71 Hooman!

"Are you kidding me?"

{In your memories, you complained about not having a 'System' for a long time when you got reincarnated!}


Yeah I remember.

Got me really bad back in the day.

I always wanted a system when I was in the orphanage.

When I didn't get one so I felt really cheated.

Well, systems were for those who got a planned reincarnation by gods, unlike me who mysteriously died and mysteriously got reborn somewhere.

Still, it is weird too get a system this way, this late.

"But you said that you can't get away from your power source, would your 'Astral Extension' be okay if I decided to visit Elswyre someday?"

{Yes, my 'Astral Extension' is only there to help you. I can locate and contact it using 'Telepathy' wherever you are. After all, the 'Astral Link' is the strongest kind of link.}


"I tend to believe that there is no free meal in this world, you protect me and provide me growth guidance. Was there really so much valuable information in my head?"

{More than you think. I can access the deepest parts of your memories and bring out things you don't even remember.}

"But still you could hide that and just not bother, pretend that there is little to do with my memories. If I were you, I would do that!"


"You are giving me a system and you even go out of your way to justify helping me. What are you really going to gain from that? You already have all you want from me."


"You understand me, right? I know there is something you are not telling me!"

I am not someone who takes everyone with good will, I learned that lesson the hard way.

{Please clarify!}

"You can read my mind so there is no way you don't understand me. I am sure of it! You figured something out."

Yes he did.

I can't see his face, or I can detect his emotions, but he found something.

"You figured the reason about my reincarnation, right?"


We were silent for a long time.

I don't know but I was staring at the ball of light and I felt he was staring back at me.

It was a staring contest of sort, we understand each other and there is something important! Very important he found out!

{Fine! I admit I figured most of it out.} The Augur actually gave up first.

I knew it. I was sure of it.

There are few things I don't know about myself but the most mysterious thing is my reincarnation.

"Did you figure out the reason?"

{Mostly, How do you want me to say it...}

"Don't sugarcoat it!"

{As you wish! My theory depends on two parts, the first part you guessed it mostly correct.}

"You mean..."

{As you said it once 'Conditions were met'. To make it more easy to understand, the idea of your VR headset works similarly to that of the 'Out of Body Experience'. That ability allows the user to get a part of his Soul or Consciousness out of his body and put ot into a device to make it experience an Virtual Reality. That happens when you send your mind into the game, it carries the information you submitted as the general information you want your character to have. The Soul embraced the information as it belongs to it, and it happens that there was a different person that was largely similar to it in the information content that time. This was the one year old Jonhild Fire-Mane. Once that was there, you could easily merge with him!}


{Exactly! You may never think of it as merging or see it as you replaced him but the real Jonhild is still in there, he is not sleeping or anything, but due to his age, his mental power or memories can never suppress yours as your mental age that time was 25 years older than his, and he just merged with the reincarnated you mentally. Still, he is there, he shows up in critical moments when it comes to his family. Remember that day when Senior Nurina gave you that Amulet of Talos? Your mental age was already 35. Even when you found out that Hilda was your birth mother, you shouldn't have really cared. But you did! And it took its toll on you. Your unnatural hunger for power increased drastically and the real Jonhild started to put some rules. You are not that Lawyer from before, you also are not Jonhild. You are something new. Maybe something was never seen before.}


{This was the first half of the theory behind your reincarnation! The one that is easy to figure out!}

"... What, what about.. the other?"

{This is the part I am not sure of. But no one is almighty enough in this world to summon a soul from another world except for the 'et'Ada', the 'Original Spirits' or what people like to call 'Gods'.}

"So you are saying that an Aedra or a Daedra pulled me here?"

{Yes, and it was a cunning move! It is the only possible way and it was done by an 'et'Ada' that is very expert when it comes to Souls!}

"And you are you are helping me for..."

{You are wrong! I am helping the 'et'Ada' who brought you here!}


{Please don't take it the wrong way, I am helping you either way but I am extending more helping hands to my benefit too.}

Hmm! I get it.

"So you simply want to carry favor with that 'et'Ada'! To what end?"

"A happy one!"

Guess I was right! He wants a way out of his misery too.

Whatever! I would have done the same.

"So... you have any idea which God did it?"

