A boy who never had the chance to do anything thanks to his illness always spent his time in the hospital. The only thing that brought colour to his life were Marvel and DC comics. NOTE : THIS IS AN AU ( ALTERNATE UNIVERSE ) [This World is a Bridge between the DC and Marvel multiverse, all the possible information you know about the characters is totally useless since there is a possibility that it will never happen or it will happen differently] Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or any of it's character. I own my own elements and my OC(s). --- WARNING : English's not my Mother tongue So there will be grammar and paraphrasing mistakes Hope it'll be readble -- UPDATE SCHEDULE : NOT FIX

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Two days had passed since Tony, Derek, Kamala and Bruce arrived at the CHIMERA, in which Tony was completely surprised to taste Derek's food, so much so that he told him that he would hire him as his personal chef, when the whole AIM thing is solved.

On the second day Tony was reading all about the new metal that Derek created, to say he was surprised is an understatement, once he finished reading about the absorbing metal, the new reactor on the ship and the energy shields on the ship, he started looking for damage to the turbines on the ship to see why they weren't working.

On the third day he went to Derek's room to tell him to help him with the internal repair of the ship and the turbines, but before touching Lucy spoke to him.

Lucy : "Good morning, Mr. Tony! May I know the reason for your presence here?".

Tony : "Hello little one, I'm looking for the boy, could you tell him to come out".

Lucy : "Derek is outside the CHIMERA, doing his daily routine".

Tony : "HA? Daily routine, well you know I'm not interested, thank you Lucy I'll go see him, I need him to help me"

When Stark came out of the CHIMERA he saw Derek outside the shield surrounding the ship, but what really surprised him was to see how this one has a big block of stone that if he wasn't mistaken about ten to fifteen tons in weight on Derek's back while he does pushups, Tony's curiosity won so he decided to see what he was doing.

So he spent three hours watching Derek do his exercise routine of push-ups, sit-ups, squats and run 10km with some chains made of metal with his power attached to the huge block of stone, Stark could tell that the kid is strong, although not in the big leagues like the Hulk, Thor or Superman.

But he saw that although it seemed that he had no energy left and but he still did not give up and not only that if he was right Derek's body although it was barely noticeable began to adapt to the weight and tension that demanded his body, in addition to recover in a few minutes the lost energy, and seeing all the routine that Derek did, he approached him.

Tony : "I must say I'm very surprised, you know when Lucy told me you were doing your daily routine, I figured you would be lifting weights, not a damn ten to fifteen ton block on your back or dragging it while running."

Derek : "Well what can I say, I've barely been doing this for three days, I realized that normal exercises wouldn't get me anywhere"

'and I must say she was right, the protagonist of solo leveling gave him dungeon keys from weak to strong and in my case it gave me more stat points, the first day I tried it just doing more than usual and it gave me five points the second day I doubled the amount of the previous day giving me seven points this time I didn't increase them, I just put more tension and difficulty giving me ten points, I think the more price I get in this the more points I get, it seems that I found another function of the system' thought Derek.

"I see but tell me kid, why so much enthusiasm in these trainings or whatever you want to call it" Tony kept looking at him seriously not with his usual joking or sarcastic look, as it didn't give him peace of mind to see how Derek was trying so hard.

Derek kept looking Tony straight in the eyes for a few seconds trying to find if there was a second intention "Haa, I'm trying so hard because I don't want to lose my loved ones again"

Tony : "I see, I won't ask anymore, well now if what I came for, I want you to help me repair the inside of the ship to get the turbines working and get the CHIMERA out of this place."

Derek : "Very well lead the way Stark"

Tony : "Alright kid first we'll look for the initiator cores in the hangar."

Once they entered the CHIMERA they headed to where the cores are, only to run into Bruce and Kamala who were repairing the connections to the lab doors.

Tony : "What's going on here girl."

kamala : "Hey Tony, Derek, just sharing a little of my technical knowledge with Doctor Banner."

Tony : "I just hope you're not putting us in danger Bruce."

"That doesn't help Tony, just let us do the job" Bruce said.

"Good luck Bruce, come on Tony we have to get this ship working" said Derek impatiently.

Tony seeing that Derek was starting to get impatient continued in the direction of the cores, they passed two doors, but when they got to the third one it would not open due to lack of power.

Tony : "Mmm something is wrong with the power pass, it must be on... if there is this Derek open the right box"

Derek did as Tony told him when he opened the box he saw sparks coming out of it from the damaged connections.

"Huy, it's not that bad, JARVIZ please time me, let's see if I haven't lost the touch yet" Tony said to start connecting the wires and the door opened.

Jarvis : "1.04 Second sir"

Tony : "Ha not been bad I haven't lost the touch but I'm a little rusty".

"O already old" Derek told him in mockery.

"You wish kid" and without another word Tony started walking towards the stairs.

Derek : "Lucy tell me where the initiator cores are."

Lucy : "The initiator cores are in the bottom corner of the lower undercover Derek"

"Thanks honey" when they got to where the cores were all the walls and floor are mostly surrounded by electricity.

"Shit this meets safety standards, well kid you're up" Tony said to Derek as he tapped his shoulder, he just sighed, to start approaching the source of the problem as he covered his body fully in absorbent metal flakes and pull out the damaged initiator core.

Derek : "Here grab Stark."

