1 Prologue

[An Unknown Valley, The Tower]

On a lone precipice, he stood, overlooking a seraphic horizon that was enveloped in unseen walls. Behind him, an azure scarf fluttered in the passing winds pulled by the high altitude, being neighbored by passing clouds.

"System, bring up my status."

[Player: Jeong-Hui.]

[Level: 540. EXP: 125800/450000.]

[Health: 25000/???????. Spirit: 15450/??????.]

[Usable Skill Points: 12.]

"...Alright," he said to himself, stretching his fingers and cracking his knuckles, "...Let's do this."

His eyes were set on the colossal, platinum-scaled dragon occupying the ground far below–yet, despite it inhabiting the ground floor that was hundreds of meters below, it still stood tall and imposing.

I've been putting this off long enough now. It's about time I take care of this, he thought.

As he stretched his body, another prompt appeared, sensing his intent to fight.

[Martial Arts Proficiency: Taekwondo: 5060/9999]

Without any further hesitation, he leapt from the summit of the seraphic mountain, drawing his daggers from their sheaths that radiated with a dormant power.

Through the usage of his ability, he was granted superb physicality, allowing him to land from the mighty fall without flinching, plummeting down as he landed on both of his boots.

The moment he landed, the behemoth of a dragon, armored in shining, opulent scales that reflected the heavenly, orange rays of sunlight, took notice of him.

A roar unleashed as it parted its mighty maw, sending a tremor through the stone flooring, cracking it and producing an overwhelming aura, but he stood tall.

"Alright, big guy…let's do this."

From his form, nothing more than an ant when compared to the platinum beast, he unleashed an aura of his own–a magnificent energy that shook the land at his feet, producing a vibrant, potent hum that propelled outwards.

Such overwhelming magical energy was second nature to him, but the question was: what sort of journey cultivated one to require such power?

–This is my journey as the sole user of the two systems--the "Angel System" and the "-- System". However…this isn't the start of my journey. So–let's save this for another time.

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