Dual Cultivation In Martial Peak Book

Dual Cultivation In Martial Peak


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Xiang Chen, a Dual Cultivator who has been alive since the time of the Ten Great Antiquity Experts. But even then, he wasn't able to ignore the flaws of the Open Heaven Cultivation Method, forever remaining at the Peak of the 8th Rank Open Heaven. Refusing to help the Human Race against Black Ink, Xiang Chen was killed by Yang Kai for knowing things he shouldn't. But the Heavens wanted something different. Finding himself in the body of a young man, Xiang Chen embarks on his journey to reach the peak of Martial Dao while conquering beautiful women as a Dual Cultivator. --- You don’t need to read the whole Martial Peak to understand the basic plot (but the mention of things that have yet to appear might confuse some people), and things will be explained as story progresses. Discord: https://discord.gg/ADpke5DWdF https://discord.gg/Mu5pTaA7FH Posted two in case one of them doesn't work for someone.


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