1 Dream Training

"Just quit, we can try again in Japan."

After heard what his agen said, Kazuki felt hurt. He knew that some part of himself agreed with Furochi, his agent. Despite there was also a part in him that was reluctant to agree with furochi's words.

Kazuki shone on the u-17 World Cup event, Japanese football enthusiasts and sports media even called him the Japanese Football hope. Soon after that, he was invited by Manchester united. Everyone thought, this would be the beginning of the legendary journey of Kazuki.

But unfortunately for the past years, Kazuki had never once played for the Manchester United main team. Let alone the main team, Kazuki himself only a few times performed on Manchester United u-18. Japanese media and Japanese football fans had also forgotten the teenager and considered him as a failure.

Now, he was 18 years old, because he could not enter Manchester united u-23, his contract with Manchester United could not be renewed.

Now he had only a month left. If Kazuki didn't make a breakthrough in his performance within 1 month, then he would be kick out from Manchester united.

"I want to try it, please Furochi, let me try it until the end of a month. I promise I'll do my best."

"Well then, but if you fail, we should go back to Japan, you couldn't adapt well here. I know your talents are quite good. So don't let me down."

After that Furochi left Kazuki.

The reason Kazuki couldn't shine at Manchester United was he lack of talent than the rest. In both talent and physical ability, he had no advantage over his rival. Probably just a speed he can be proud of.

Not only that, but he didn't have any friends on the team. In Manchester united there were local clique that come from talents in England, some from other European countries, South American cliques, and finally African cliques, but from East Asia, only Kazuki that in Manchester United u-18. This made him isolated from the rest. Although he could spoke english, cultural differences remained a barrier between Kazuki and others.

Kazuki shook his head, he decided to go to sleep and put away all his thoughts.


'To be honest, I'm not too confident, should I still pursue my dream? My talent are not enough, of course, I could work hard but others are also the same. But can I be a big star? Win the UCL? League champion? Asian cup? Or even crazy, The World Cup? Haha kidding, maybe I'll just become a regular football player in the Japanese league.'

As Kazuki slumped in his sleep, he dreamed of taking Japan to win the World Cup. He felt the desires manifest in the dream.

Until one voice jolted Kazuki.

[Welcome To Dream Training]

Kazuki sensed his blurred dreams now growing stronger as if it was reality. He opened his eyes to see himself in a large stadium with bright lights shining over his body. His mind was now 100% conscious.

"What's going on?" Kazuki asked in amazement. Dreams were always a blur. But the place he was standing now was so real that Kazuki didn't believe in it. He pinched his hand but he did not feel the expected pain.

"It's a dream." A man suddenly appeared from behind Kazuki and clapped him on the shoulder. His face showed Kazuki that he was Asian, he was also wearing a Japanese team jersey.

"Who are you?"

"You may call me GM, I am the master of this place. You could think of this as a program from the future aimed at helping a Japanese football player in this era rise."

'Bullshit, I couldn't believe it, I must be having some kind of weird dream. 'thought Kazuki.

"Haha, you can think about it, that way too. But since this is just a dream you don't mind hearing me out first?" said the GM who heard clearly what Kazuki was thinking.

Kazuki nodded, still thinking of all this as a dream.

"Basically [dream training] currently has two modes, first was [training] mode and the second was [experience] mode. In the first mode, you can set any conditions you imagine, something like training individually against the top center-back or settle up the random match with whichever team you want and you can comfortably organize your team. I'll make an AI based on the full information of the real world's players. That AI had the same abilities as the person it was imitating.

Second, [experiences] mode in this mode you don't practice, but you experiences life and all that a football player was experienced directly from the first perspective. You'll feel the touch, the mind, the football player's instincts."

Kazuki's forehead furrowed, thinking of AI imitating someone else's ability perfectly and experienced the experiences of others perfectly sounded impossible. This convinced him that this was just a strange dream.

'but what if it's not?'

"Your position is a striker right?" the GM said.

Kazuki nodded slowly. It may sound a little unfair but in football, the goal was everything, the most scoring goal was the star in every team. Striker as the closest to the goalpost should certainly be his favorite position.

"It's a bit unique, most Japanese footballers are preferring attack midfielder rather than striker."

"I love the feeling when i scored a goal."

The GM giggled, "then as our first meeting I'll give you an experience from a man in striker's position, it's Filippo Inzaghi."

Kazuki tilted his head and asked, "who is he? I don't know him."

"The history of the football world here is a bit uninteresting, he's a football player from another parallel world."

Parallel? Kazuki didn't understand what the gm had said.

"Don't think about it, just feel it." GM snapped his finger and then Kazuki felt his environment slowly changing.

His eyes was opened, he saw that he was standing in a magnificent stadium with ten thousands of spectators. He was wearing the red and black jersey of AC Milan. Although Kazuki knew it was AC Milan but he didn't recognize the players whose wearing it.

'is this a parallel world? 'thought Kazuki. L

He couldn't move his body but still felt the breeze and each touch as clearly as if it were real. Soon Kazuki felt the body move in conjunction with the attack by AC Milan. The ball was carried by a player with no. 22, he was dribbling the ball quickly, his dribble was attracting the enemy defender's attention.

At that moment Kazuki felt this body was running toward the rift created on enemy formation. Just as the player with number 22 in his back lost the space to dribble again, Filippo Inzaghi, was in the right place to welcome the pass. The player passed the ball to the Inzaghi, Kazuki saw the Inzaghi kicked the ball into the corner of the net.

'To make good use of the gap created on opponent defense line, as best as possible' this was the first impression Kazuki had on a player named Inzaghi. But this was not the end, he began experiencing each Inzaghi moment from the very first point of view.


His striker instinct was very strong. Futhermore, he had ambiguous position that confuses the defense. The most important, he had ability to utilize the gaps between the offside lines.

Kazuki didn't know if this dream was real or just a dream but he believed that he was learning a lot from inzaghi.

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