"Just what I guessed most of the cores exploded and the one left isn't functional at all but if I remember correctly the more advanced AIM robots use mated cores, if I had some I could blow up the nace temporarily and get out of this place to a safer one" as Tony was trying to find a way to get his hands on one of those cores, the only thing he could think of was to attack an AIM base and be lucky there were a few advanced robots, but before he thought of more he was interrupted by Derek.

Derek : "Wait Stark if what you want are AIM robots I have almost all the robots we faced last time, I think I saw a few advanced robots" and without saying more he pulled out the four robots, two with energy lances and two cryogenic synthezoids.

Tony was totally surprised to see four robots come out of nowhere "Where did these synthezoids come from kid?"

"I know a little magic, we have more important things to do, come on I'll help you take out the initiator cores" Derek said changing the subject so Stark wouldn't ask anymore about his abilities since he doesn't totally trust him and how paroic he can be.

It only took them a few minutes to take the cores out very carefully, so as not to damage them by accident, and begin to install them, once installed they could notice the changes as power began to run through most of the ship.

Tony : "Tell me kid how many AIM robots"

Derek looked at him askance, but decided it wouldn't do any harm to tell him.

"Mmm let's see, about thirty five or so, but of those I've already dismantled ten, to use some of their parts to upgrade my stuff" he said bluntly.

Tony.: "Do you think you could lend me some kids, what I used in the previous battle couldn't even be called armor, but if you lend me some syntezoids I could come up with something decent"

Derek didn't think it was a bad idea to give him some synthezoids, until suddenly blue screen appeared





(This is actually worth it, I've been looking for skills to help me in the production of items and artifacts and although they are not expensive, it doesn't hurt to get the ones I can if they are free) "I'll lend them to you but..."

Tony : "But what a child."

Derek : "You have to let me help you in the creation of this armor."

Tony : "Mmm, are you sure you'll be able to keep up with me kid."

Derek : "O come on Stark, I may not be at your level but I'm not far off either and just so you know I haven't been to school in five years and yet I still believe Lucy."

Tony : "Alright, alright kiddo, you've already convinced me, besides someone with your fire and metal powers will come in handy and I'll have fun with my first apprentice."

"Haa I think I'm already regretting this" Derek sighed in frustration as he saw Tony's mocking face, but decided to go along with it.

Bruce : "Hey guys I'm still working on the door can you go check on Kamala since she shut down comms and I haven't seen her".

"Alright Bruce, Tony and I will go see what's going on" and without further ado they started looking for Kamala with Derek trying to find her by her scent.

Derek : "I found her Stark, she's in her room."

"Don't tell me I'm going to have to go into a teenage girl's room kid, eww" Tony said in protest to which Derek rolled his eyes at him as they approached the door, but it opened like it was nothing.

"Waoo, sorry" said Derek as he saw Kamala in a slightly tight red and blue outfit with a scarf, he realized that's her Hero costume

Derek : "We tried... it's just.... Jarvis, Lucy help us"

"Hahaha so this is having fun, joking and laughing" Lucy said in laughter.

Derek : "Lucy was it you?".

Lucy : "Actually it was Mr. Derek, apparently the locking mechanisms on some of the CHIMERA housing were not activated, and I decided not to warn you both"

Tony : "Boy you know you are something this AI Lucy is evolving on her own and very fast, I had to go step by step with Jarvis which took many years until I was able to get him to learn on his own."

Derek : "I know she is my greatest creation and my pride."

Lucy : "Thanks Derek, I love you too."

Kamala : "Hey you two idiots, you still haven't told me why you're here"

Tony : "Sorry kiddo it's just that Bruce got worried when you turned off the comms."

Kamala : "Haa sorry it's just that I wanted some time alone and it came to my mind how cool my own suit would be, but at the time you guys are here I feel ridiculous and I look ridiculous" Kamala said depressed.

"Yeah, of course you do" Tony told her but no teasing or anything normal.

"Stark" still Derek spoke to her warningly but Tony just held up his hand for her to let him finish.

Tony : "No, no, this is normal rather we are the same, have you seen Thor's suit wavy cape type vegas and not to mention Bruce the only thing he wears, are some super estimable shorts, but yours I like and more with the scarf".

Kamala : "It's a burkini, my mom gave it to me."

"See girl you don't have to get down a suit it's just a matter of attitude, you have to wear it with pride" he started to approach her holding her shoulders making her look in the mirror "Now show who you are" giving her encouragement, as she struck a pose with her arms around her waist.

"Come on Kamala you can do better" Derek spoke to her with a smile to give her encouragement which worked as Kamala and put on a look between serious and with a smile while holding her fists up making them a little bigger making her look very tough.

Tony : "That's right girl I knew you had it in you, and we could also add to your suit a little protection for your safety and from the look on the boy's face it seems he was thinking the same thing too."

Derek : "Yes in that part I agree since I don't want you to be like a guy in a maya suit without any protection confident in always dodging bullets."

Tony : "That's what I'm talking about kid you understand me well see you Kamala and I have work to do."


While in another place we can see someone in red and blue tights with a spider on his chest swinging but suddenly he sneezed almost falling when he saw that one of his webs missed the next building to swing almost falling but thanks to his superhuman reflexes he managed to recover "Ufff who is talking about this sexy spider, I just hope it is not JJ"



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