Drift to Sleep [BL] Book

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Drift to Sleep [BL]


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Dohyun Bom is a 5’10 Korean high schooler who only ever wants to sleep all day. But soon his dreams cause him problems in the dreamworld and real life, his dreams become longer and longer and seems to transport into a fantasy world full of strange creatures ranging from floating eyeballs that tell the future to dragons that are covered in sharp teeth and many mouths that takes you to different dimensions. As he makes an attempt to help the people of this dream world and save them from dangers he finds companions and possibly develops a crush, will this all be worth the time and effort? Is this really all just a dream? (Extra Info: Dohyun just turned 18 recently, he has messy straight black hair that’s longer in the front than the back, black eyes and an inch long red earring that has an eye on it, wears a black mask when not home and likes comfy clothing.)