Dreamland Odyssey - A SciFi adventure Book

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Dreamland Odyssey - A SciFi adventure


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Raghav is diagnosed with a tumor in his right arm. Doctors say the only way is to amputate the arm. While depressed, Raghav realizes his friend Joseph is researching on building a bionic arm. He urges Joseph to build the bionic arm as soon as possible. But Joseph is hesitant to do it as it involves sending signals directly to the brain. After Raghav's surgery is completed, Joseph informs him that his bionic arm was successfully tested on animals, but human trials would take a couple more years. But Raghav couldn't live without his right arm and urges to try the bionic arm on himself. When he connects the bionic arm to his amputated elbow, things start getting really really bad. *** Excerpt from the book; Raghav strapped the bionic arm to his elbow. This time there were many more wires. Five wires connected to the fingers like before and one to the wrist. There were seven more probes that monitored heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, body temperature, and x, y, and z acceleration of the right elbow. Finally, there was one electrode that was to be connected to the brain. But this was not to be attached directly to the brain via the head. Instead, Joseph designed it to be connected to the sensory nerves on the amputated arm that would then take the signal to the brain. This was the part that Joseph feared could go wrong. "For the first test, I will be using a non-contact electrode on your arm. This will pass the signal into the sensory nerve via an electric field through your skin" Joseph then connected the arm to a power supply and turned it on. ***


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