{I am not expert in Gods, few is known about the 'Daedra', less about the 'Aedra', and the 'Magna Ge' are mysterious.}


"Well, that sucks!"

{I understand getting your fate sealed by another is terrible. But maybe in your case, you get guided to a bigger fate.}

"That guidance.. it is what you are after!"

{You are starting to see my point! So please, make full use of the 'Astral Extension'. I'll severe the connection between it and me and will let you be in control it so you worry not about you privacy. It will have a limited amount of intelligence and will keep you updated with your condition and status. Beside hiding the important parts of your memory, it will have a function to open a 'Telepathic Connection' with me if you needed anything.}

Hmmm! Useful!

But that depressed me!

I wanted nothing to do with the Gods of this world and now they come to my doorstep.


I think I don't want to think about this anymore.

Yes, let's not do that!

I'll bury my head under sand for now. It's not anything useful but it is all I can do regarding that matter.

No matter how powerful I am, I can't face this problem alone.

And without a being like the Augur, no one will understand my situation. I don't know what Nurina may think but Hilda may think of me as a demon invaded her son's body.

I am afraid if I think about this for to long, I may have an identity crisis soon.


I'll just bury me head under sand and stop thinking about depressing stuff.

But now that I think about it,

"I was expecting that you may have some sort of reaction when you find out about the game and its relation to the world. I mean you are appeared in it and you encountered the main character twice!"

{It is indeed incredible and mysterious, many things don't add up in that part, it maybe the work of an et'Ads or an Elder Scrolls, as these are the only ones capable to transmit such an amount of information to another world.}

"Hehe! I still can't imagine Todd Howard using an Elder Scroll to get prophecies and create the game. Though it would explain why he always says 'It just works!'"

[A/N: Todd Howard is an American video game designer, director, and producer. He currently serves as director and executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios, the company that brought us the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games.]


How depressing!

"Before I go, what are the the full functions of the system? And can you upgrade it?"

{You can access it with your inner will, and yes, the window you see is nothing but an illusion that shows my analysis of your body, ability, energy, and mentality, so it's editable. Its functions and upgrades are also bound by your current ability and spells you can use.}

"Hmm! I think that's cool."

Let's see!


-Name: Jon Dare / Jonhild Fire-Mane

-Race: Human (Nord)

-Age: 15

-Level: 17


◇Health: 140/140

◇Stamina: 100/100

◇Magicka: 520/520










-Active Effect:

Astral Damage: 19%


"Hmm! This baby lacks the a map, a media player, a screenshot function.. Okay! Why did these windows show up when I thought about them?"

{They were already there. As I said, your ability with magic allowed them to be.}

"Seriously? Hmm! Good Augur! We are definitely best buds. Do I get inventory too?"

{Space Magic is nothing to just think of using easily! But you should be able to do it on your own one day.}

"Okay, my names are there, my race and age which have completely no use, and level 17? What is that about?"

{I made a small calculation and it appeared that the level thing can be calculated by understanding how much the individual can bring out strength. It is not a solid piece information but it can be understood by the energy from within you. It is not accurate, but when the system alerts you of a higher level enemy, you should be prepared!}

I see!

"The attributes now! HP 140? SP 100? MP 520? What's wrong with that? It is so broken or you didn't make it like the game did?"

{No it is actually based on very accurate calculations! The Health and Stamina may look pitiful but your 'Astral Damage' has affected them. Also you are young and not fully grown yet. To reach that point in Attributes is already something monstrous!}

"My Magicka is something to vex people with!"

{Your Magicka is higher that 'Wizards' and a bit less than 'Master Wizards.'}

Hmm! Maybe he is right.

"So I have a 19% Astral Damage condition! That's scary. This may take a lot of Trolls to heal it. And the magic section is so neatly organization. Let's see!"




▶Magicka Outer Control






▶Inner Magicka Control








•War Cry (Buff Allies, Scare Foes)

•Son of Skyrim (Resist Frost)

▼Standing Stone: Shadow Stone

•Hide in Shadows (Sneak Buff)

•Blur (Combat Speed buff)

▼Blood Lineage: (Fire-Mane)

•Resis Fire (Offline)

•????? (Offline)



This feels like some sort of phone application. Animated menu effects and all.

