64 Furlough

Somewhere, Manchester United was facing Fulham. The game had entered the 86th minute, the score was 3-0, Manchester United had an advantage over Fulham. On the bench, Sir Alex Henderson sat quietly. Beside him, the Manchester United assistant coach suddenly leaned to Sir Alex and whispered in his ear, "Sir, Liverpool lost against Southampton."

Sir Alex's expression changed instantly, he turned his head then asked, "Really?"

The assistant nodded his head, "The final score of the game was 4-3. Kazuki managed to score a hat-trick and also an assist. Now we are only 2 points behind Liverpool. We still have a chance to overtake Liverpool."

Sir Alex nodded, he made a smile and said, "Great, that boy helped us pull Liverpool off the throne, he has the Red Devil's DNA flowing through his bodies. We have to make sure he comes back to Old Trafford."

Moments later, the match was ended. Manchester United beat Fulham with a score of 3-0. Sir Alex attended the post-match press conference. He answers general questions such as his opinion about this match, the players who competed, and others. Finally, The Sun asked questions about Liverpool's defeat.

"Sir, Liverpool's game against Southampton is over. Liverpool lost the match. Now, Manchester United is only 2 points behind, do you think Manchester United can overtake Liverpool's position?"

Sir Alex coughed and adjusted his voice, then he said, "Liverpool are playing well this season but as a result, their players are the players who feel the most fatigue among Premier League teams. We are struggling to catch up to their points. However, I think we still have a chance. Liverpool's players have not been champions for too long, even this season they have to wait again, I'm sure Liverpool's chance to win the league will come in 7-9 years, but not now."

The Sun again asked, "Manchester United's last game in the Premier League was against Southampton. Don't you think that Manchester United might lose like Liverpool?"

"Southampton is a good team, but I believe we can win the game."

"So are you thinking to call Kazuki and maybe giving him a talk, so he doesn't get too fierce against Manchester United?"

"That allegation is completely absurd. Kazuki is a Southampton player at this time, it is his duty to help Southampton win the game. I will not do something underhanded like that."

After a while, the press conference was over. The next day, the media reported Southampton's win over Liverpool as the most surprising match in the 2011/2012 season. However, the competition was fierce. No one imagined that when Liverpool took the lead in the 85th minute, Southampton would turn things around completely.

In addition, Kazuki's third goal was also debated, the media supporting Liverpool thought the goal was illegitimate, but their claims were meaningless because the chief referee of England had confirmed that Kazuki's third goal was valid. Despite that goal, people were aware that Kazuki had now scored 14 goals and 6 assists in just 12 matches. Kazuki's goal contribution reached 20 goals in total. As a reminder, Southampton only scored 18 goals in the entire first half of the 2011/2012 season.

People were sure that Kazuki would win the best young player of Premier League 2011/2012 beating Hazard, Sterling, Theo Walcott, Ruggard, and others. Only three-match weeks left in the 2011/2012 Premier League season, the media guessed how many goals Kazuki would score in the next 3 matches.

Meanwhile, Kazuki was experiencing tension in his muscles. This was known after the Southampton doctor team saw to examine Kazuki's overall condition.

Edward Jones, as the doctor who checked Kazuki's condition, came to George who was waiting outside the examination room.

George approached Edward, who had just come out of the examination room. He asked, "How is Kazuki's condition?"

"He needed one or two weeks of rest. George, I know Kazuki is playing well, but you have to manage Kazuki's time at the field wisely. Rotate as much as possible. You shouldn't rely too much on that brat." George trusted Kazuki's ability, therefore he let Kazuki play continuously replace Osmund. However, for now, Kazuki required a good combination of rest and play.

George who heard Edward's words admitted his mistake, "You're right. I've been relying on him too much lately. I will arrange for Kazuki's match time to be adjusted."

This means that Kazuki would not participate in the 36th round match of the English Premier League between Southampton and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Meanwhile, Edward also told Kazuki to truly rest. He forbade Kazuki to do sports at his house. Apart from that, Edward also advised Kazuki to relax and enjoy his time off. Kazuki didn't need to be seriously hospitalized, but Edward asked Kazuki to rest well at home.

Kazuki called Shiraishi to pick him up home. After 10 minutes of waiting, Shiraishi finally arrived. Kazuki boarded Shirashi's car and asked the girl to drive him home.

Shiraishi was surprised that Kazuki came home earlier than usual. She asked the Japanese young man.

"Did something happen? You came home earlier than usual. Besides, why didn't you bring your car, I'm not your driver, you know."

Kazuki replied, "My driver is on vacation, and I'm lazy to drive my car. You're my personal assistant, after all, doing things like this is already part of your job."

Kazuki then added, "The team doctor asked me to take a week off, he said my muscles are tense, and I need rest."

Shiraishi knew Kazuki's habits. That person would touch the ball whenever he had leisure, if the team doctor asked Kazuki to rest, then Shiraishi as Kazuki's personal assistant would make sure the youth rested completely.

"Do you think the tour includes rest?" Kazuki asked suddenly.

Shiraishi raised her eyebrows, she was surprised by Kazuki's words, because this young man rarely goes out if not for an invitation from someone else.

"Which place do you wanna visit?" Shiraishi asked.

"I want to have a good look around this city. Find out the most popular tourist attractions in Southampton, I want to visit them one by one."

Shiraishi was silent for a while before saying, "Are you asking me out?"

"No, I just want you to accompany me, don't you have to record my daily activities?" Kazuki said, refuting Shiraishi's guess.

Shiraishi stared at Kazuki for a while before turning her face away, she then said, "Huh, coward."

Kazuki had been in Southampton for a few months, but he had yet to visit the famous tourist spots in this city. Most of his time he spent practicing football. Just imagine, morning till noon he would do daily training, in the afternoon Kazuki would train his physique at home, and night he would train in [Dream Training]. This cycle must be loosened. After all, Kazuki wasn't a robot.

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