17 White Mage Xue Qiaoqiao

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Hearing this crisp shout, everyone turned their heads to look.

Su Mo also followed everyone's line of sight.

Then, he saw a slim and beautiful girl.

She was wearing a loose white dress and a pair of canvas shoes with a cartoon character printed on them.

On her slightly chubby oval-shaped face, was a pair of round and bright almond-shaped eyes.

Her black and soft long hair was tied into two ponytails that reached her chest.

At this moment, she was looking in their direction with her hands on her hips, trying her best to make a proud expression.

"It's Goddess Xue!"

"It's really Goddess Xue!"

"She's Furong Team's treasure!"

"No treasure can stop me from fighting for the sword saint."

"I'd advise you to forget it. She's a level 3 light mage, extremely skilled in healing and blessing. The members of the other teams have more or less been treated by her before, so she's very popular. In addition, she's very good-looking and has a good personality. God knows how many suitors she has in secret. It's not a wise move to go against her. "

"What about the sword saint?"

"Maybe the sword saint is aiming for Goddess Xue too. Otherwise, why would he join the Furong Team? Because of Zhang Zhenyu's old face?"

"That's true."


Hearing the discussions around him, Su Mo felt sorry for Captain Zhang for three seconds.

He was seriously picked up by Captain Zhang.

Without that joke-like bet, how could he have become a sword saint?

Just as Su Mo was thinking this, Xue Qiaoqiao seemed to have caught a glimpse of him and called out in a clear voice, "Xiao Su, aren't you going to hurry over even after you see me?"

Su Mo ran over and bowed, "I've long heard of sister Qiaoqiao's great name, but I didn't expect to meet you in person. Sister Qiaoqiao is even more gentle and lovely than I thought."

Xue Qiaoqiao chuckled, "This is the first time I've heard someone say I'm gentle."

"That's because others don't have a good eye. Our sister Qiaoqiao is the gentlest person in the world!"

"Alright, stop flattering me," Xue Qiaoqiao's eyes curved into crescents as she smiled, "I have a mission to deal with. If you're free, I'll take you there to broaden your horizons."

"Then I can't miss this opportunity."

"Let's go!"

Su Mo's footsteps slightly paused, and he felt that he had forgotten something.

Forget it. Since he had forgotten, it should not be a big deal.

He turned and followed behind Xue Qiaoqiao, walking out with big strides.


Inside the chili-red mini cooper, Xue Qiaoqiao skillfully turned the steering wheel while she said to Su Mo as she drove, "The main purpose of this mission is to heal a little girl. Of course, any mission that requires my help is related to healing. After all, I'm a light mage who's good at healing and blessing. However, under normal circumstances, I only treat Transcendents. I can't be bothered by ordinary people. I'm sure you understand that with so many diseases in the world, even if I can cure some of them, I won't be able to handle all of them alone. Rather, even if the entire light magi alliance moves out, it won't be enough. It will even delay the treatment of Transcendents."

"What about this time?"

"It can't be helped. They offered me too much," Xue Qiaoqiao said with a happy smile, "It's a total of 1000 points. With the points I already have, it's enough to exchange for a medical book."

"But where did someone ordinary get points?" Su Mo asked curiously.

"I can't say that he's an absolutely ordinary person. After all, being rich is also some kind of superpower," Xue Qiaoqiao thought for a moment and replied, "There are very few things in this world that money can't buy. Points are the same. Perhaps those rich people cannot access the forum, but they can definitely conduct private transactions with Transcendents. They can ask the Transcendents to help them post missions on the forum and collect points. As long as the pay is enough, many Transcendents would be willing to do it. This is especially true for the civilian Transcendents who do not have much desire for power. They are more willing to use their abilities in exchange for a good life. Dawn Bureau is aware of these private transactions, but we haven't banned them. After all, in terms of human nature, it's better to control them than ban them altogether."

Su Mo slightly nodded.

Come to think of it, the 3 million offer to buy an enchanted sword that he saw on the forum might have been a reward posted by a rich man.

"However, I didn't agree to help just for the points," Xue Qiaoqiao's expression turned serious, "That little girl's condition is a bit strange. Previously, a level 2 light mage had healed her, but not only did she not get cured, her condition even worsened. It was only after I heard such news that I decided to go and take a look. Under normal circumstances, the treatment of a light mage would never make the illness worse. Unless it's the doing of those turbid cultivators."

