6 Chapter 5: Natural Phenomenon

In my dream, it's a simple day when there's a natural phenomenon everywhere... The wind starts to blowed hard, there's a climate-changing.

I dreamed there's a typhoon, there's an earthquake, thunderstorms, hurricanes, etc., all over the world.

There are so many tragedies around and I don't know how can I help them... Some families had bereaved persons, some families are doomed.. but the most terrific happened is there are families buried because of the earthquakes. I can't stand the incident. Yes, I saw that there's an incident this past week and I had a nightmare about that but, this is too painful that you don't want to see it. How miserable it can be.

I know that I can't change the weather but how can I help them if I can't stop the disasters? The situation changed and I found myself in the middle of the hurricane??? But that's not the thing because I have powers?! Is this even real?!


I catch my breath when I woke up, I know it's still midnight I'm sure of that. I tried to reach up the water beside my table when my "baton" is shinning. I blinked my eyes for a moment but it's still sparkling.

I was nervous and I don't know if I should get that baton or not, because this is the first time that baton is sparkling after several years of my life.

I went to the baton and hold it for a moment and then suddenly I saw someone that looks familiar. I tried to reach him but when I did that I can't even touch him. It was like I was a ghost, can't touch and he can't even see me.

When I look around I think I saw something familiar, it looks like this is part of my dreams. So that means that this person beside me is me? I looked more closely to see his face and I was right. This is me flying in the middle of the hurricanes. Does it mean I made this? But why would I do that?

Until the situation changed again and I saw earthquakes but not only that because I was on top of the earthquakes, and I was on top of the thunderstorm it looks like I'm making them... Does it means I did all of this?? But why?

After I saw that, the situation changed and I'm back to my normal world. I mean I'm back in my house. I forgot to mention that I already home because after I confine in the hospital they sent me home after the doctor says that I can go now.

Back to my business, after I saw everything the baton stop shining. I don't know what was that all about, what should I have to do.. this is the first time it happened and then this baton revealed everything about climate changes. That I'm the one behind this, but how am I gonna do to stop this fate?

Until I woke up again... Wait? What? Does that mean all of that is just a dream?


Monday morning came and I was ready to go to school when Hannah approach me.

"hey! so how's your feeling?" she said smiling at me.

"I'm okay now.. thanks to your concern, I feel better," I replied and smiled back at her.

She smiled at me then we entered together at our school. Everything is back to a normal day.

Lunch came and I'm heading on my way to the cafeteria when suddenly Hannah and Terrence approached me, all the students looking at us. Not because of me, but because of Hannah and Terrence. The two of them are good looking persons. Hannah has a beautiful looking body and face just like Terrence has a perfect body build and good looking person too.

While walking with them I feel like I do not belong with them, just like how the others judge me why I'm with these two good looking persons. Hannah realized that I'm not that comfortable with them.

"just ignore them, Philip, you don't need to comprehend them. Just be yourself and especially you're our friend just forget about them okay?" she said with assurance written on his face. I looked at Terrence he just nods, so I smiled and nodded at her then I followed them to the cafeteria.

After we eat lunch, we continued our normal day. A minute passed and I notice that something is going on outside, something is changing in the weather.

The clouds starting to get shady, I got up still looking at the sky. And the teacher noticed why I got up in my chair.

"Teacher, there's something wrong in the clouds look!" I said.

All my classmates and teachers look at the sky and they notice that there's something strange going on because they have not yet seen a cloud with a reddish color, besides it has thunder on it. Then the Professor announced that we don't have class today.

After the professor announced, the whole class starts to go home. Even me, but before I got home, Hannah approach me again and she wants us to have shopping together because there are no classes this afternoon.

"I want to go but I can't you see, I have worked this afternoon and I can't be late," I said.

"it's just a moment, I promised" Hannah answered with a pleaded tone. Looking at me and it even glued his palm.

"Alright... but just a moment okay?" I said in a surrender voice.

"yey!" she glad that I give her what she wants then she hugged me full of excitement.

"Now let's go dear. I want to go shopping" she added. Then we heading to the nearest shopping district where all the girls' needs.

While we were shopping, something is not right in the other shop. I think there's a robbery but no one calls the cops. Hannah saw what I was looking for and then she tried to get there but before it happens I grabbed her arm.

"what are you doing???" I asked her.

"I'm trying to help them" she answered.

"what??? do you wanna get us killed??"I exclaimed.

"no!, I just wanna help," she said still looking at the robbery.

"no, I won't let you... you're not a superhero that can save them." I answered.

"I know... what else do you think we can do? watch them until there's anyone who gets killed?! I can't face the reality of doing anything. if you don't want me killed, why don't you call the cops?" she suggested.

"Alright I'll call the cops, just don't get near the robbers, please. I don't want to lose someone important to me" I sounded pleaded as far as I know I don't want her to die. I have never been had a friend like her.

"Okay, I won't go but I want you to call the cops while I'm putting nails on their tire sets," she said.

"but---" she cut me off.

"please" she just looking at me like she's saying that I have to let her go.

I sighed and nodded at her but I have a condition before I let her go.

"if we saw that those robbers were heading to their vehicles we have to hide as quickly as we can. okay??" I said. And then she nods means that she is agreeing to what I want for her.

As soon as we near their vehicles we quickly put nails to their tires so if they trying to escape they can't go far enough. While I'm putting those I called the cops and says the location of the robbery. After I did call the cops I immediately saw that there is someone who was going in our direction I told that to Hannah she nodded at me then we head out to the vehicles.

As soon as the Cops arrive at the robbery, those cops did everything they can to stop those robbers. But before it happens, they saw Hannah and they used her to be their hostage. I was stunned and could not move, I also remembered what happened to my mother when I was 15. It was like I was reminiscing the past. I can't think straight, Hannah tried to escape from them she fights them but because of being a girl, she can't win against a man. They punched her in her stomach caused her to not move, and when I saw that I run after her even the cops can't stop me to save her. I tried to save her until I've feel sharp in my stomach but before I lost consciousness, I tried to shout her name, but all I could hear was Hannah calling for me I tried to reach her out but everything went blank...

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