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Dreams And Desires


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"There is only one way to break this hex if I ever mate with a true lover." Ze sighs, "Only if she offers her blood on her will to me." "Maybe, I can offer you my blood and if the myth is true, I might get normal again" Lian smiles in hope. "But here are a number of your brother vampires who are in search of their true lover." Lian looks at him, "Whom shall I choose?" ═══════════════════════════ A laboratory mishap mixture of a drug, when consumed by Ye Lian, the drug reacted with her DNA resulting from that her would-be invisible in sunlight. She had to go to the night schools to receive her classes, where she was being bullied by the boys of her class. She stayed alone at her home.. Until she met Qín Ze, a cursed Vampire, in an accident, who would not drink her blood but would heal her. Their relationship changed their lives. Both chased a life to be a human, unaware how much they could do with their selves but could never live together if they were to remain how they were. So get ready to experience the Love Story of Lian and Ze, while they chase to become a human again. Let every word of this Book go through your Dreams and Desires because both Dreams and Desires are Different. ═══════════════════════════ COVER: I do not own this cover, the rights go to the owner. ═══════════════════════════ • No smut scenes uptill Chapter 10. • Contains Mature, R-18 contents. • Join the author's server to discuss about This Novel, and get fanarts https://discord.gg/nzZuYFhVEX • Any comments that are baseless and not meant for the novel will be Deleted. ═══════════════════════════ CONTACT ME: •Discord - Tisha#6746 •Join my server - https://discord.gg/nzZuYFhVEX •Instagram - @imaginetishad , @tishad.arts , @mistress_of_leo SUPPORT ME: • https://ko-fi.com/imaginetishad • https://www.patreon.com/imagineTishaD For More https://linktr.ee/TishaD ═══════════════════════════ IF YOU ARE NOT READING THIS BOOK ON webnovel.com THEN THIS BOOK IS STOLEN BY THAT SITE. THE AUTHOR ONLY PUBLISH ON WEBNOVEL.


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