16 Newfound Companions

"Ah…I didn't mean you both had to stay at my apartment, you know? There are other rooms," he said.

While it wasn't something he inherently opposed, he was embarrassed by having two girls snooping around his apartment that nobody besides himself, his mother, and a few old friends had been inside.

"I already told ya', it's best that we stick together," Myung-Hee slapped him on the back.

After unequipping their battle-outfits, he finally got to see the everyday clothes that both of the women wore.

Myung-Hee didn't exactly surprise him; she wore a black tank top with loose, matching sweatpants and piercings on her ears and lips.

Meanwhile, on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, Kamou wore a light, all-white sundress that accentuated her soft, pale skin. Accompanying her light, comfortable sundress were matching, white-and-black leggings.

Being so close to Kamou now, he realized just how short of stature she was, standing a complete head less than himself.

I totally don't mind it, but my mind won't be able to relax at all with two babes here! He thought.

"If you don't want us to stay here, it's fine…" Kamou smiled.

"No, no, no–it's fine!" He assured.

Opening the hallway closet, he retrieves a couple of futons, placing them on the floor. They were never used before, and in his opinion, quite comfortable.

My Mom left these here because she assumed I'd have a lot of friends over…thanks for the belief in me, Mom, he sighed out, usually it'd be heresy not to offer your bed to guests, but…let's just say my bed has a bit of my DNA on it–I can't rightfully let anybody sleep there!

"It's a bit cluttered, don't ya' think?" Myung-Hee asked while he set up the futons.

Sorry, I didn't exactly plan to bring two girls home–! He thought.

"Yeah, sorry…" He chuckled.

To his surprise, he watched as Kamou began to pick up the trash around the apartment, with Myung-Hee soon following in her footsteps.

"That's alright, you don't have to–"

Kamou shook her head, giving him a smile as she placed a few noodle cups into a trash bag, "This is the least we can do if we're staying here."

She's an angel, he thought.

Before long, the apartment he had left cramped and dirty with trash was now spotless and clean. He had almost forgotten what it was supposed to normally look like as he sat down on the hardwood floor in surprise.

"Wow…you both get things done pretty quick, huh?" He asked.

Kamou chuckled bashfully, seating herself across from him at the small, lounge table as she hugged her knees close to her chest.

"That's right!" Myung-Hee proclaimed with a laugh, ripping open a bag of corn snacks.

Dude, you just cleaned the house and are already snacking…He thought, but smiled nonetheless, naturally.

Though the sight of seeing the tall woman pop open a bag of chips reminded him that he himself was hungry as he brought himself up, "I'm assuming you both would like some dinner?"

Myung-Hee didn't hesitate to answer with a mouth full of corn snacks, "Count me in!"

Please swallow before talking, he thought.

As he headed into the narrow kitchen space of his apartment, he was surprised that Kamou followed him.

"Urr…?" He looked at her as he was searching for something to cook.

"I'll help out…if that's okay?" Kamou asked with a warm smile.

"Sure," he nodded with a smile.

"What're we making?" Kamou asked, looking over his shoulder.

As he placed the fresh ingredients into the bowl, adding some water to it, he answered, "Just some kimchi stew. I'm working on the stock right now."

After retrieving all of the tools from the cupboard and giving them a quick wash and rinse, he retrieves the ingredients from the fridge.

"Can you grab the kimchi brine, please?" He asked, setting the pot to boil.

"Right," Kamou nodded.

Getting the kimchi, he began to rapidly cut green onions while the pot rose in heat, shuffling them and getting them ready before wiping the sweat from his forehead.

"You're pretty good at this," Kamou commented, watching him, "I'm totally left in the dust here."

He laughed, "I used to want to be a chef, I was in a cooking club and everything, well before…"


"Nothing," he smiled, opening the pot to realize it was time to continue, "I'm a bit rusty, is all. I haven't really tried cooking for a while, especially for others…"

As he spoke, he added the kimchi and onions to the pot, following up with spices and sauce before allowing it to cook further as he placed the lid back on top.

"That's amazing, though," Kamou stood near him, "I didn't take you for somebody that enjoyed cooking."

"Not with all of those instant noodle cups around, huh?" He chuckled, ruffling his curly, vermilion locks.

Kamou blushed a bit, "I didn't mean that…"

"No, it's alright. I get it," he smiled, looking at the silver-haired girl, who was roughly a head shorter than himself, "What about you? Is there anything you wanted to do…before, you know?"

While they waited for the pot of stew to boil, they stood by the kitchen counter, which had been spotlessly cleaned and organized by Kamou prior.

Kamou held her hands behind her back, swaying a bit side-to-side, "Hmmm…it's a bit embarrassing."

"More embarrassing than an instant noodle-enthusiast trying to be a chef?" He asked with a laugh.

Kamou laughed as well, but shook her head, "Fine…" She breathed out, "I wanted to be a model…"

"A model?" He looked at her in surprise.

She covered her face with her hands out of embarrassment, "I know…it's stupid, isn't it? I don't have what it takes."

"You're totally wrong," he told her, putting his hand to his chin.

"Huh?" She looked at him.

He smiled, giving her an O-K sign, "You'd do great, trust me."

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