Dual Cultivation

Su Yang is a powerful Dual Cultivator who was imprisoned after he offended the Heavenly Emperor. His crime? He committed adultery with the Moon God’s wife, kidnapped the Dragon King’s younger sister, seduced the Divine Goddess, and even tasted the forbidden fruit that is the Heavenly Emperor’s beloved daughter. Inside the prison, Su Yang meets a mysterious old man who offers him a chance to leave this place, but that method requires him to experience reincarnation. In his new life, Su Yang swears to reunite with his partners and hold them in his embrace once again, all the while finding new ones along the way. ----------------------- Disclaimer: Dual Cultivation is a unique method of cultivation where a man and a woman cultivate together by having sex. This novel is very old and one of my first novels. The earlier chapters will have errors and spelling mistakes, which will be fixed in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience. ----------------------- My other novels: Cultivation Online

MyLittleBrother · Eastern
Not enough ratings
1074 Chs

City of Yuan

"Master? What nonsense are you spewing?" Qiuyue approached her with a puzzled frown on her ethereal face.

"Y-You're not his Master? Then who are you, really? What's your relationship with Su Yang?" Sun Jingjing asked her in a low voice, clearly dazed by her beauty.

"I can ask you the same thing. Who are you?" Qiuyue stared at Sun Jingjing in the eyes, causing the atmosphere there to quickly turn cold, almost as though a war is starting.


Sensing the invisible and cold atmosphere between them, Qin Liangyu unconsciously took a few steps back into the house.

After a few moments of silence, Qiuyue's gaze lowered from Sun Jingjing's face to her stomach.

And in one swift movement, she partially removed Sun Jingjing's robes, revealing the skin on her stomach.

"Oh…?" Qiuyue's eyebrows trembled slightly when she saw the family seal on Sun Jingjing's skin.