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The next day, Denilson's agent told the reporter, "Kazuki is a good player, but his attitude is very bad. He did not respect Denilson as a player who is more senior than him."

The media exploded, they dug into what happened between Kazuki and Denilson. After knowing the story behind it, they immediately reported it to the public. Soon, Furochi as Kazuki's agent spoke up regarding this matter.

"Kazuki is a good boy, he has no problem with other players. If there is someone who has a problem with him then the problem is that person, not Kazuki. There is a proverb that said, when someone points the forefinger at another person, the other three fingers will pointing at himself."

Furochi was saying the problem was Denilson, not Kazuki.

The dispute between Kazuki and Denilson was also heard by Southampton fans. Some people sided with Denilson, but most Southampton fans sided with Kazuki. The reason was simple, Kazuki was better than Denilson. It must be admitted as a footballer that the most important aspect, of course, is the football ability of the person.

This dispute made George as coach remove Kazuki and Denilson from the Big List against Queen Park Ranger in the 31st match week of the English Premier League.

At the pre-match press conference, George said, "With a lot of deliberation, I've decided to remove Kazuki and Denilson from the big list this time, so they can keep a cool head. Both are very important to Southampton, I hope they both clear up any ongoing misunderstandings."

George was also asked by a journalist, which player was more useful to Southampton, Kazuki, or Denilson. However, the Southampton coach did not answer that question. He firmly said both were important for Southampton. George did not take anyone's side in the conflict between Kazuki and Denilson.

Even though Kazuki didn't make the big list in the match against Queen Park Rangers, he came to the Stadium, to support Southampton from the stands.

In this match, Osmund and Crage replaced Kazuki and Denilson on the frontline. Southampton, who play at home, struggle to beat Queen Park Rangers. QPR, which ranks 19th in the English Premier League table, was able to provide fierce resistance to Southampton. No one team dominates in this match.

In the 17th minute, Southampton had a very good chance. Simone managed to break through the QPR player who marked him. He gave the ball to Hugo. The Southampton winger provided a cross into the middle of the penalty box. Osmund ran and had a chance to shoot straight at the goalpost, but Osmund's shot missed the net.

The fans held their heads in disappointment. Such a good opportunity could not be executed properly. They missed Kazuki who had good shooting ability.

"Looks like they need you," said Shiraishi who was sitting beside Kazuki.

"There is no guarantee I will score if I replace Osmund. The chance of Osmund scoring in such a situation is 50% while I have an 85% chance instead of 100%. So I might also fail to score in the face of such an opportunity," Kazuki explained to Shiraishi without overestimating or underestimating his own abilities.

"85%, didn't you too confidence?" Shiraishi asked with a sneer. She also knows football well. She knew even top strikers wouldn't dare to claim a scoring chance of more than 60% of every chance they got.

Kazuki replied calmly, "There is no definite data regarding it, after all the condition of each player changes every day. But when I'm in my best performance and a good mood, my chances of scoring a goal from every chance I get are more than 70%."

Back to the match, in the 34th minute, Southampton conceded first by Queen Park Rangers. The counter-attack launched by the QPR players managed to disperse the Southampton defense. Okhalo failed to stop QPR's counter-attack, as a result, the QPR striker was able to score after a one-on-one encounter with Dean Smith.

The score lasted until the end of the first half. Southampton fans again felt the atmosphere they experienced during the first half of the 2011/2012 season when Kazuki had yet to play for Southampton. The despair they feel when their favorite team is unable to rise, no matter how much support they give.

The second half of the match week 31 between Southampton and Queen Park Rangers has started again. Southampton coach George Eastgate brought on Wright-Phillips to replace Kounde in the early second half.

In this second half, Southampton played better than before. The Saints played more aggressively in the second half. Two of Southampton's mainstay midfielders, Rudolf and Simone ran tirelessly to decide QPR's attack and also to help build the attack.

Once again, finishing issues arise. In the 57th minute, Wright-Phillips missed the goal when he only needed to push the ball into an empty net. Two minutes later, Crage also failed to get the ball into the QPR goalpost.

George saw Southampton players wasting chances like in the first half of the 2011/2012 season, as a result, he was frustrated. On the sidelines, he walked back and forth restlessly. In the 64th minute, George entered Ryan to replace Crage.

Finally, Southampton scored in the 75th minute. Ryan managed to score after getting a through ball from Simone. When the goal happened, the fans celebrated the goal with joy. Finally, after waiting for over 60 minutes, Southampton equalized.

The goal made Southampton even more excited. They continue to attack QPR relentlessly. Southampton didn't hesitate to make a foul to stop QPR's counter-attack.

The intensity of the game increases. The cheers of The Saints fans continued non-stop. They continued cheering tirelessly.

However, in the 85th minute, the noise in the stadium suddenly disappeared. Silence enveloped the stadium when the ball entered the Southampton goalpost. QPR's counterattack finally worked. They broke into Southampton's defense, after receiving a continued attack from Southampton.

Under the gaze of tens of thousands of people, the QPR players celebrated a goal. Southampton trailed 1-2 from the visitors. George immediately replaced Hilton with Anthony, to win the game, George deliberately replaced defenders with attackers. In the last minute, Southampton goalkeeper, Dean Smith also came forward to attack.

In added time, Southampton was awarded a penalty after Ryan was brought down in the box. Southampton fans cheered for the referee's decision.

The player who took the penalty was Simone as captain of Southampton. The referee's whistle sounded. Under the gaze of more than tens of thousands of people, Simone kicked the ball to the right of the goalpost. The Queen Park Rangers goalkeeper guessed the wrong direction. However, the ball that Simone kicked hit the post and bounced off the side of the goal.

Simone fell to his knees, his hands covering his face. Disappointed expressions displayed every fan of The Saints.

The referee's whistle sounded, Queen Park Rangers won with a score of 1-2. Match week 31 of the English Premier League ended with the victory of Queen Park Rangers.

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