321 (R18) Take care of you

Wu Long casually took off his upper robes as he waited for the two beauties in the bedroom, and sat on the bed.

After a short time, the doors slid to the sides as two elegant women dressed in light silk night robes walked in on high heels.

He smiled at the suggestively smiling Wu Mengqi and the standing next to her Sui Luxiao whose cheeks were rosy, her gaze averted to the side and downward.

The doors closed and Wu Mengqi opened up her robe first, as her gorgeous body entered his view, her upper body completely bare with the round breasts enchantingly swaying by her motions. She had black lacy panties, a set with the garter belt of the same design and dark semi-transparent stockings on straps.

Sui Luxiao slightly paused, but then took the belt that held her robe and it slid down to the floor, revealing her full and mesmerizing chest, and black panties with dark semi-transparent tights. Her alluring body giving off the erotic charm of a mature woman.


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