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I looked around. I didn't see anything that made it look different from other places but the smell and the weather was much different. It smelled like flowers, the beach and a mans cologne. Oh my god Jack. "once again I'm so sorry" he smiled. "I know you've apologized 4 times and i told you it's okay at least I have something to distract me" He looked at me I looked down my checks flushed red. "Alright then its time to get moving" he started towards the back of the plane and pulled out 2 large suitcases. I lifted an eyebrow and he seemed to understand because he quickly said. "these are mine I'm staying here in Hawaii for a while and I have a feeling its gonna be an interesting trip" I blushed again not even knowing if its me he was talking about which made me blush harder. What if he had a girlfriend I hadn't even thought of that. hes definitely taken who wouldn't take him hes a mancake. . Oh jeez what am I saying the cards are still on the table maybe hes single or in a bad spot of his relationship if hes in one. I'll have to find out somehow and I think I'm gonna have all the time I need. Ok say something to him. "Do you come around here often" oh jeez. "No I've only been here a couple of times but i know the island pretty well, and you" he smiled. "First time here" I said meekishly. "Then allow me to welcome you to Hawaii" he said with a goofy grin. It made me chuckle and he lifted an eyebrow with a smirk on his face. He chuckled and offered me his hand. "Would you like an escort for your first day" Say no say no say no. "that would be lovely" Good job Willow. Don't mess this up. I know what your'e all thinking, I'm not thinking about David even a little bit and I already told you he wasn't the one for me so I'm gonna act like it never happened and see what jack has to offer me, maybe hes the one.

I took his hand. For someone with grease on his face he sure did have smooth hands. I was a little taken aback by his firm grip but he saw my reaction and loosened it. Could this man read my thoughts. Hopefully he couldn't because I was thinking of some not so pg things I could do to him. While I was lost in my thoughts. A small tug on my hand pulled me forward and we started walking towards the small building stationed on the edge of the runway. We reached the door and he took his hand away. "I'll be right back. Pilot stuff". He chuckled and I smiled back at him letting him know I wasn't going anywhere. As he walked inside a small ding rung out from my hand. There is all those text messages but that ding was from one of the people I hadn't already blocked on the plane ride here. Haley. I opened my phone and read her text. Hey girl I know where you are and I hope that you find what your'e looking for there but I still want you to text me everything that happens just like normal and if you want me to forget about what happened I will but if you want to talk I'm here. God I loved that girl. While I did want someone to talk to bout Jack I just wasn't ready for anyone to know so I sent a quick text back to let her know I was okay. You know you will be the first one to know if anything happens and "I know where you are" creepy much. Send. Hopefully me making a joke lets her know I'm happy and very content with where I am or more who I am with. Just as I put down my phone the creaky metal door opened and there he was. What a man. "Ready to go" he asked. I smiled "Ready as ill ever be" He started to walk and I quickly followed him taking large steps to keep up with his normal walking pace. I would have asked him to carry me but I don't think were there yet. "So.. how long are you staying here" I asked. "I don't know I guess I was just planning on staying until I was ready to leave" he said with a thoughtful voice. "Same here" i said looking down. He heard my voice and turned and I straightened up. He could see I wasn't ready to talk so he didn't push it. He quickly changed the subject. "well I know exactly where to go first as you don't have luggage" he laughed. I smiled "That's probably a good idea. Thanks"

We slowly walked off the tarmac and out to what looked like a school pick up zone for people on vacation. We waited for a couple minutes and soon a black car pulled up and Jack walked towards it so I followed. "are you Andy" he asked. "yes" he replied and after that jack opened the backseat door and motioned me in. He holds the door I thought what a gentleman. I climbed in and sat behind our driver. He climbed in after and he was tall enough where his head almost touched the ceiling and it made me chuckle. He looked over and saw me looking at the roof and chuckled with me as he realized what I was laughing about. It was pretty silent after that but not weird silence it was the silence where it made you feel cozy and comfortable which was rare. We soon pulled up to a small shop l that I couldn't pronounce and we stepped out. It was a cut shop with blue accents and a dark wood with small blue flowers surrounding the windows. It looked inviting and homey. We opened the doors and a small bell rang for a few seconds. It smelled like the ocean and was the perfect temperature. It was an older couple running the shop and the clothes were beautiful. Jack held my back and pushed me in further. I walked up to the woman folding clothes and asked if they had undergarments. Jack turned away. I chuckled "Sorry for being a respectable man" he retorted "Sorry, Sorry" I replied. "You guys are a cute couple" the lady said I blushed bright red but Jack laughed and cleared the fog "Were not together just friends" he said with that goofy smile I liked so much. "ah what a shame anyways yes we do right this way" after that... incident I picked out a few essentials and then went to the bathing suits. I picked out a one one piece mostly for the pool and tanning and then a one piece with the sides cut out for the beach. "do you have a fitting room" I asked. "yes we do right through that door" She pointed towards the back. I slowly walked back still picking stuff off the displays as I went back. I soon had quite a handful of items and I was ready to try on. I motioned for jack to come over and he looked confused so I answered his expression " I need your opinion" and although hesitant he soon walked back. He sat down on the bench painted a light peaceful blue and I walked into a stall. The doors were a dark wood with a blue outline and a dark blue turtle hanging on the door. I tried on items one by one. "last but not least the bathing suits" I announced. I stepped out in the two piece that was more revealing than I expected but I loved it nonetheless. It was a deep red with small white flowers scattered around. The bottoms matched the top and didn't cover much except for the necessary parts. "I.. I like it" Jack stuttered. "My eyes are up here" I teased and he narrowed his eyes at me and I chuckled. "Ok I think I'm ready" I walked back into the dressing room and changed back into my clothes. I made a pile of things I wanted to keep and things I wanted to put back. I soon walked with two armfuls of stuff and I handed Jack the keepers. "No way" he said. "What do you mean just hold them while I put stuff back" I said. He slowly reached out his hand and took the armful. I walked off and quickly put back the clothes I didn't like. I walked back to Jack who was standing there awkwardly and it made me giggle. He glared at me but I offered to take the clothes back and he smiled. "are we ready to checkout" he asked, I nodded and we walked to the counter. She scanned the items one by one and we stood there silently. "Your total will be 153.56$" I reached for my purse but jack stopped me. "I got it" and I tried to protest but he shushed me so all I could do was sit and watch him spoil me. He saw my guilty look and he said "You can pay for dinner tonight, if it makes you feel better" I smiled "It very much would" He chuckled. "alright then lets go" We walked out of the store thanking the lovely couple on the way out.

We stepped outside and Jack pulled his phone out to call an uber. "Do you have a hotel you would prefer" he asked. "Oh no, I don't even know which hotels are are around here" He smiled and tapped at his phone some more and soon a car pulled up. We climbed in and he told him the address and it seemed like a common place as he didn't enter it into any gps. 5 minutes passed and we arrived at at a tall building with a rainbow painted on its tall walls. "Welcome to the rainbow tower" jack said excitedly. he chuckled as he saw the awe look on my face. We soon stepped inside and up to the registration. "Hi, do you have a reservation" the desk lady said. "Um.. No sorry we didn't have time to make one are there any available rooms" Jack said sincerely. The woman seemed captivated by Jack until looking over at me and she snapped out of it. She typed something on her computer and soon responded. "yes, lucky you, were usually booked we have 1 room left on the 23rd floor."