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One of the best dual cultivation stories on wn. I found it very early and after 60 chaps its time for a review. * Writing Quality - 10/10 without a doubt. It feels like the author is a veteran writer. Lack of info dumps, all the information you get are implemented into the story in a very smart way. *Story Development - the flow of the story is perfectly balanced, right amount of action mixed with character interactions. Author knows what parts of the story need more attention, and where to cut it shot with only important parts. You wont find here 4 chapters of pointless travel without any substance or importance to the plot. You dont event thing about the pacing, because if feels like it should be that way. *Character Design - when it comes to MC, he has a deep background with "real" personality. Not an egdy boy without feeling, but a human with countless years of knowledge. And yet he is lacking in some aspects, even after reincarnation his personality grows and he is not shy to admit that. Its a fresh feeling when a former God is fascinated by the behaviour of mortals. Harems members are just great, they dont feel like pokemons (im not gonna lie, I like pokemon hunting too😅), each of them have a personality, and a real one. Not the "I like swords" "I like flowers". They have goals in life, and I can only hope for mc to keep them close. I really dont like when harem members think of mc as a 10th priority in their life, and are more interested in other stuff. For the time being there is a nice romantic feel and I hope this will stay that way. Just like our mc, his girls have interesting background and eaxh of them feel different, not a copy with changed hair color. I m a self insert, so thats important hehe. *Update Stability - i cant say much when it comes to the future, but right now we have 3 chapters daily. Author said he has more time right now and it can change it the future. But for now its amazing, chapters and very long, without fillers just to reaxh the word numbers.*World Background - this is where this book really shines, you can see lots of work and thought where put into it. Small things like places, weather...Interesting ones like inner working of a sect. Thats the first time I was really intersted how a proper sect works, what happens to the disciples after thier potential ends. There is a reason for almost everything, with a great and logical explanation. When you read it, it makes sense. There is only 60 chapters and im really hyped to know more about the world and the secrets it holds. *Lemons - its a dual cultivation book, lets face it fellow daoist, you are here for some spice. And ohh boy, the author delivers! From romantic, vanilla scenes (I cant belive i like them so much, there is one scene in the bathroom where one of his girl just dress up and man, you can see it in your mind...). Mc had a broken sword and got it fixed not long ago, so there is not a lot of "proper" cultivation (remember chap 60) but if I can read judge by what I got to this point...future looks even more amazing. Not a lot of author can write a detailed lemons with that feeling...you will find some scenes with only "pats" as author calls them, its fire! I read lots of harems, and belive me, its that good. I think I covered all of it, give it a chance guys - its worth it! A cultured daoist like me dont lie when it comes to important business... Important notes: NO NTR NO YURI All of it its in the synopsis, but lots of people dont read it 😁.Thank you Green Onion for this amazing book, and if your next novel wont have winc est i ll curse you and your pp will fall off! Give me a hot mommy and sis *cough* *cough* i mean a friend asked...😎

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Nothing much to say about the novel, except that it's amaizing. Writing Quality: 5/5. English is my second language but there are no big mistakes so far, so it's good enough for me. Stability of Updates: 5/5. 2 or sometimes even 3 chapters per day is phenomenal. Story Development: So far, so good. There is goal in mind, there is purpose and then there's PLOT, everything is balanced and there are no filler or info-dump chapters which is always good. Character Design: The MC was immortal for a long time, so he isn't inexperienced, dumb or naive. He knows what to do and is ready to do it. There is also character progression with interesting touch where he learns more about the mortal life, that changes his views about the world and the lower world cultivators. Other characters are also interesting and different. World Background: Interesting in the sense of future development. So far we know about a lot of the world but haven't explored it yet. So far we're still in the lower world so there is still a long way to go, but there are no complaints here since it's solid enough.


