Dramatic Story of A University Student

Simeon, a 2nd year university student, one day he gets a call from his mother to come back home. Afterwards, things start to get out of hand.

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Chaper 1 - A Call from Father

"Hey Simeon, what's going on man?"

Joseph called out.

"My dad's calling. I will be right back."

This is Simeon, a second year University student. He is currently studying at MIT elechtronics. And his friend Joseph.

Simeon was a great student. He would get all A's through the high school.

At the time, he was in the Joseph's house.

Simeon :"Hey Dad! How are you?"

"I'm fine, my son. How are you? Are you okay at Joseph's place?"

Simeon :"Yeah ı am okay. So why you called me?"

"Son. Last week i told you i will go to doctor, no?"

Simeon :"Yeah what happened?"

"Turns out ı have a tumor at my brain."

Simeon was at shock.

"Well... Can it be operated or...?"

"Yeah it can be operated."

Simeon was revealed. What he didn't know is that his father didn't tell him the whole story. But Simeon had a bad feeling and called his mom.

"Oh Hi mom. I heard my father has tumor at his brain. Is that true?"

"Umm. Simeon who told you that?"

"My father."

"Jesus. I told him to not tell you but... Whatever. Yes. He has a tumor at his brain but it is not a serious thing. It can be operated."

"Are you telling me the truth mom?"

"Of course. I wouldn't be able to act like this if it was a serious thing."

Simeon thank she was right. Angel (Simeon's mom) have panic attack so she wouldn't be able to act like that.

"Ok thanks mom."

Simeon hang up the phone. Looked around and found what he was looking for. A beer. It was stressful for him because he didn't experienced that kind of thing at his whole life.

At the Joseph's place, few days later he become sick. He was so stressed that he become sick. But that was time. He has to go his dormitory with Joseph. Midterms were here.

I really don't know where this story would go. Comment your thoughts for me to inspire me. Also there will be another chapter 3 days later.

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