316 Don’t test my patience

"Disciple of the same master, that's interesting, now we can resolve things calmly "yohan slightly becomes shocked as he heard his grandpa Leon and he looked towards the commander Kruger with a new light in his eyes and said those words to him, hearing yohan Kruger felt annoyed and he looked at him with a cold expression on his face.

"Yes your grandpa is right but it doesn't mean that you are spared, you are still coming with us to the royal capital, I dont acknowledge him as my disciple's brother, your grandpa is senile old geezer and you are indeed walking on his path, come with us Quitely, or chose the other way kid" Kruger looked at yohan and he said those words to him.

hearing him yohan exhaled deeply and he felt disappointed while Leon laughed and took a step towards commander Kruger and looked at him with killing intent.


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