ok not a real review since I'm only at chapter 17 right now but God it's a rip off of dual cultivation right now ... pp can't work ? need medicinal herbs costing an arm and a leg in points but nobody knows or really useful it is ... the same as dual cultivation the gift of reincarnation as the only difference of the gender of the people who reincarnated the mc ... the place where mc is reincarnated is basically the same ... when mc came back to himself he has memory seal and in dual cultivation sect... the same ... I've read others review sayings it's better so I'll continue reading ... I'm not saying that the novel is bad or anything but as of chapter 17 it's basically the same ... I just hope that it'll diverge from the other source material and still stay good ... overall gonna for sure read till end of free chapter before deciding what to do next


Great book with detailed world background. It is evident that author put a lot of thought into this gem. Likable mc with mysterious story, he has to visit a blacksmith in order to fix his sword tho... Solid book. I would love to see some inc#est, there is a perfect background for it and readers love it! So im begging to reconsider!


Excellent Dual Cultivation novel with a an OP yet pretty well balanced MC. Grammar is pretty top notch with only the rare typo/mistake.Updates very consistent with bonus chapter or 2 quite frequently.FMCs are quite enjoyable with their own strong personalities.


THIS SO GOOOD! WHY?? it makes it hard to find other novels like it....so this is one of the best cultivation I have read in top 5 easy. Has a pretty good story and r18 is goood...unfortunately no mom so far but still pretty great overall and love the story and development. Alot better than generic cultivation novels


while it started damn similar to another novel, it has since become its own story. the characters are well fleshed out and while trope of new female character = new harem member, it at least lets them stand on their own. I like the cultivation system as well!


Well written, Good Pacing after a bit of practice, well rounded harem and the author has a no one left behind attitude ( not that minor sperations don't happen sadly, but thats par for the course in harem ) plenty of good ol'Lemons, no Yandere's yet... sadly... but thats just a personal preference, all in all gets the head nod from me!


A must read novel for any fan of dual cultivation and op protagonists, great read. Props for the great author.


Fellow daoists. If you are seeking enlightenment through the Dao, author will guide you to a journey you will not regret taking. 10/10


Though it may sound like a typical r-18 smut story but it isn't even to its periphery.In reality, it's better than most of the novels out there. You should read it once. Once you read it, you will eventually get hooked to it. And believe me, you're gonna like it, definitely.Furthermore, the author seems good too as he replies to your queries and doubts. I don't get to see it often.That's all and be sure to give it a try.And finally, my heartfelt gratitude to the author. Stay healthy and keep us satisfied. XD


great story, i highly recomend it, only down side there are not more chapters. want a better more informative review check daoest cultures review. it simply a great story. enjoy.


okay i have read 40 chapters so far and first i was afraid that its going to be copy paste from dual cultivation but it soon got alot better and i like mcs personality even if he does waste time on ppl who hes going to kill anyways


Overall, the book is great. The characters have their flaws and aren't perfect by any means. They feel alive, the story progression is steady, not too slow or too fast, and the book keeps you hooked and makes you keep guessing what's next.The MC isn't all powerful or anything like many novels.Keep up the phenomenal work Green!!!


literally a complete rip off of dual cultivation by my little brother, its a copy and paste, no different plot points or anything.


I get a feeling of Déjà vu reading till chapter 10> God of Dual Cultivation reincarnated in a younger body> New body belongs to disciple in Dual Cultivation Sect, with memory loss and impotent> MC cultivates different method than previous life, relies on sword intent to win fights above his level> Sect elder reminds him of dead lover from previous lifeI wonder if the trend will continue, till now not impressed


that's one of the best dual cultivation novels out there 💯❤️i absolutely love it and for me i like it more than (dual cultivation) here i can feel his love for his women is strong 💪 but if there's something that's troubling is that it raised my expectations really high all the Other novels feels like a trash now 😌


very good book and nice story development


One of the best new dual cultivations novels out right now. The writing and quality of the novel is really good and consisten. The harem of the story is really good I don’t really see any of the female characters getting left behind or forgotten so far in the novel. There’s not really any plot holes left in the story . Overall the novel is really good 👍🏽


Well, I will just say it's really good.Of course, the "main" story still hasn't really started as of Chapter 68 (as with almost every Book on that theme),but it's really good to read, the scenes are great and it seems WE won't have important character without persona which IS great ^^