63 The Reds (5)

After conceding the second goal, Southampton started kick-off again. This time, the tempo of the game decreased. Even though the score is still the same, Liverpool was confident to win the game. Time is still long, there are still many opportunities for Liverpool to score goals.

Another reason Liverpool slowed down the tempo was to lure Southampton out and control the ball. It's harder to score when Southampton defends than when Southampton possessed the ball.

Southampton tried to build the attack. However, Liverpool will strengthen the pressing when Southampton players had crossed the halfway line. In the 51st minute, Liverpool launched an attack again. Steven Roger managed to cut the ball that Rudolf gave to Simone. Steven provides a straight pass towards Sisinho.

The Brazilian received the ball and flicked it to the right, after that, he kicked the ball into the penalty box. Okhalo and Ahmed pushed each other while rushing towards the ball. Ahmed made it first, he kicked the ball to the left. Sterling prepared to receive the ball, but Hilton cut the pass and threw it off the field.

Liverpool gets a corner kick. Steven Roger took the corner again. Then, he kicked it when the referee's whistle had sounded. The ball bounced to the far post. Sisinho jumped up and dueled Rudolf for the ball. Sisinho managed to bounce the ball into the middle of the penalty box. Ahmed rushed to kick the ball, but Dean Smith managed to hold the ball.

In the 62nd minute, Henderson got a yellow card. The Liverpool midfielder brought down Wright-Phillips as Southampton attempted to counterattack. The referee gave awards a free-kick to Southampton.

Simone became the executor of the free-kick. He gave Ryan a pass, Steven Roger rushed to snatch the ball from Ryan, but the young man passed Steven Roger with a Marseille turn technique.

Immediately, he provided a through ball to the left. Wright-Phillips received the pass, Ahmed went down to press, but Ben Carter came on and helped Wright-Phillips. Wright-Phillips managed to escape from Ahmed's guard after making a one-two pass with Ben Carter.

After that, Wright-Phillips gave Kazuki a pass. When Kazuki received the ball, Gomez blocked Kazuki to prevent the Japanese player from breaking through the penalty box. Kazuki was forced to shoot from outside the penalty box. The ball missed from the goalpost, goal kick for Liverpool.

In the 73rd minute, Sterling was substituted after wasting the umpteenth chance. Ragnick lost his patience with Sterling in this match. He brought in Downing to replace Sterling.

In the 76th minute, Rudolf was replaced by Dallas after he was injured when his foot landed incorrectly during an aerial duel with Jordan Henderson. After 76 minutes, Liverpool's attack became ferocious. The match has entered the final 15 minutes of normal time. This long and tiring match is coming to an end. As the leader of the Liverpool standings, want to immediately score the winning goal.

In the 81st minute, Downing teamed up with Enrique on the left, they managed to disrupt the Southampton defense and enter the penalty box. Downing provided a straight pass to the right. Ahmed managed to receive the pass, at the same time Dean Smith ran forward. Ahmed flicked the ball gently over Dean Smith's head. But the ball was too slow, so Dean Smith still had time to save the Southampton goalpost.

In the 85th minute, Southampton launched an attack. Okhalo passes the ball to Ben Carter. The Southampton left-back brought the ball forward. Jordan Henderson was pressing him, Carter changed the ball directions and gives it to Simone.

Steven Roger did a body charge and took the ball from Simone, but the next second Hilton went up and made a tackle, Hilton managed to get the ball. The referee did not blow the whistle, so Hilton immediately passed the ball to Rudolf. The Southampton midfielder brought the ball forward, Sisinho chasing it from behind, while Lucas blocked Rudolf's pass for Rustan.

Rudolf crosses deep to the left. Wright-Phillips competed for speed with Glen Johnson. Glen Johnson won the duel, he gave the ball to Gomez. Liverpool's central defender sent a long pass into the middle of the field.

Sisinho and Okhalo had an aerial duel. As a result, Sisinho managed to head the ball to the left. Downing pushed the ball forward, then runs as fast as possible. Vicente caught Downing but before the Southampton right-back caught him, Downing crossed to the right.

Ahmed escaped the offside trap and managed to receive the pass well. Ahmed just had to deal with Dean Smith. The Southampton goalkeeper ran forward to snatch the ball, but Ahmed passed him and kicked the ball into the empty net.

"Ahmed! Ahmed Abdul Salah! This Egyptian player managed to put Liverpool ahead of Southampton in the 85th minute. This is Anfield! Looks like Anfield is still maintaining its awesomeness tonight."

Liverpool fans cheered while mentioning Ahmed's name. The Liverpool fans' euphoria was so strong that the Southampton players felt heavy pressure. Only 5 minutes left in normal time. Southampton had to score again to equalize.

Ahmed then ran to the sidelines and kneel. After that, he stood up and cuddled with other Liverpool players. On the touchline, Ragnick also celebrated the goal with his assistant, while George covered his face with both hands, the Southampton coach was feeling helpless to see Ahmed's goal. There's nothing wrong with Southampton, it's just that Liverpool is too strong.

At this point, everyone thought Liverpool would win. Even the Southampton players themselves. However, no one thought that in the 89th minute, Henderson got a red card. The Liverpool midfielder brought down Ryan in front of the penalty box, so he got his second yellow card in this match.

The game was thrilling again.

Kazuki became the executor of the free-kick. He took a deep breath. The pressure he felt was very heavy, all attention was on him. The referee's whistle had sounded clear. Kazuki ran slowly then kicked the ball. The ball spun in the air as it slowly moved toward the far post. Ryan jumped and headed the ball into the net, Jim Becker failing to catch the header.

"Goaaalll! Ryan Jr's header made Jim Becker pick up the ball again from the net for the third time in this match," said Jim Kaglin enthusiastically.

The atmosphere at Anfield Stadium became silent for a moment. The Southampton players immediately cheered, they hugged and celebrated the goal. Moments later, the chants of You'll Never Walk Alone echoed through the Anfield stadium. The referee gave 5 minutes of added time. Liverpool fans believed their team will make a miracle again.

In extra time, the game was fierce, even though Liverpool only had 10 players, but their spirit was absolutely incredible. Liverpool managed to create a chance, but unfortunately, Downing failed to score. In the final seconds of the game, Southampton got a corner kick.

Ryan took a corner this time. He put the ball on the grass. Then get ready to kick. The referee's whistle sounded. However, Ryan suddenly walked forward past the ball. The Liverpool players relaxed, they thought Southampton would replace the man who took the corner.

At that moment, Ryan walked backward and kicked the ball quickly. All Liverpool players were not ready, so Kazuki immediately shot the ball into Liverpool's goalpost.

"Oh, looks like there's going to be a substitute taking a corner. Huh? Corners took quickly, Kazuki!!! Goaaallll!!"

The Liverpool players immediately surrounded the referee, they questioned the validity of this goal. However, the referee declared the goal was valid because the whistle had sounded first. Liverpool fans booed the referee, and Southampton players thought there was cheating going on.

However, Kazuki and the Southampton players continued to celebrate. No time left, Southampton won the game this time. After Liverpool kick-off, the referee immediately blew the whistle signaling the end of the match.

The 35th match week between Liverpool and Southampton is officially over. In this match, Southampton won 4-3. Kazuki scored a hat-trick for the second time in his career. While Ahmed managed to score a brace. Kazuki and Ryan were the two players who contributed to the victory of this."

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