2 Unlimited Money System!

"Hmm... Now that I see my face, I seem to be a lot younger than when I died and I was sure that it was not a nightmare, that wedding, and incident..."

He was surprised to find that he was younger, and he was sure that all of that happened, that was a nightmare for him that he could not easily forget.

To know if he was right, he look at the calendar pinned on the wall and it shocked him to the core, that he was indeed right!

"What! Today is 2020 and I was still going to college!" Ye Feng shouted because of the shocking truth.

"This isn't this like the novels that I read, like the protagonist in a story where he is a sore loser, but he magically traveled back to the past, and with a system helps he soars like a dragon in the sky!!"

"If I'm right then does I also have a cheat system? Where is it?!"

Ye Feng was desperate to have one system, like the systematic protagonist in a novel, he wanted one because he needed it to change the future events that will transpire near future.

Despite this he also wanted to have a taste of what they called beauty, he wanted a harem tag on his new life.

As if his prayers has been answered, and a ring sounded inside his head, that made his ears twitch.

« Ding! The Unlimited Money System is now activating... »

« Please wait for a moment, the system is binding to the host... »

« 1%. 5%... 25%.... 50%.. 65%... 85%.. 100% »

« Ding! The binding process is finally done! »

« Ding! The Unlimited Money System is now starting up... »

Looking at the color blue holographic screen that appeared in front of his eyes, he couldn't utter a single word, he was happily shocked that he got a golden finger!

"The Unlimited Money System!" He said and he can already guess what this system was made or used for.

"Haha! Yes, I got a freaking system, with this I can rise like a soaring dragon!"

His face was full of ecstasy, as a novel reader in his previous life he knows what this is, he was blessed, or is he the protagonist of his own story?

"It seems that I really died and came back to my past young college self, haha," Ye Feng took a deep breath because he was excited too much about this current development.

There was still disbelief, it was only natural because he had just time travel, and listening to his system name, "It should be a system about money." He mumbled.

"Is the system there? Hello!"

« Yes, Host? »

The system replied immediately back at him.

"What can you do for me?" He asked.

« It's only simple, the system allows the host to buy anything you wanted, in short, you have obtained endless wealth. »

As soon as the system's robotic tone fell on his ears, a virtual holographic blue screen suddenly emerged in front of him.

« Unlimited Money System »

« System level: 0.1 »

« Host: Ye Feng »

« Special: Unlimited »

« Power value: 9 (10 is the average power value for a man at your age.) »

« Charm: 7 » (10 is maxed for charm, also the same with Luck)

« Luck: 10 »

« Remaining attribute points: 5 »

(Note: for every 10 million the host spends you can get 1 attribute point.)

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