8 The Origin Pearl, Inauguration!

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Nantianhua Villa Area of Zhenwu District in Tianmu City was considered a top-notch villa area, even though every inch of the city's land was worth gold.

At this very moment, in the courtyard of Villa No. 2, the handsome Xu Liushuang with an I-shaped mustache was talking to his best friend.

Zhao Shouzhuo, who was also a Transcendent deacon, said while drinking tea, "Recently, the frequency of demon appearances has been a bit high. In the past week, my team has already gone on six missions. Last year, that would be a month's worth of work."

"In fact, it's not just the demons. Everyone, including the turbid cultivators, has become more active than before. Last month, two of our team members died at hands of the turbid cultivators. In the past, would those rats dare to be so presumptuous?"

"According to the news from the Celestial Association, the spatial activities in various places are becoming increasingly intense. It is foreseeable that there will be more spatial rifts in the future. It is only a given that there will be more demons and turbid cultivators. The days of slacking off are gone."

"Hahaha, as long as you have capable subordinates, you can still slack off," Zhao Shouzhuo's laughter was especially loud.

Xu Liushuang's brows raised slightly, "Did something good happen to you?"

Zhao Shouzhuo chuckled with a proud expression on his dark face, "Two days ago when we were doing the test, a newcomer had unexpectedly awakened the heavy cannoneer profession. I didn't expect to have a heavy cannoneer under me. This is truly a blissful worry."

Xu Liushuang suddenly felt that the Dahongpao tea in his teacup had turned sour.

The heavy cannoneer was the top fighting profession among mixed cultivators.

When one reached a high level of cultivation, one heavy cannoneer could be equivalent to an army.

This was especially useful in the origin world, where all sorts of modern weapons would be restricted by the plane's laws and were almost ineffective. Only the large weapons controlled by the heavy cannoneers could display their full power or even more.

Looking at Zhao Shouzhuo's smug expression, Xu Liushuang could not help but say sourly, "The heavy cannoneer isn't a good profession either. They're not as fast as warlocks, and not as light and convenient as gunners. Furthermore, a large number of resources would have to be consumed during the nurturing process. Can you afford it?"

"You don't need to worry about this," Zhao Shouzhuo said, "In any case, as a brother team, if you encounter any monsters that you can't deal with in the future, maybe you can get our heavy cannoneer to help. Don't be embarrassed when you need him, hahaha..."

Xu Liushuang's face turned black and was about to mock the other party when a text message suddenly arrived on his phone.

When he opened the message, he was slightly stunned, then his face revealed joy.

Zhao Shouzhuo's laughter stopped and he asked curiously, "Good news?"

Xu Liushuang's face basked in joy as he said joyfully, "Oh my, what a coincidence. I don't know what went on with my subordinate, but he actually picked up a sword saint. He was just asking me for the origin pearl."

"A sword saint?" Zhao Shouzhuo was shocked, "Do you mean the sword saint who is as powerful as the heavy cannoneer? "

"What other sword saint is there besides that profession?" Xu Liushuang was in a good mood. It was to the point he even felt that Zhao Shouzhuo had become more handsome.

Zhao Shouzhuo asked suspiciously, "You're not lying to me, right?"

"Is there any benefit in lying to you?" Xu Liushuang laughed, "Who would have thought that the second sword saint of Tianmu city would become my subordinate? I'll let someone, forget it, I'll go and see him now. I can't let him run away."

As he spoke, his figure flashed and appeared more than ten meters away.

After a few flashes, he disappeared.


Half an hour later.

"Greetings, Deacon Xu."

"Good day, Deacon Xu."

"Old Xu, why are you here personally?"

In the face of Zhang Zhenyu and the others' surprise and greetings, Xu Liushuang said jubilantly, "With a new sword saint here, how can I not come? Quickly let me meet our prodigy."

The three of them immediately asked Su Mo to come over.

Xu Liushuang looked him up and down and said with emotion, "To think there someone with looks not inferior to mine in this world. Indeed, if you didn't look like this, how could you have awakened as a sword saint? Rather, it's better to say that a sword saint should look like this."

Hearing Xu Liushuang's praise, Su Mo's mouth could not help but twitch.

What was the relationship between the awakened profession and appearance?

That being said, this handsome middle-aged man who looked to be in his thirties was indeed very charming.

Especially the carefully trimmed mustache on his lips and chin wasn't something an ordinary person could handle.

"Greetings, Deacon Xu," Su Mo immediately greeted obediently.

Xu Liushuang nodded and smiled, "Zhenyu has already reported the details to me. You were clearly only an ordinary person, yet you dared to interfere in a Transcendent case and even use yourself as bait. I admire your courage and determination. I hope that you can still maintain your original conscience after you've joined."

"I definitely won't let you down."

"Haha, let's skip the pleasantries and start with the inauguration," Xu Liushuang took out a small but exquisite jade box.

In the jade box was a bead the size of a marble.

However, different from an ordinary marble, the bead was flowing with a seven-colored light.

From time to time, the light would condense into the shape of various swords that looked magical and mysterious.

"So this is the origin pearl?" Su Mo's heart could not help but skip a beat.

While they had been waiting, Chu Qingwu had explained the origin pearl's origin to him.

Basically, every origin pearl was created by the high-level Transcendents of each profession.

Since the pearl was integrated with the corresponding professional characteristics, it could thus help an ordinary person become a Transcendent.

Of course, the premise was that the ordinary person had the relevant talent of the profession.

For example, an ordinary person with the talent to be a warlock could never become a sword saint.

If one insisted on using the sword saint origin pearl to forcefully enter the profession, there was a high chance that it would lead to tragedy.

As such was the necessity for testing one's aptitude.

Su Mo picked up the origin pearl from the jade box.

Although it was small, he felt as if it weighed a ton.

He took a deep breath and threw the origin pearl into his mouth.

"Hm? It's sweet?" Su Mo did not even have time to think before the origin pearl slid into his stomach.

In the next second, it was as if the entire universe had exploded in his stomach.

Endless light and heat covered his every cell, and he couldn't help but Twitch.

His vision quickly blurred, distorted, and became abstract.

He seemed to see all kinds of colors that ordinary people could not see.

These ever-changing colors were rushing toward him like a tide.

With a loud boom, his floating consciousness was pulled back into his body, and Su Mo suddenly came back to his senses.

He looked at Zhang Zhenyu and the others who were nearby.

Not only did he see the concerned expressions on their faces, but at the same time, he also saw the faint colors on their bodies.

The dark color of a warlock, the silver-gray of a gunner, and the fiery red of a pugilist.


"What about me?" Su Mo looked at his hands.

He could see a faint moon-white color on his hands.

Through the moon-white color, he could feel the power.

The power that belonged to a sword saint!

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