Dual levelling: I level up with my clones

War breaks out between the human race and monsters, and Lee Seung loses everything to it at the age of sixteen — his family, home, and happiness. He had always dreamed of becoming powerful enough to stop the remaining monsters in the world. One day, he awakens the ability to create multiple versions of himself called "replications". With his clones, he grows stronger every time. But will this new power bring him the happiness he desires? The revenge he craves? Or will it further ruin his life? Let's find out! ------+-- Join my discord server. https://discord.com/invite/7pSv2bDs7V

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Summoning my first clone

"What...is that thing?"

He sighed loudly, his eyes closing, "Argh."

However, before he lost consciousness completely, he could have sworn he saw a screen directly before his eyes.

[Energy transmission completed.]

[Cloning activated.]

* * *

Moments later, Lee Seung regained his consciousness.

He moaned on getting off the sofa, the pain still resounding in his head.

On seeing what was infront of him, his eyes shimmered with surprise. A screen opened before him, its interface bathed in soft, ethereal light, displaying a series of glowing icons and information panels..

His eyes swept over the words displayed on it, completely overwhelmed.

[You have activated Cloning ability.]

'So what I saw was right,' Lee Seung thought. Though he was surprised, he didn't think it was dangerous. After all, what could a mere screen do on its own?

'What? It is switching automatically? Is this some kind of artificial intelligence?'

[Code: K4mP_7qR9zL#3xJ!6uB]

[User: Lee Seung]

[Verification Complete.]

[System Access Granted.]

[Registration complete.]

Lee Seung stood up from the sofa.

"Wow, so amazing! I can't believe it!"

* * *

At the World Hunter Association, W.H.A. headquarters.

A man in a black suit, having an athlete physique appearance walked into a large office. He held an i-pad in his hand.

On reaching a table, he bowed, "Greetings, President Park."

The old man being addressed turned his gaze toward him. He had wide grey moustache, and had strong body shape irrespective of his age.

"President Park, please check this news," the man said, placing the i-pad before him. While the old man was sweeping his eyes over it, he said, "A spaceship crash was witnessed in a part of Seoul today, and the victims were the aliens. The damages have been taken care of by the armies but the aliens couldn't be saved."

The old man sighed loudly, reclining his back on the chair. He said,

"It's true the government signed a treaty with the aliens years ago so they helped us with creating techs for making metahumans in order to eliminate the monsters. However, we shouldn't let the friendship blind out perspective; there's no jurisdiction to the fact that the aliens have ulterior motives towards our planet. And we must stop them all."

"Don't you think that decision is too quick, president?"asked the man, calmly.

Then, the President rose to the side of the window. He explained to the other man, Kim Seijin, that the rules of the dungeons also applied to daily life.

In the dungeons, Hunters often betray one another over treasures obtained from monsters. And as a result, they end up killing one another.

The rule is simple: survive.

Not to trust anyone except oneself.

"You can take this as me teaching you how to survive just like I taught you judo," the President said, a smile flying from his lips.

"I completely understand you, President. If we don't block the entry of the aliens, they may end up exploiting our lands, and it could result in blood spill," Kim Seijin said. He bowed, his golden hair glowing with the sun's ray, "I will see to it as soon as possible. Please be rest assured."


Lee Seung stared at the screen as countless thoughts raced his mind.

The screen made a display, asking him whether he wanted the system or not. He knew there might later be a side effect for accepting but he wasn't letting go of something that wanted to make him stronger.

'After my parents' deaths six years ago, I vowed to get stronger enough to take revenge. They were killed by one of the monsters! Even if I am not going to become a Hunter, I have to make money with my ability...to pay for my sister's treatment!'

"I accept!"


[Welcome to Subject's Information icon.]

[Lee Seung]

[Ability: Cloning, LV. 1]


[Strength: 0.12]


[Mana content: 2.03]

[Endurance: 0.06]

[Stamina: 0.01]


Lee Seung was disappointed at his stats. He might have been a weakling, but he wasn't supposed to have it so horrible.

Then, the screen displayed something that turned his head over. It asked him to summon his first clone and he couldn't help but get amazed.

He was agape for a moment. However, he thought summoning a clone would make life easier for him — he would get to do a lot of things at once and also, get stronger.

'I should get done with this quickly, right?' he swallowed hard, clenching his fist.


[Warning: Summoning a clone depends on how good Subject can concentrate mana. Otherwise, an evil spirit may be summoned.]

Lee Seung was frightened for a second, but he resolved it by believing that he would successfully summon his clone.

[Clone summoning ready. Please designate a command word.]

This time wasn't a time to be picky with words so he just choose the first that crossed his mind.



[Summoning ready.]

Lee Seung walked to the middle of the room. He swallowed hard, and clenched his fists. He wanted to get the thoughts of evil spirit off his mind, but he couldn't, which fuelled his anxiety even more.

'I have never tried this, yeah, I can be nervous. But at least, I must give it a go. I have been told what I summon could be the other version of me or an evil spirit, but.....I can jump out the window and shout for help, right? Maybe Mr. Song can offer doughnuts to the evil spirit to....appease it? That'll do, won't it?'

Mustering every courage in him, he closed his eyes and shouted. "Emerge!"

Mysteriously, he was surrounded by blue flames, measuring up to his hips. A large burst of mana drift out of his chest.....


His monitor fell, as well as other things scattering in the floor.

When Lee Seung had closed his eyes, he noticed movements in his entire body, which settled at the centre of his chest. He couldn't comprehend what happened afterwards.

Gently opening his eyes, he saw the exact copy of him. Same height, same size, and same tiny muscles too.

His mouth opened widely, not expecting that much resemblance.

"Whoa," Lee Seung said loudly, grinning. "I did this myself?"

He usually looked down on himself, not believing he could do great things. Maybe because he was an outcast everywhere he went to.

"I am here, master! Forever here to serve you!"

Lee Seung thought loudly, 'Whoa, this is awesome!'

'This is....me!'

At the moment, he saw something on the clone that made him slightly disgusted. He then went to his wardrobe and got the clone a T-shirt to wear.

"Put this on, you are naked."

"Yes, master," the clone replied.


Later on, the clone had hopped into the cloth.

Lee Seung sighed, "Aigoo. I don't even know why I feel like a pervert staring at my little brother on you."

"Lit-tle brother?"

Lee Seung sighed, shaking his head sarcastically, "How naive." He said frankly, "Anyways, let's get to work now. I had a reason for making you."

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