1 Draw Cards with One's Lifespan?

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Su Mo listlessly looked at the ceiling.

He kept feeling that something was wrong with his eyes because, in his field of vision, a rectangular virtual box had appeared.

It was horizontal, looking like something out of a mobile game.

The box had no holes nor fringes and was worthy of praise for being clean and refreshing.

On the upper right corner of the virtual box, a few words were written.

[Lifespan: 72]

However, the middle of the virtual box was simply foggy with a lock on it.

Su Mo focused his attention on the lock, and a prompt immediately popped up on the interface.

[You have not chosen your profession, unable to draw the reward.]


If he couldn't, then why show it?

Su Mo was speechless.

He thought that he was lucky to have obtained a cheat, but looking at the situation now, the cheat was here, but not entirely here.

As for the [Lifespan] on the upper right corner, he was also very concerned about it.

Could it be that the [lifespan] was equivalent to his life?

With a value of 72, it didn't seem like he was a short-lived person.

Rather, he could still have fun for many years.

Wait, no. Shouldn't he be ridiculing the fact that this game was a lottery with the price being one's lifespan?

One should just take the words "lifespan card-drawing" as a joke.

Who the hell would use their lifespan to draw a prize?

Did one think that one had lived enough?

Looking at the lock on the card-drawing interface, Su Mo immediately felt a headache.

Even if the lock was unlocked, he probably couldn't bear to use this cheat.

F*ck, why did he awaken such a cheat that would bury him alive?

Su Mo sighed.

The virtual screen slowly disappeared from his vision.

Unexpectedly, when his gaze fell on the chandelier on the ceiling, a notification popped up in his field of vision again.

[Item: An old chandelier]

[Prompt: Drops in 1 minute and 7 seconds]

Su Mo rubbed his eyes to make sure he was not seeing things and found that the countdown was still ticking.

When he came back to his senses, there were only a dozen seconds left.

"F*ck!" Su Mo shivered, then rolled off the bed and jumped to the side with his eyes fixed on the chandelier.

The moment the countdown reached zero, the heavy chandelier suddenly hit the end of the bed.

With a "bang", countless glass fragments spattered in all directions.

Su Mo looked at the scene of the disaster and couldn't help but feel a late sense of fear.

If he had still been lying in bed just now, he would definitely be hospitalized today.

"Alright, I've misunderstood you. You're still quite capable, my cheat!" Su Mo "comforted" his cheat in his heart.

Then, he turned to look at his right hand.

[Item: A young man's right hand]

[Prompt: Due to long-term training, the grip strength is 3% stronger than the left hand]

Seeing the contents of the prompt, Su Mo's lips could not help but slightly twitch.

He had intended to check his body attributes, but he didn't expect the interface to be so detailed.

The 3% difference in grip strength must be because he used his right hand to hold chopsticks.

Following this, Su Mo started to observe the various things in his room.

Be it a cell phone, a socket, or a wall, the interface would give him the corresponding information.

Some of the information was useful, while some were useless.

He wondered what standards the information was based on.

He turned around and looked at the table and couldn't help but gasp at what he saw.

[Item: A 50-year-old wild ginseng]

[Prompt: It has a trace of origin energy. Eating it might make you more energetic.]

Origin energy?

What was origin energy?

Su Mo curiously examined the wild ginseng.

The skin was yellow-brown, the ring pattern was fine and deep, the figure was exquisite, the roots were long and straight, and the legs were closed.

Hmm, he didn't expect this wild ginseng to be so sexy. Why didn't he notice it when he bought it?

Su Mo shook his head, throwing away the strange thoughts in his mind.

He started to think about how to deal with the matter.

The prompt said that eating it would make him more energetic, but it didn't say to what extent the effects would be.

What if he became so energetic that he couldn't sleep for days?

His body couldn't take it either.

Moreover, it had fused with something unknown, the origin energy.

Su Mo decided to carefully verify the effects first.

Fortunately, when he bought the wild ginseng yesterday, he also bought a hen.

It was so fresh it still clucked.

Su Mo found the old hen on the kitchen floor.

The interface prompts showed that the hen had negative states such as weakness and hunger.

He cut off a small piece of ginseng, then pried open the hen's mouth and stuffed it in.

After about a minute, the old hen immediately became energetic.

It flapped its wings and clucked, and even pecked him with its beak.

It became super fierce.

The prompt on the hen's interface also changed.

Its state changed from weak to excited.

He continued to observe for another half an hour and confirmed that the hen's status had not changed.

Su Mo could not help but nod inwardly, "It seems that the effect is even stronger than I thought. Since it has been so long, the hen should've been marinated enough.

Just nice to have some ginseng chicken soup."

Four hours later, after drinking the last mouthful of chicken soup, Su Mo felt so good that he could feel it in his bones.

He looked at himself in the mirror.

He was tall and sturdy, his face was shining, his spirit was high, and his energy was abundant.

He could probably be known as an adonis.

The only bad thing was that the ginseng had a strong aftereffect.

His right hand was already eager to move.

He was about to click open his D drive to learn some "physiological knowledge" when the phone suddenly rang.

Su Mo picked up his phone to take a look, and realization suddenly dawned on him, "I almost forgot, I have a girlfriend."


In Qijiao Plaza, looking at the nearby Home Inns, 7 Days Inn, and Jinjiang Inns, Su Mo felt that Lin Keke had an ulterior motive for asking him to meet her here.

He had never dated much since young due to his unsociable personality and poor family background.

Even Lin Keke's relationship with him was only confirmed yesterday.

For this, he even went to buy wild ginseng and an old hen to celebrate.

He had almost forgotten about today's date.

But come to think of it, even if he had never been in a relationship, had he not seen others in a relationship before?

Normally, shouldn't a date be at a shopping mall?

Why did Lin Keke choose a street lined with hotels instead?

Wasn't the sequence a little off?

However, she was the campus Belle of Yan University, so he would forgive her.

If there was a next time, he had to teach her a lesson in the hotels.

By the time Su Mo's mind which was filled with "education lessons" had reached the 13th lesson, a beautiful figure appeared in the bustling crowd on the street.

She was wearing a white off-shoulder dress with a pair of canvas shoes and carrying a light pink handbag.

She looked young and beautiful, which was befitting of her status as Yan University's campus Belle.

Looking at Lin Keke, who had exquisite makeup on, jog over, Su Mo prepared to go up when his expression froze.

He rubbed his eyes in confusion, then looked at the people around him before looking at Lin Keke again.

However, he was even more confused, because, in his field of vision, Lin Keke was obviously different from the others.

There was a bright HP bar above her head that was as red as blood, just like the monsters he often encountered in games.

Very quickly, his attention was drawn to the notifications below the girl's HP bar.

[Item: A very hungry fox demon]

[Prompt: You may not be her match.]

Su Mo's heart jumped.

The next second, a soft and slender hand held his arm.

As a faint fragrance wafted over, Lin Keke whispered into his ear, "Let's go,"

Her target was the Home Inns not far away.

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