40 Warrior race

A trembling pressure was present around the stadium, Raditz's ten times boosted Oozaru ki was like a predator's gaze.

Raditz's all red eyes slowly blinked, then the Oozaru broke it's defending stance.


Straightening his gigantic body, the Oozaru crossed both his hands and turned his head towards the announcer.

Which got the announcer to snap out of it, clearing his throat he said

"Ahem..! Ladies and gentlemen! Saiyaman has done it!"

A light mumbling was heard throughout the audience, as they tried to understand what did the Saiyaman do? Are they supposed to know? They sure wanted to know!

"I think the audience is dying to know the final results, but before that, can I please ask Mr Raditz to cancel is transformation?"

"It's hard to interview you from down here..!"

The planted agents in the audience began laughing at their cue, and like sheep everyone followed along with the bad joke, not wanting to look stupid for not understanding.

'Satan has ideas alright.'

Raditz sighed sensing Satan barking instructions through the microphone to everyone, that's why Raditz left it to the professionals.

Relived that he didn't have to do any explaining, Raditz let out a breath and began shrinking down.

This caused another wave of cheers from the audience because the announcer had by now convinced everyone this was Saiyaman's power.

"Tien, or Tiens, they are knocked out alright."

Mumbled Raditz while watching the unconscious Tiens lying on all corners of the arena.

The announcer internally sighed, he remembered how Goku had to be controlled when he lost it, that's why he was stuck, not knowing what to do now.

'He is the older brother of Goku after all, he can control this monster form, that's a good name, monster form, I'll go with that.'

Dodging the rubble in his path, the announcer ran upto Raditz who maintained the same cross armed posture, looking like a tough guy.

"Amazing! Was that the monster form set to release in the latest chapters of 'Saiyaman from space'?!"

'The what and what now..?'

Raditz's eyes twitched, then he searched and understood from the announcer that Satan had capitalised on his alien backstory.

He was selling Saiyaman comics and merchandise, and this monster form is something the announcer made up on the spot to help him.

'These guys.. they have no shame.'

Raditz was speechless, but he was not in a position to say anything, the audience was eating this up, he could even hear people comparing him with a werewolf.

The ancestor or werewolf, the one true progenitor, the savior of half human hybrids and many such titles.

And hearing all that was enough for Raditz, he understood what his current situation was.

"...Yes, this is my monster form, it's name is Oozaru, this is something every Saiyan can do."

"We are a warrior race, best of the best."

Now Raditz decided to drip feed this information for two reasons.

Not only was this in line with this Saiyaman from space comic, it was also meant as a reminder to king Furry.

King Furry knows quite a bit about this world, not only did he personally meet king piccolo, he was also aware of Goku's strength.

'This should make it easier to get a meeting set, now it's Satan's duty to do the rest.'

The announcer meanwhile was walking around Raditz and telling all sorts of stories from the comic, all on Satan's order.

And this was as much as Raditz was willing to entertain the crowd, he had much bigger fish to care about.

Pie pie, she was the bigger fish Raditz cared about more than anything right now, she after all was carrying his spawn.

"Do your job."

Raditz said under his breath and the announcer immediately snapped out of it, and quickly came to Raditz and raised his hand up.

"And with this, I announce Raditz has won the world martial arts tournament! We have a winner!!"


Gazing upon the cheering crowd with his hand raised in victory, Raditz finally gave a smirk.

This endeavour was worth the effort, now only one month is remaining, and he will need it to get his Oozaru training done.

"I'll get Tien on the way out."

Telling this to the announcer, Raditz vanished from the spot and collected all four Tien's, who vanished into one as soon as they touched each other.

Tuning out the announcer and the audience, Raditz walked towards the doctor's room, Tien had taken a solid beating, he needed some medical attention.

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