"Turbid cultivators?"

"That's right," Xue Qiaoqiao looked at the road ahead and said, "You just started yesterday, so there are many things you don't understand. I'll give you a lesson today. I'm sure you already know that there are 12 complete professions in Dawn Bureau, right? "

"Yes, Captain Zhang has already told me. The sword saint profession that I awakened is one of them."

"But in reality, there are a total of 17 professions that had complete advancement paths."


"According to the different characteristics of the origin power, the Transcendent professions have been divided into three categories: pure cultivators, mixed cultivators, and turbid cultivators. Pure cultivators only take in the pure spiritual energy from origin power, and that requires absolute talent. They're less than one in a billion, extremely rare. Each one of them is a prodigy among prodigies. Even you sword saints can't compare to them. There are only two professions among the pure cultivators, one being the friar and the other being the warrior. It was said that all the Transcendent professions were developed by them at the beginning."

"Mixed cultivators, on the other hand, are more common. Generally, we absorb ordinary origin power, and according to individual talent, would awaken different Transcendent professions. The requirements are much lower than that of pure cultivators, which was why society had gradually discovered ten professions that could break through to level 9. In the future, it is likely that there will be more professions that could break through level 9."

"As for the turbid cultivators, they are the craziest and most evil professionals. In their pursuit of power, they would go to all lengths to absorb the most turbid and chaotic part of the origin power. By transforming the body with origin power, even an ordinary person with no talent could possibly become a Transcendent. Of course, the process is simple and crude and the ones who do it are destined to pay a price for it."

"Many turbid cultivators transform into monsters due to the mutation of origin power. Those who can barely maintain their human form often find it difficult to control their emotions and cannot maintain their rationality. They were often on the verge of collapse. But even so, after generations of accumulation, quantitative changes led to qualitative change. In the end, the turbid cultivators produced to five professions that could break through to level 9."

"These five professions and the other evil professions are targets that we have to crack down on. Other than dealing with all kinds of monsters that come from the origin world, they are our only enemy."

Su Mo somewhat hesitantly asked, "Can't we just rope them in to deal with the origin monsters together?"

"You don't understand," Xue Qiaoqiao shook her head, "When a turbid cultivator obtains power, their thoughts and spirit will be affected by the dregs contained in the origin power. Their evil thoughts will be magnified infinitely, and their advancement rituals are often extremely bloody and often require the sacrifice of living creatures. From the beginning, we don't have the option of living in peace with them.

"However, you don't have to worry too much. The power that the Bureau possesses far exceeds your imagination. Most of the turbid cultivator's higher-ups have been chased away to the origin world. Those who can still be active here are basically those who are quite weak. Once they show themselves, everyone will beat them up. After all, the Bureau has never removed the bounty on turbid cultivators."

Hearing this, Su Mo instantly let out a sigh of relief.

It was already troublesome enough for monsters to emerge from the origin world.

If a bunch of turbid cultivators were added to the mix, would they even have space and time to live?

Xue Qiaoqiao was very excited though, "If the healing this time involves a turbid cultivator, that would be for the best. Perhaps I can even use this opportunity to earn some extra money. We're here, let's get off."

With the inertia of the brake, a wave of seductive waves was shown on Xue Qiaoqiao.

Su Mo was slightly surprised. He couldn't tell that this was a hidden C-cup expert.

After getting out of the small mini cooper, a luxurious manor appeared in front of him.

Thinking about the housing price in Tianmu City that averaged in the ten thousand, Su Mo's lips could not help but slightly twitch as he had a deeper understanding of the word "rich".

An old butler in a tuxedo stood at the door. His white hair was neatly combed, and he had a polite demeanor. If his face was western, he would have looked exactly like the butlers in moves.

The old butler was also a Transcendent, a level three ranger.

Following behind the old butler and walking into the manor, they finally saw the three figures at the entrance after about five minutes.

Apart from the rich man on the far left, Su Mo's gaze fell on the other two people, and he paused.

Through the attribute viewing function on the game interface, he found that not only were the two Transcendents, but also level 3 healing-type Transcendents.

It seems that this rich man didn't trust sister Qiaoqiao.

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