35 Hattrick

Southampton gets a corner kick. Crage would take the corner kick replaces Hugo. Southampton players gather in the Fulham penalty box. The referee blew his whistle, Crage kicked the ball. Hilton managed to head the ball but his header was caught by the Fulham goalkeeper.

Southampton kept trying to score a second goal but Fulham's defense was solid.

In the 17th minute, Fulham counterattacked after successfully preventing Southampton's attack. Murphy passes the ball to Dembele. Dembele takes the ball to the half-line. Then, he provided a through pass down to the left flank. Duff quickened his pace to compete with Benson. But Benson managed to win and throw the ball off the field.

Riise threw the ball back onto the field. Dembele received the ball. Wright-Phillips came on to get the ball. Dembele passes the ball to Duff, but Benson manages to cut through Dembele's pass. The right-back gave the ball to Hilton. Hilton gave Rudolf a long pass. Dempsey and Rudolf competed for the ball, Rudolf finally managed to head the ball into the middle area.

Simone received the ball and immediately ran towards the Fulham defense. Murphy stops Simone with a tackle. The referee blows the whistle and declares a free-kick.

Denilson takes the penalty kick. But unfortunately, his shot missed from the goalpost.

In the 28th minute, Southampton managed to score the second goal. This goal was preceded by cooperation between Wright-Phillips and Denilson on the left. Denilson managed to passed Fulham right-back, Hughes. Denilson carried the ball into the penalty box and then passed the ball into space in front of Kazuki. Kazuki and the Fulham goalkeeper ran to get the ball. Fortunately, Kazuki managed to get it, he pushed the ball to the right with one touch. Crage appeared and put the ball into the Fulham net.

"Wright-Phillips passes Denilson, Denilson returns the ball. Oh! Wright-Phillips gave a passes through, Denilson ran past Hughes, he passes straight forward. Kazuki and Schwarzer compete for the ball. Kazuki pushes the ball to the right, Crage appears. , Goaaalll!! Amazing teamwork from Southampton players. Senderos and Hangeland didn't take care of Kazuki and Crage well, what did they do?! With this goal, Southampton led 2-0."

After the goal, Southampton began to play casually. They are not in a hurry to score again but still maintain possession of the ball. Fulham tried to grab the ball and attack Southampton, but Southampton was able to handle Fulham's attack well.

Until the end of the first half, the score did not change again. Southampton ended the first half in a good mood, while Fulham's players looked like zombies with no spirit.

Southampton coach George Eastgate didn't say much about tactics in the second half, he just reminded Southampton players to stay alert. 2-0 advantage is enough for Southampton, no need to rush to attack.

As long as they secure the win, how many goals are scored doesn't matter. Of course, that's just George's thoughts, for the players scoring goals is very important. From an economic point of view, they get a bonus from the club for every goal and assist they had. From a statistical point of view, scoring a goal means showing the effectiveness of a player in helping the Southampton attack.

After 15 minutes passed, the second half of the match between Fulham and Southampton began. Fulham started the second-half kick-off, meanwhile, Southampton was in no rush to snatch the ball.

In the 57th minute, Freddy gave Crage a straight pass. Dembele came to take the ball, but Crage with one-touch changed the direction of the ball and passed Dembele, the next second, JA Riise came and gave the tackle.

Riise's tackle was very clean, he managed to knock Crage down, but the ball at Crage's feet rolled into the middle of the field. Simone and Murphy ran for the ball.

Simone managed to get the ball, he gave it to Rudolf. Rudolf accepted the pass and avoided Dempsey's pursuit. Senderos up to forward to help Dempsey snatch the ball from Rudolf, but Rudolf gave the ball to Wright-Phillips.

Wright-Phillips immediately provided a through ball in the gap in the defense left by Senderos. Kazuki ran and received the ball from Wright-Phillips. Hangeland tried to cover Kazuki's shooting space, but Kazuki tricked him with a fake move, he then pushed the ball to the side to find the shooting space.

After that he kicked the ball hard, Schwarzer managed to block the ball but the ball bounced into the goalpost. The ball rattled Fulham's net. Noise filled St Marys stadium. Kazuki ran to the side then slide with his knee and arms folded neatly.

"Goaaalll! Kazuki managed to score Southampton's third goal! He tricked Hangeland and gave a powerful shot like a rocket, Schwarzer's hand was unable to deflect the ball out of the net. This is Kazuki's fourth goal in the English Premier League. In 3 matches Kazuki has scored 4 goals and 3 assists, a great statistic for a young player."

Kazuki's comrades came up to him and ruffled his hair. Everyone congratulated Kazuki with enthusiastic feelings.

Kazuki's goal lifted Southampton's spirits. In the next 10 minutes, Southampton continued to attack Fulham. Several players had chances but failed to convert them into goals.

In the 68th minute, Denilson was pulled off by George, he was replaced by Ryan. This is Ryan's senior career debut, of course, the teenager is very excited. Southampton fans cheered for Ryan. The young player also responded by waving his hand to the fans.

In the 73rd minute, Fulham launched an attack. Senderos gave Ruiz a long pass. The Fulham right winger managed to get the ball with a touch of his heel, allowing the ball to drop forward past Benson who stepped up to intercept the ball.

Ruiz turned around and chased the ball as it passed Benson. Benson chased from behind but Ruiz was also had a good pace just like Benson. Ruiz crossed into the middle but Okhalo cut Ruiz's pass, he didn't let Pogrebnyak get the ball.

Okhalo passes the ball to Dean Smith. The Southampton goalkeeper kicked the ball far forward. Simone duels with Murphy for the ball, once again Simone wins the duel. He gave the ball to Crage. Crage brings the ball forward, Riise keeps Crage from breaking through the Fulham defense area.

Kazuki came and helped Crage with a one-two pass. Crage provides feedback crossing to the left side of the penalty box Fulham. Ryan received the ball and brought the ball forward.

Senderos and Hangeland clamped Ryan to block Ryan's space, but Ryan provided a back-pass. Kazuki who escaped the guard immediately kicked the ball towards the top corner of the goalpost. Schwarzer was unable to save the Fulham goalpost.

"Hattrick! What a crazy game! Japanese young player, Kazuki Kazeshima scored his first hat-trick! Magnificent shot! Southampton managed to lead Fulham by 4 goals."

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