2 Mirage Demon

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At that moment, Su Mo was caught in an unprecedented dilemma.

The prompt on the game interface should not be wrong.

Lin Keke, the school Belle, was most likely a fox demon.

Moreover, she was a fox demon that could easily suppress him.

However, putting aside her identity as a fox demon, she was his girlfriend, and as such could be considered someone close.

Moreover, so what if she was a fox demon?

She hadn't harmed him.

Lin Keke was very "hungry", and he was also very "hungry".

In ancient times, there were three great men, Xu Xian, Dong Yong, and Ning Caichen.

He didn't mind being the fourth great man.

Just as Su Mo's heart was beginning to waver and being dragged by Lin Keke towards Home Inns, in the next second, probably because he was in body contact with her, the notifications in his vision started to change.

It became more specific and detailed.

[Item: An injured fox demon that is very hungry.]

[Prompt: It is of the fox race among the mirage demons. Three days ago, it had devoured Lin Keke and transformed into her. Within three days, it has already hunted seven people. It is currently craving food due to its injuries. It is extremely dangerous. You're definitely no match for her.]

The new prompt was like a bucket of cold water that was poured over Su Mo's head, extinguishing all the reverie in his mind.

Do translate for him, what the f*ck did his cheat mean by Lin Keke being very "hungry"?

If it didn't know how to use words, then don't!

It would've cost him his life!

Su Mo simply could not describe his current feelings.

Other than fear and terror, he was more furious.

Lin Keke was the campus Belle of Yan University. She was lively and had many suitors.

In the past, they interacted a lot and were quite familiar with each other.

There was even a vague feeling of affection, which was why he had immediately agreed to her confession.

If it were any other woman, with his pride, he might not have agreed.

But who would have thought...

Three days ago, Lin Keke had already been eaten by the fox demon.

The one who was now clinging to him was not the person he was familiar with in the past.

This was a demon!

A real demon!

A monster that devoured flesh and blood to harm living beings!

And most importantly, it had killed but even used the victim's body to continue its killings.

It should be punished!

Although Su Mo was filled with anger and wanted to take revenge for Lin Keke, he knew that with his current strength, it was impossible.

Putting aside the fact that humans and demons were different, he had no idea what kind of abilities the other party had.

The game interface had also determined that he had no chance of winning.

The most important thing now was to quickly find a way to escape. Otherwise, he might very well become the next victim.

Su Mo searched through his pockets with an anxious look on his face as he said to the fox demon, "Oh no, I think I left the gift I bought for you at the shared bike. Wait for me here, I'll go get it. "

After saying this, Su Mo was about to leave when he was stopped by the fox demon.

He tried to break free, but he could not.

The fox demon smiled and said, "It's just a gift, I don't care if it's lost. Don't you think it's a waste of time to look for those common things at such a good time?"

Su Mo looked at the smile on her face, and his heart felt cold.

Coincidentally, a young guest was walking out of the hotel.

Seeing that he was playing with his phone, Su Mo nimbly tilted his body and rammed into the young man.

The young man's phone immediately flew out, and with a "pa", the phone hit the ground. The screen shattered on the spot.

"Do you know how to walk? Do you have eyes?" The young guest was furious as he picked up the phone.

Seeing Su Mo's handsome face and the gentle-looking school Belle next to him, the young man got even angrier, "If you don't compensate me for this phone today, don't even think about leaving!"

As he spoke, he grabbed Su Mo's arm.

Su Mo hurriedly replied, "Bro, I know a mobile phone repair shop nearby that's very good at fixing phones, I'll take you there now!"

Before he could leave with the young man, a thick stack of cash was suddenly handed over.

The fox demon said impatiently, "Here's 3000 Yuan, enough for you to get five or six screens. Take the money and leave."

However, when the other party heard this, he slapped her hand away and said, "Who wants your money? I want to fix my phone today! I want it to appear in my hands in one piece. Do you understand?"

Su Mo wanted to give a thumbs-up for the young man's courage.

Perhaps it was because the other party's voice was relatively loud, but the dispute here gradually began to attract the attention of the people around.

This was the result Su Mo wanted.

Before he could kick the young man again to add fuel to the fire, the cold-looking fox demon suddenly smiled.

This smile seemed to be filled with all sorts of charm, and her charm was infinitely magnified for a moment.

Whether it was Su Mo or the young tenant, all they could see was the figure of their most beloved in her.

He wanted to protect her. He wanted to obey her. He wanted to submit to her.

"Get lost immediately, understand?" The fox demon said softly.

"Understood," The young guest ran away with a silly smile.

She then looked at Su Mo and said in a sweet voice, "You should almost be done with all the fooling around. Hurry up and follow me in. You smell even better than yesterday, I can't wait to enjoy you."

No matter how hard Su Mo tried to stop, he couldn't help but follow the fox demon inside.

Even his face was filled with happiness, without the slightest bit of unwillingness.

As the fox demon took the room card from the front desk, Su Mo could only use his eyes to ask for help.

However, the receptionist simply winked at him and said, "Have fun, brother."

To hell with having fun!

Su Mo almost vomited blood in anger.

Just like that, he followed the fox demon like a puppet.

His face was filled with happiness, but his eyes were filled with fear.

Step by step, he approached the third floor.

Before room 307, the card was swiped successfully and the door creaked open before being closed again.

Hearing the heavy sound of the door closing, Su Mo's heart instantly sank to the bottom of his stomach.

The fox demon eagerly pushed him onto the bed and sniffed him up close before saying curiously, "I didn't expect you to smell even better after not seeing you for a day. Would you become even more delicious in a few days? Alas, it's a pity that I'm injured now. Otherwise, I'd really like to take care of you for a few more days."

The fox demon stopped talking and immediately started to inhale at Su Mo.

It was as if his lifespan was being taken away from him.

Originally, Su Mo had thought that the process of being devoured by the other party would be very terrifying and he might even suffer inhuman torture.

However, when he actually experienced it, he didn't feel much.

If it wasn't for the fact that his lifespan was continuously decreasing on the interface, he even suspected that this was all an act.

However, when his life span dropped below 50, Su Mo clearly felt a sense of weakness.

And as time passed, this feeling of weakness continued to strengthen.

"Unfortunately, I'll be a virgin until I die. I'm unwilling to just die like this!"

Perhaps Su Mo's resentment was too strong, or perhaps the fox demon was destined to have such a tribulation, with a loud "bang", the door was sent flying and smashed against the wall.

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