1 [Introduction] Annoying Girl

A soft hum echoes throughout the room. Was it room? Dohyun didn't know anymore, but everything was peaceful, he felt safe, comfortable, he didn't want to leave. There were many colorful clouds everywhere, he walked through them as the walls and floors started to disappear, he stopped moving as his body floated in one area. He hugs his knees and rests his eyes and body. He felt at ease. The soft hum slowly faded away, being replaced by a woman's voice. He felt annoyed and blocked his ears, but the voice only grew louder and clearer.


His eyebrows furrowed and twitched the more persistent the voice became.

"...un.. hyun….ohyun..Dohyun..Dohyun"


Dohyun's eyes jolted open, his head raises from his desk and he looks around barely awake.

"Geez, all you do is laze around and sleep!! You don't even try to work, the moment you enter class and sit down you just rest your head and drift away!! You waste that smart brain of yours constantly."

[Ugh, so annoying]

"Are you listening?"

[Wish I wasn't]

"Hellooooo?? Are you ignoring me?"


"Wake up!!"

The girl pulls Dohyun's ear and shouts in it

"Ugh!! Let go!!"

The girl let's go and scoffs at him.

"Huh, you really were just ignoring me. Were you ignoring me earlier this morning when I tried to give you lunch too?"

"Mia, what the fuck do you want."

"Damn, impatient much? Also watch your profanity."

"Cry about it bitch, you interrupted my sleep."

"You sleep a lot anyways, anywho, you said you'd hang out with me today so grab your stuff and let's go!!"

Dohyun groaned and rested his head back onto his desk, in that moment he felt a hard tug at his ear and hair as he was dragged out of the chair.

"Hey what the!!-"

"Either you come with me with bald spots or with your hair intact and your belongings not in a fountain!!"

"Ugh!! Okay okay, damn!"

Mia let go of him smiling with satisfaction, she often used force to get what she wanted. Dohyun looked at her taking in her appearance, she was very short, had auburn hair, straight bangs and her hair tied into a bun, brown eyes and light makeup, she wore a grey cotton sweater and black jeans and carried a pink backpack.

"Why're you staring at me? Could it be that you've fallen under my spell of beauty? I know I know you can't get enough of it but you're too late sweetheart, I've already got a date with a man whose better."

She posed in front of an imaginary paparazzi, flipping her hair and smiling picturing herself as some celebrity walking on the red carpet.

"Ew no, I was just so disgusted and shocked of your appearance my soul left my body and slapped your parents."

"…. You're so cruel Dohyun-ssi."

Dohyun rolls his eyes as he grabs his stuff and leaves the classroom.


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