But... what's with that?

"Augur, in the Blood Lineage submenu of the Powers menu, there are some things that looks weird! What is with that 'offline' and '?????'?"

{In rare occasions, people are born with a Blood Lineage, and sometimes it needs a special condition to get activated. I could detect it within you but it is unknown so it was recorded like this '?????'.}

"I would love to share something with those crazy Fire-Mane folk but if it activates something like the Mangekyou Sharingan then I am giving up! I didn't sign up for a Tragedy novel. But why is the 'Resist Fire' is offline too?"

{It gives you a high resistance to fire but it is not completely activated too. Once it gets activated, it will be a fearsome ability.}

Hmmm! Hidden Lineage ability, fire related Lineage, family shares a hair color. This is going very much Uchiha Caln scenario.

"Well! I guess that's all there is to it, huh!" I said and closed all these windows, "Even though your moral compass is not working right but I guess you helped me there. I am grateful for your help."

I turned around and was about to leave but...

{Before you enter the Midden, you punched a boy who was guarding the entrance. He is looking for you with his friends all over the place now.}

"I'll just walk through them. Literally, if they cause me headache. What are they doing in the Midden anyway?"

{Most students come for experimenting. The kind that the College doesn't allow.}

"Everyone knows that, but why are they so secretive to even position an official guard on the door?"

{Their experiments are breaking many rules. In particular, they are experimenting on.....



Seriously WTF!

These sick bastards.

I am going after them one after the other.

I will haunt their ghosts if they died on my hands.


I will not kill them.

But they will beg for it.

I am pissed to the EXTREME right now!

The Augur told me something that made me nearly caugh out blood.

These sick bastards are so fuckin done for.

So done for that the 'doneforness' itself is not a way for them to escape what I will do to them.

I ran out of the Augur's room after he told me what was going on.

To think these bastards dare, right here, and under my nose!

This will be so freaking crazy.

I remember something like that happened once in the Ratway. I went berserk on two guys who did a similar act and almost unmanned them. This is one of the reasons I was called 'Catatoskr'. Even big sis 'Vex' who scares the hell out of me couldn't stop me when I lost it.

They were just some of Mercer's boys so no one actually gave a shit afterwards.

Now, I conjured 8 'Bonemen', this is all I can muster right now. 'Aura of Madness' was casted as a cloak spell. Now let's find these bastards.

I evoked 'Scan' and looked everywhere I can.

"System, put the MP and Map on view, keep them mini. Mark any hostile as a red dot, mark the packages as a blue dot."

<MP: 417/520>


The 'System' which is the 'Astral Extension' of the Augur is pretty simple, it can function as a simple computer system. The Augur himself took a liking on the electronic era and is studying it thoroughly by now. I hope that he just remain blue and not turn red call himself 'Sky Net'.

Speaking of 'Sky Net', I am on a Terminating quest now.

And I almost forgot, I AM ANGRY!

<Hostiles detected!>

"Get 'em!" I commanded my undead.

"He's over here!"

"Get him!"

"Don't let him run!"

"Wha-What is tha.."

"Undead! Too many! Run!"


"Shoot them in the thighs!" On my command, the undead started shooting arrows in the darkness, they could see, but those filthy criminals were falling like flies before they even know it.

It was hectic but one on thing calmed me down.

<Packages located!>


I found them!


[A/N: ***** POV]




Friends, crying.

Bad people.

What dat?


People! People come again?

Many noise! Big noise!

People! People coming!

No! Run!


Scary people! Go away!


People fight people?

Food fight?

Me not food.

People crazy.

People be crazy eat me?

No! Scary!

Bad people no fight more?

Bad! Too bad!

One coming!


Go away!

Me strong.

Bite you!

"Poor things, what did they want to do to you? The monsters!"


Hooman speak?

Hoomans rattle! Why hooman speak?

"Here, come here. I can't take you out here or you will run everywhere! I'll take you in the cage. Don't worry. You will be out soon"

Hooman speak again? Hear that?

You hear that? No! You don't?

You hear hooman talk? No too!

Why I only hear hooman speak?

I hear hooman talk!

Hooman cat talk!

Hooman weird!

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