320 Test of Time

At the dinner, the two women had a chance to get to know each other as they leisurely spent the evening with Wu Long. Sui Luxiao, much like Lian Zhiqiu preferred less attendants in her living space and her mansion was divided into two parts as well, a general area where the attendants would be coming and going through, and an area where only she was allowed.

Which was why it was a shock to her attendants when she told them that her guests will be staying in the restricted area. Right now, however, they sat in a hall of the general area, though only three of them were in the room.

"Hmm, I see, I am glad it was resolved"

Sui Luxiao sighed with relief as the conversation naturally turned to the events that happened earlier in the Imperial Palace. She was shocked to hear about the throne room audience, and even if she saw Wu Long sitting at the same table she was still worried about the repercussions of his actions on the Wood Spirit Continent.


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