82 Australia(4)

"What changes should the two teams make in the second half, Mr. Shimura?" Hoshino asked.

"Japan has to be more careful with counter-attacks by Australia. Several times, our fullbacks have fallen behind the Australian wingers. Transitions have to be done better. Japan can make small fouls to stop Australia's counter-attacks. Apart from that, the forwards' Japan must also be able to take advantage of every opportunity they get as well as possible, against a team like Australia we will not get too many chances in one game.

Meanwhile, Australia must also be able to take advantage of the opportunities they have. Finishing becomes a clinical problem for them. I think coach Fernandes Da Costa will include other players who can help Australia in the attack. Australia played quite well in the first half. They were just unlucky not to be able to block Kazuki's free-kick."


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