1 A ture dream

starting at the twinkle shining star,

At everyone sleeps and she woke to see the

star and the moon in the night. she was a lora a

teenager girl with distinguished look she live

dreamworld . lora believed in fairytales that she

can fly and reach a star .lora thinks that on

stars and moons princess live and the star and moon disappeared the world have to leave in darkness and from that fairy's safe us so she have to meet real fairy. At every night she stare at star that fairy can come and took him to in real dream world. but!!

One day it has some shiny particle form star in night come towards him firstly she fears and then she thinks its was a fairy she is right it was a fairy. A very beautiful fairy come towards him the fairy has suddenly falls to ground lora run and safe the fairy she took her to his bed and gave her water to drink The told her name "I am belly" and you" she shivered I I aaam lora . fairy "oh you fear I am not a ghost simled and said No I am not feared but shocked that today I meet a real fairy . Belly "oh but I need your help so if you help me I am glad to you ".lora "Oh yes I can help you what can I do ? Nothing only gave me first aid kit.lora ok and she gave gave her kit in two three days she has well and gave her a lock and said whenever you need help only remember me I am appear and help you .Now we are friends .And now whenever lora need help the fairy appears and the lora lives happily because her dream become true