Dreams and Ashes Book

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Dreams and Ashes


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Rose wanted the freedom of the wind so that she could fly past her worries and desires. Tristan wanted the same thing except he wanted one more.....invisibility. When the two meet in an unusual turn of events, dreams unlock and barriers fall off but what stories await them? How will they survive the obstacles of life.....only one way to find out. Life was wiped out by one choice.... one man's decision. I still couldn't grasp the fact that he... My hands tightened around the pillow, a whimper breaking out like an animal twisted in a foothold trap. I lost everything. I felt his hand tightening around my torso from behind... as if he wanted to let me know that I wasn't alone. That this night would pass away like any other and all I needed to do was hold on long enough to survive tonight. But I knew... I knew this night would never go away.... this n-night, it would stay to haunt me for the next week... next month... years... decades... Forever.