46 Chapter 46: Manticore's First Level [3]

Raven looked at the beautiful woman standing before him, her hands sliding across the chest; he couldn't open this chest even if he wanted to, it was locked, and her name was engraved on the latch.


Her finger's opened it with a flick, her violet eyes looking into the box as she slammed the lid open, the black box slamming against his muscular chest.

"Eh!? Why is it empty!" Lilith complained with a pout before the chest began to rumble; her violet ring also began glowing with a strange light; the pink aura burst from the trunk, swirling in the air like a myriad of pink blossoms.

'Why is it blossoming? She isn't a dryad!' Raven complained as the countless flowers began to envelop Lilith's body; her eyes, face, mouth, body, everything was completely covered as the petals slowly darkened until they were a dark purple as if corrupted. 

For a moment, even her eyes were dark rather than light purple.


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