4 Buying clothes

"This... Is this still me?"

"So fucking handsome!"

Ye Feng was shocked again, he did not expect this to happen, but since he broke the charm limits it was just as expected!

Also with him still standing while looking at the mirror, his face also explodes with an invisible charm or aura that makes people couldn't ignore him.

Even Ye Feng, himself couldn't help but fell in love with his own appearance.

Seeing his new self, he could not help but ask himself, "Am I what they call a Gao Fushuai now? Since I'm now rich and handsome,"

Looking at his tight clothes, Ye Feng thought that he needed to buy new ones, and it was time for him to spend money as much as he likes.

With a final look at the mirror, he directly goes towards his bed, since it was still night he wanted to sleep first, it was mentally draining what had happened in such a short time.

"Good night,"

With that, he lay on his small bed and closed his eyes, as he drifted to the land of the dreams.


It was already morning, and Ye Feng already woke up, maybe because of excitement he miraculously woke up early.

"The morning is really beautiful," he said while sipping a coffee, but there was a smile on his face, if any woman could see this they would surely be mesmerized by it.

He was already done taking a bath, and he was just waiting to finish the coffee he was sipping.

It didn't take long for him to finish, and without saving a word, he goes out of his house and took a taxi, as he went straight to the very famous clothing store.

Even though this world was parallel there were still some things he was familiar with...

"Let's go!" He took a deep breath as he strode inside.

He was going to buy decent clothes for himself, and he choose a brand-clothing so that people did not look down on him, he thought he would encounter that face-slapping scenario just like in the novel he read in his previous life.

Rather, it was the opposite because he was warmly welcome.

Ye Feng choose various styles of clothes and he brought a total of 6 sets of branded clothes, which cost him 190,000 Yun.

He wears one set of his newly brought clothes in the fitting room, and for the others, he told the man whose working there to send them to his home, as he gives them his address which this door-to-door cost him 90,000 Yun (Yun like dollar, pesos, yen, etc. I just invented this...)

Wearing these clothes was paired with his handsome looks, his previous clothes were not very good, and cheap it didn't match him, but it was not preventing his charm to go down.

Now, with his brand new clothing, his temperament has greatly changed, from being a poor frog at the bottom of the well to the most charming swan.

"It was said that if handsomeness could be fed, I was going to be the supplier all over the world, as I was like the fallen immortal in the comic I read, haha!"

"Shit, am I a narcissist now?!"

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