32 Peak of the match

The first half ended with a score of 2-1, Southampton managed to score 2 goals, both goals were scored by Hugo. Meanwhile, West Bromwich Albion scored 1 goal from Kevin's long-range kick. Both teams fought fiercely in the first round.

Kazuki entered the changing room while dragging his exhausted body. In addition to fatigue, he also felt aches and pains from the ongoing confrontation with Kevin. Even though Kazuki didn't touch the ball much but every time Southampton attacked West Brom, Kazuki would have a duel with Kevin.

Kazuki sat in a corner while drinking a bottle of water the staff provided. At the time of the break, Assistant coach James Ward came to him.

"Can you endure for the second half??"

Kazuki knew what James meant was his stamina. Stamina was something that Kazuki couldn't train in [Dream Training] therefore his stamina was the same as other young players, Kazuki's stamina wasn't as good as his comrades. Out of all his comrades, it was probably only the young players like Wright-Phillips and the old players like Anthony whose stamina was worse than Kazuki.

Kazuki replied to James' question, "I think I can play for 15-20 minutes. Depends on the intensity of the game in the second half."

James nodded slowly as he said, "I'll take notes."

After spending 10 minutes resting, the Southampton players started to behave for the second half. Southampton coach George Eastgate explains the strategy Southampton will use during the second half. Even though Southampton is ahead, West Brom will attack Southampton all-out in the second half. After all, they wanted to secure a win at their home.

In addition, George praised Hugo who appeared brilliant. He also praised several players who performed well in the first half including Kazuki who recorded his first assist. After that, he criticized Denilson for failing to score a penalty, then Kounde who seemed to 'disappear' in the first half.


"Good afternoon everyone, back again in the 25th round of the English Premier League 2011/2012 season. The match between West Bromwich Albion Vs Southampton. In the first half, Southampton managed to lead by 2 goals which were all scored by Hugo. Meanwhile, The Baggies managed to score one goal thanks to Kevin's long-range shot.

In a few moments the second half will start, let's see if Southampton can get another win after a bad record in the last 5 games, or will West Brom get a win after their consecutive draw?

Southampton started the second-half kick-off. George has given instructions to his team to score early in the second half so that going forward they can apply a defensive strategy composed.

Rudolf gave the ball to Kazuki who dropped down to help Southampton build up the attack. Kazuki gave the ball to Kounde. West Bromwich Albion right-back, Jones and West Brom defensive midfielder, Kevin put pressure on Kounde and Kazuki. However, Benson did overlap to help both. Kounde passed Benson and ran forward. Benson gave Kounde a long pass.

Jones competes with Kounde for the ball. Kounde managed to get the ball, he pulled the ball back and turned his body. He passed the ball to Kazuki who was following him from behind. Kazuki received the ball at that moment Kevin pounced on him, he then pushed the ball through the gap between Kevin's legs. He passed Kevin, after that, he provided a pass to the right side of the West Brom penalty box.

Hugo managed to take the pass well. Ohsson and Thorne covered Hugo's space so he couldn't get a shot at West Brom's goal. Hugo made a fake shot to fool the two. Then, he pushes the ball to the side and passes it forward. Denilson ran to catch the ball, however, Ben Foster managed to get the ball before Denilson could make a kick.

After the attack, West Brom's defenses began to target Hugo. They know that the most dangerous of the Southampton players in this match is Hugo. Denilson was always wasting chances, while Kazuki was still young, the West Brom defense thought that although Kazuki had scored in the previous game, in this match he was almost completely frozen out by Kevin.

In the 49th minute, West Brom attacked Southampton. Thorne gets the ball after snatching it from Simone. He ran to bring the ball into the Southampton defense area. He gave the ball to Rosenberg. Okhalo tries to steal the ball from Rosenberg, Rosenberg manages to resist Okhalo stealing, he then provides a through ball to the left. Odemmiwe came on from the flanks to race with Vicente for the through ball. Odemmiwe managed to get the ball, he gave a sharp pass to the right side with one touch.

Shane Long deflected the pass into the Southampton goalpost with his right foot. The ball rolled into the Southampton goal.

"Gooaaall! West Bromwich Albion managed to equalize to 2-2. This time Shane Long managed to score a goal after receiving a pass from Odemmiwe."

Shouts filled the Hawthorne stadium. Shane Long ran recklessly and climbed the billboard beside the field. The rest of West Brom's players also celebrated happily.

Southampton started kick-off again after the West Brom players finished celebrating. No one expected their intention to score a quick goal in the second half instead turned into conceding first. Despite conceding the goal, Southampton's determination to attack was not extinguished, on the contrary, it only grew hotter.

Southampton continued to actively build attacks through the wings, whether it was Hugo or Kounde, but West Brom's defense was quite good, they managed to break the attack that Southampton was trying to build.

In the 57th minute, Hugo tried to get past Kevin, but he was knocked down by Kevin with a tackle. Hugo grabbed his leg and screamed in pain. Southampton team doctors immediately entered the field to provide first aid to Hugo.

Meanwhile, the referee gave Kevin a second yellow card, then gave him a red card. All West Brom fans booed the referee after the referee showed a red card. Kevin didn't protest this time, he was forced to commit a foul to prevent Hugo from entering the penalty box.

Southampton team doctor gives a signal to coach George to replace Hugo. George then entered Crage to replace Hugo.

Kazuki was about to take the free-kick. It should have been Denilson but Kazuki specifically requested this free-kick from Denilson. Luckily Denilson didn't refuse Kazuki's request. Maybe because of the missed penalty earlier in the match.

A living fence was set up in front of Kazuki. The distance between the free-kick point and the penalty box is about 27 meters.

"I can do it," Kazuki whispered.

The referee's whistle sounded loud, Kazuki ran slowly then kicked the ball. The ball flew to the far post, Ben Foster jumped to catch the ball but Crage popped in and deflected the ball towards goal. Crage's header managed to put Southampton back ahead.

"Amazing! Crage who just entered the match turned out to score straight away. He managed to bounce off Kazuki's free-kick. This young player didn't score but he did have 2 assists, a good performance from Kazuki."

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