4 Do You Want to Play Something More Exciting With Your Big Sister?

Fenghua Street, a bar street in Tianmu city.

On the street that was only a hundred meters long, more than 30 bars were lined.

It was late at night, and the brightly-lit bars were about to stop their operations for the day.

From time to time, drunk young men and women would walk out of the bars.

Sometimes, it would be a woman being supported by several men, a man being supported by several women, or a man being supported by several men.

The scene was harmonious and very loving.

Meanwhile, sitting on a shared bicycle nearby, Su Mo had already finished his third bottle of mineral water.

Even with his strong kidneys, he couldn't help but have the desire to go to the toilet.

However, he did not dare to leave.

It was all because at this moment, the target, the heart-digging demon, could appear at any moment.

After being taken in as the bait for this case, The man in the suit, Zhang Zhenyu, explained the situation to him in detail.

The heart-digging demon.

From seven days ago, the demon had committed many crimes, and the victims were all adult males.

After the target's heart was dug out, he would die after his essence was sucked dry.

The surveillance video showed that the deceased was always accompanied by a female companion whose height and appearance would always be different.

By investigating the remnant souls of the dead, it was confirmed that the female companion's style of conversation was the same, and the method of killing was the same.

The other party was likely to be a mirage demon with the ability to transform.

Just two days ago, based on the information provided within the organization, the government's Transcendents had successfully surrounded the demon.

However, the other party had managed to nimbly escape.

Now, whether it was the man in the suit, Zhang Zhenyu, or the "beautiful legs" lady, Chu Qingwu, both were carrying out an emergency pursuit.

Killing the fox demon Lin Keke was just a matter of convenience.

According to what they said, Lin Keke was merely a level 2 mirage demon.

As for the heart-digging demon, it was a level 3 mirage demon with an unknown main body.

The level of danger was on a completely different level, which was the main reason why Chu Qingwu did not want to involve Su Mo.

However, Su Mo had his own plans.

He didn't want his memory to be erased.

At the same time, he wanted to obtain a Transcendent profession and activate the lottery function.

Therefore, it was necessary to take a little risk.

In this world, few matters could offer rewards without taking risks.

Moreover, Zhang Zhenyu had already made all the necessary arrangements.

The other party had let him act as bait, not as an abandoned pawn.

Zhang Zhengyu had prepared the most comprehensive protection for him to ensure that he would not face danger due to the mirage demon.

Moreover, they were all secretly guarding the vicinity, just waiting for him to succeed and launch a thunderous attack.

"Hey, handsome, are you alone?" Su Mo collected his thoughts and looked at the beautiful woman walking towards him.

This was already the 47th time he had been hit on tonight.

Even though the people around the bars had always been quite open, this frequency was truly terrifying.

Not to mention that he was simply dressed and sitting on a shared bicycle and was not adorned in riches or any other things.

It was purely based on appearance.

But, how could these ordinary women be worthy of getting his body?

Su Mo laughed evilly and coldly, "Auntie, your makeup is falling."

The beautiful lady's expression changed and she walked to the side while cursing.

Seeing this, Zhang Zhenyu, who was observing in secret, could not help but feel envious, "With such capital, he can have his fill even if he lives off a woman!"

Chu Qingwu chuckled with a look of contempt in her eyes, "Those who use their bodies and looks to seduce others will lose the favor when their looks wither, and when the favor is lost, whatever benefits they gained will also be lost."

Zhang Zhenyu said awkwardly, "I'm just saying."

Chu Qingwu looked at the bars that were closing one after another and frowned slightly, "It seems that the heart-digging demon won't be coming tonight."

Zhang Zhenyu said in a deep voice, "Taozi tracked the demon's location nearby. According to her past habits, she's probably going to lay her hands on the men in the bar. You've seen that kid's charm. If the heart-digging demon is still here, there's no reason to let him go."

"I'm just worried that she has transferred to another place," Chu Qingwu was deeply worried.

"It's here!" Zhang Zhenyu's eyes suddenly lit up.

At the same time, a man and a woman walked out of Heiyue Bar.

The man was dressed in branded clothes and reeked of alcohol.

The female companion he was hugging had an alluring figure and was particularly seductive.

However, just as the man unlocked the Ferrari at the side, his female companion suddenly left him.

She walked towards Su Mo instead, who was sitting on the bicycle.

The man was completely dumbfounded and started to doubt his life.

Su Mo, on the other hand, was extremely focused.

The HP bar above the other party's head forced him to raise his spirits.

[Item: Level 3 fox Femon]

[Prompt: Currently hunting. Skilled in transfiguration, hiding, illusionization, etc.]

"Another fox demon?" As Su Mo thought to himself, the other party had already walked up to him.

A charming and fiery smile appeared on her face. She licked her lips and asked, "Little brother, do you want to play something more exciting with your big sister?"

Su Mo's gaze swept over her body as he playfully said, "Big sister, do you dare to play outside?"

The fox demon's lips curved up, "Why wouldn't I?"

The man and demon immediately walked towards a nearby alley that separated the bars.

In the alley were many rubbish bins filled with trash, as well as some vomit on the ground.

The environment looked terrible and smelled even worse.

Few would set foot here.

After barely managing to find a clean foothold, Su Mo pushed the fox demon against the wall and buried his head in the other party's neck impatiently.

However, his eyes were very clear, without the slightest hint of lust.

While the fox demon was enjoying it, her nails were also constantly growing.

Her slender hands quickly turned into terrifying sharp claws, casting twisted shadows in the moonlight.

Before she could do anything else, Su Mo suddenly raised his head.

As he unbuckled his belt, he twisted her shoulders roughly and said, "Turn around."

The fox demon was slightly startled, but she looked at Su Mo and laughed charmingly before turning around obediently.

Just as she was leaning against the wall and getting into position, Su Mo took out a bright silver spirit talisman from his pants and stuck it to the fox demon's back.

The moment he succeeded, Su Mo did not say anything and started to run.

In the previous pursuit, this fox demon had relied on her illusionization abilities to successfully escape the government's arrest.

Even Zhang Zhenyu's soul-freezing technique hadn't been very effective.

Even if they discovered the other party's whereabouts again, the demon would still be able to escape.

As such, the officials were also quite troubled.

The only way was to find a way to limit the demon's ability.

Among the few applicable methods, the simplest one was the immobilization talisman.

As long as one stuck the immobilization talisman on the demon's body, one could thus restrict the demon's movements and easily kill it.

However, with the other party's vigilance and sharp senses, it was difficult to even get close, let alone stick a talisman on it.

That was how Su Mo came to be the bait.

Demons would be wary of Transcendents, but they would not be wary of ordinary people.

This was a natural flaw in the demons' thinking.

Now that he had already completed his mission, Su Mo made use of this time to retreat to a safe area.

It was as if he could already see the Transcendent professions waving at him.

However, at this moment, there was a sudden explosion behind him.

It was accompanied by a shrill roar, "You wasted one of my secret weapons. You're looking for death, kid!"

In the next second, a cold wind suddenly came from behind.

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