Looking at the crowd from left to right he continued "Some of you are newcomers while the rest have been here for either a short or long time so I'll start by mentioning last week's attack. We were attacked by dark angels sent by the gods of destruction. The universe revolves around balance, if there is good then there is an equal amount of bad somewhere else so just like how there are 3 high gods meant to make sure life flourishes there are 3 dark high gods that spread destruction. No side can exist without the other and it is a constant battle that has been going on from quintillions of years ago. All 696 of you here are souls that didn't cower when those dark angels attacked, instead you helped people escape or fought back against them so we decided to reward you all with a chance of reincarnation with a gift while still having your memories".

After Morgan finished speaking Stan Lee stood up and added "For those not interested in reincarnating you can leave while those that are interested can follow me to the reincarnation room". As he turned to head to the room, 669 souls followed him while the other minority left the room to continue with their lives.

(A/N: There loss)

(Jack's PoV)

'Hell Yeah baby I get to reincarnate and get some powers' I couldn't help but get excited after all this is my chance to experience something new, exciting, and magical. Following Stan Lee we are walking through a long corridor filled with lots of doors as he kept sending a random number of people into each room until it was finally my turn. 'Room 420 heh' I chuckled while entering the room. Inside there was nothing but a slot machine and a booklet with a title written on it that said "Reincarnating for Dummies written by Lucifer M.". Opening the booklet I slowly read it all and to summarize it basically said:

1. The Slot machine will scan my soul to check my life before dying and what I did in heaven to decide how much powers I get.

2. All powers are determined by luck and what world you are going to while quality is decided by your own karma.

3. You can insert 3 worlds you wouldn't mind living in then crank the machine to see where you will end up in.

4. The powers and memories will awaken once the body reaches an age capable of handling them.

5. All reincarnated are given a special privilege no matter the world which consists of:

a) Mind readers can't discover the past life and meta knowledge.

b) Clones created by people other than yourself only have your looks but no powers.

c) All powers granted cannot be stolen or copied by metahumans, mutants, etc...

d) You become both a paradox and a singularity so you can't be killed in the past to die in the future and there won't be evil versions of yourself from a different reality.

e) 1 free customization of how you look as a child, teen, and adult.

Looking at the slot machine I head over sit down and let it scan me. Once it was done it's time to input the 3 worlds I prefer. "Marvel Cinematics, One piece, Lilo and Stitch" I wrote. 'Now time to see where I'm gonna end up in' I thought as I cranked it.

The machine spun and spun until it slowed down and stopped at One piece. Nodding my head I waited until the machine was ready to tell me how many powers I'll get. "Jack Daniel past life overall neutral good, new life saved Archangel Michael. 3 gifts will be given" the machine said monotonously. Well time to crank that so here we go again.

Once the machine stopped it showed a ticket, book, and a fruit. "1st gift, a weapon of choice ticket. 2nd gift, a martial arts manual. 3rd gift, a unique zoan devil fruit" I read out loud.

'Not bad not bad', the first two are self explanatory while the third I'm curious what type of zoan I got. "Let's see Bear Bear fruit model Duality Panda, Interesting".

Well that's that now time for my looks, since I'm heading to One piece and have a panda fruit maybe i should build around it. After a few minutes of choosing and specifying the details, I'm done. The new me will be 2 meters tall, a face not too masculine leaning more on the cute and mischievous side. Short hair that's a mix of black and white and red eyes. Overall I look like a male Arlecchino.

After all is set and done a start button appears waiting for me to press it *boop* which I do then a bright light flashes and I lose consciousness.

That's that for the prologue tell me what u think about it soo far and don't forget to vote on what ff should I write first. It's in the 2nd aux chapter.

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