Dual levelling: I level up with my clones

War breaks out between the human race and monsters, and Lee Seung loses everything to it at the age of sixteen — his family, home, and happiness. He had always dreamed of becoming powerful enough to stop the remaining monsters in the world. One day, he awakens the ability to create multiple versions of himself called "replications". With his clones, he grows stronger every time. But will this new power bring him the happiness he desires? The revenge he craves? Or will it further ruin his life? Let's find out! ------+-- Join my discord server. https://discord.com/invite/7pSv2bDs7V

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F-rank Dungeon

"I...uhm," Mr. Choi Minho sighed, "don't have problem with that."

Both of them returned to their seats.

Later on, Lee Seung was given the contract form, and read through it. He examined it until he saw the section discussing his personal earnings on every hunt.

Before he could ask, the man started talking. Maybe he had seen the section that made Seung stop.

"Due to your current class, you can only hunt in F-rank dungeons safely. Meanwhile, the core of the monsters are of low quality therefore...."

"..... doesn't sell for a high price," said Lee Seung calmly, crossing his arms.

"Yes, that's right," said Mr. Choi. "The highest price the cores can be sold is around six million won, which includes the pay for maintenance team. That means your maximum percentage is 70%, about four million two hundred thousand won per hunt."

'Wow! That's a lot of money! I would be able to rent another apartment at a go!' Lee Seung thought, a smile curling on his lips. He knew his perspective on the manager being humble was right.

Lee Seung held Mr. Choi's hand in a tight handshake, grinning widely. He said, "It's nice working with you!"

Mr. Choi smiled slightly then asked him when he would like to start his first hunt.

"Tomorrow, by 3:00pm," was his reply.

* * *

The next day, in the afternoon, Mr. Choi picked Lee Seung and his clone up with a red Range Rover at the gym. Lee Seung found it strange that he wasn't scared at all about going to hunt for the first time.

Just at the moment, he noticed there weren't any weapons for them to use. He asked, "Mr. Choi, are there weapons for us to use for hunting?"

"Oh, I forgot to tell you that. You'll see when I have reached our destination."

A few moments later, Mr. Choi pulled over under a tree in an isolated area. The three of them got out of the car.

"Let's do our best, little guy," Seung told his clone, and smiled.

"Okay, master!"

"Mr Lee, come look at what I got for you guys," said Mr. Choi, and Seung met him at the truck. Upon reaching there, his lips curled into an excited grin.

His eyes widened. "What a marvelous dagger!"

He took the weapon, which had golden handle and a small crystal at the centre of that handle. Consequently, the clone took the other which was a sword.

After walking a few metres, they reached the front of the dungeon. The air around the place was thick. It also carried smell of decayed materials.

Lee Seung grasped the dagger tightly. Looking into the dark dungeon, a sense of panic gripped his heart. However, he knew there was no going back anymore; he had chosen this dangerous path already so he must face the challenges squarely.

'Anyways, the monsters are just as weak as me. I have got this.'

He sighed loudly.

Mr. Choi switched on the flashlight of his smartphone and illuminated the path for them.

When they got a bit deeper into the dungeon, Lee Seung said, "You can stop at this point, Mr. Choi. I and my clone will handle the rest."

"Ok-okay," said Mr. Choi. "I will be outside placing a call to the maintenance team."

"Alright," Seung mumbled as he watched the man left.


Suddenly, the air grew thicker. At the same time, Seung gripped tighter on his dagger.

"Damn, why can't these monsters keep it down?" He mumbled again, using that to summon his courage.

Seung walked a few metres away from his clone. His heart raced, but he convinced himself that he was ready for this battle already. The both of them ventured deeper into the dungeon, and a green bodied goblin materialize, snarling loudly.

Behind this monster stood six others, a particular screen positioned above their heads. The display on those screens was LEVEL 1 GOBLIN.

"Little guy, take this one at the front. I will handle the REST!"

The clone flashily charged to the goblin and beheaded it instantly. Seung clicked his fingers, then charged to the remaining six.

With every strength in his arms, he attempted stabbing one, only to be smashed on the ground.

"Ahh!" Lee Seung grimaced. At the moment, the goblin descended upon him; meanwhile, his clone interfered.


Seung's clone cut the goblin into two halves. If not for his interference, his summoner would have been injured.

Lee Seung rose from the ground, completely disappointed in himself.

He gazed at his clone, who was battling the monsters. He thought, 'I had assumed I was confident in myself, so why can't I at least do as my clone does? This is actually a clear description of the life I live — people surpass me in no time, they have friends to rely on and get better life opportunities. Why must I be the lowest for life?! No matter what I do, I sulk at it in the end! Why....why don't I ever...get better?! Why?!'

At the moment, he saw his clone got overpowered by a higher number of goblins. Could he even help if he wanted to?

A hint of tears dropped down his eyes. He thought, clenching his fist and gritting his teeth, 'In the end, I appear to be weaker than F-rank monsters! Nothing works when it comes to my case, why?! WHY?!'

Countless snarls drew closer to him.

"Yagrhh!" The monsters snarled.

"I am not done thinking," Lee Seung exploded, raising his punch, "so why don't you shut the hell up?!"

Milky blue fumes surrounded his punch as he brushed it across the goblins' faces. One after the other, he punched them hard, finally beating all of them to a pop.

As more goblins charged at him, his body involuntarily leaped into the air. He landed close to the dagger; picking it up, he savoured their heads without sparing one monster.

Blood dropped from the weapon.

Lee Seung pant hardly.

Surprise and excitement were clearly written on the clone's face. He stared at Lee Seung.

"Ehh....ehhh...I did it," Seung mumbled. Later on, a group of men in uniform, wearing red dresses, came to the dungeon. Afterwards, they cleared the corpses, having harvested the monster cores.

Lee Seung's eyebrows were still furrowed when they got out of the dungeon. He was angry at himself, having remembered how harsh life had been on him;, at the same time, he was baffled by where he got that recent strength from.

"What's the matter, Mr. Lee?" Mr. Choi asked, concerned. "You look unhappy."

"I am just...uh, astonished by how I was able to do what I did in the dungeon. It's... it's so unbelievable."

Walking closer to the Hunter's side, Mr. Choi placed his hand on his shoulder. He said, "During the couple of years I have been into this kind of job, I realised that promising Hunters don't get flattered by their ability on first hunt. Do you have an idea how they feel?"

"They get astonished," Lee Seung said, and smiled slightly.

"Yes, that's right. You're very smart, Mr. Lee."

"I know the card you are playing; it's the good man card."

The red Range Rover drove to the front of Lee Seung's apartment. Just as Seung got down from the car, Mr. Choi Minho told him, "I have sent you your profit made today. See you tomorrow."

Seung's mind sparkled with excitement. He replied, "Okay, sir. Goodbye."

Upon getting into his apartment, he checked his account balance.

[Balance:four million six hundred thousand won]

(Approximately three thousand, three hundred and sixty seven dollars) [TL: $3,367]

"Yahoo! Being a Hunter is the best!"

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