Dread Sovereign: Monster Girl Harem Book

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Dread Sovereign: Monster Girl Harem


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A handsome half-orc with a hulking body filled with perfect muscles stands carrying a great axe over one shoulder. His neon blue eyes watching the void, waiting for those that would threaten his world. Huge creatures with monstrous figures, beasts of the abyss, here to kill the orc. Their angered shrieks and pained screams filled the air. The corpses of these monsters surround his body, forming his throne of dread. His long tail smashed down, turning them into pulp while using his brutal axe with powerful chops, cleaving them into pieces. "This world shall become ours; you cannot stop our legion! Orc!" a distorted and evil voice sounded. "WATCH ME!" Shouted the orc, filled with confidence and pride. In defiance, a purple mist shrouded him as he transformed into a monster himself, with long gryphon wings and sharp horns from his head—a hulking muscular body and legs filled with thick scales and black hooves. Bang! The orc stepped forward, his heart burning with passion and desire as he bellowed with a demonic and distorted voice. "I am the Sovereign of Dread, foul Daemons. This is MY world! Return to your wasteland to rot, or DIE!" He was a manticore, the only male manticore ever to exist. He fights not for power. Not for glory! Alistair "Raven" Granbell fights only for his beloved women and because he LOVES to fight the strong and crush them under his axe Mor'vaal and prove he deserves his Dread Sovereign title. Dread Sovereign is exclusively published on Webnovel.com.