117 Piccolo vs Cell jr

The z fighters were looking at the Cell junior on stage with trepidation, he was a strong foe.

But this was a stage, a tournament, so although the human z fighters couldn't fight a threat on the level of perfect Cell one on one, they can still use the rules of the tournament to win.

After all, if Cell wants this tournament to go on, he also has to follow the rules.

"Who wants to go first?"

Asked Nappa, while looking at the people around him, and before anyone decided for sure, Piccolo dropped his turban.


Which made a hole in the ground from it's sheer weight, cracking his neck, Piccolo, who was now the nameless Namekian and a potential unlocked Super Namekian to boot, looked ready.

"Let me handle this."

Said Piccolo while having a smirk form upon his face, from the moment he had his potential unlocked he was dying for a fight, and if his estimates were right, he was just as strong as this Cell junior.

Which put him beyond a mastered Super Saiyan, Piccolo was now stronger than Vegeta, and he was going to be the opening act.


Jumping onto the stage, Piccolo removed his cloak and let it flow on the wind, the cloak fluttered and gracefully crashed onto the dirt ground, away from the stage.


Seeing Piccolo come up the Cell junior spoke in a sing song voice, something which had Raditz twitch, because in the orginal they weren't known to be very smart or vocal for that matter.

They were more like a bunch of Saibaman, it's likely that Cell going Super perfect resulted in them getting a boost, intellect included.


Piccolo snorted and got into his stance, but the Cell junior only jumped up and down and laughed like a fool.

Still, the murder in it's eyes was showing he was anything but a fool, the Cell junior was very much ready to kill.


Piccolo began with a one handed masenko, something which had the Cell junior widen his eyes and hastily defend itself.


Screaming as he felt his hands burn, the Cell junior was swiftly pushed back, almost reaching the edge of the arena, which caused him to panic.

Piccolo saw this and went for a knockout, the opponent wasn't so smart after all.


Rushing upto the out of balance Cell junior, Piccolo swung his leg and snapped a deadly kick towards the Cell junior.

Who looked even more panicked, but just before the kick connected.


He smirked, which caused alarm bells to go off in Piccolo's head.


Immediately taking advantage of his short height, the Cell junior rammed into Piccolo's stomach, his elbow sinking into the green man's gut.


This had Piccolo spit out his stomach acids mixed with blood, but the Cell junior had no intention of stopping in the slightest.

A swift punch to Piccolo's chin almost snapped Piccolo's neck, as the force threw him off the edge and back into the arena.

The Cell junior followed up and laughed merrily, but just as he was about to deliver an axe kick to Piccolo's head, he rolled out of the way.


Which caused the attack to fall on the ground, cracking the pavement in the process.

Swiftly balancing himself back up, Piccolo gazed at the Cell junior and spat some green blood out of his mouth.

His opponent tricked him using his foolish behaviour, but he won't make the same mistake twice.


Piccolo's hands softened, and before the Cell junior could understand what was going on, his hands stretched and swiftly grabbed onto the Cell junior.

"Come here!"

And pulled the freaked out monster towards him, and when he was almost upto his face, Piccolo opened his mouth and it began shining yellow.


When the Cell junior saw that he let out an intense scream, this wasn't an attack he wanted to get hit head on with, at all.

But he was powerless, no way was he getting out of Piccolo's grasp this easily.

So before it's scared eyes, the yellow beam of energy erupted.


And covered the Cell junior's body entirely, Piccolo's hands let go at the right time and the Cell junior screamed in terror, but quickly became quiet.

Because in these few seconds, his entire body was completely vaporized.


Piccolo huffed, he had gone for the kill straight away, because he had kept in mind Raditz's warnings, the decision to completely evaporate his foe wasn't a tough choice to make for him.


Seeing Piccolo ending the fight so simply had morale soar amongst the z fighters, Piccolo was currently one of their strongest fighters, him losing wasn't something they would have liked to see.

And thankfully he didn't disappoint, Piccolo made short work of his enemy, even when his enemy was about equal to his strength.

"These guys don't have much experience, they are strong but most of their 'experience' seems to come from their instincts."

Tien seriously analysed, he had a very good grasp on what clones should and shouldn't be able to do, this being his racial ability.

So he found a flaw in Cell's technique pretty easily, where Tien's clones were essentially him, Cell's clones while stronger, weren't him.

This made their battle IQ remain at the level of instincts, this was a major flaw and was something they can exploit.

Hearing Tien's breakdown Goku nodded as well, before saying.

"They don't look that smart, we should be able to beat them."

While the z fighters discussed and prepared countermeasures for their fights, Piccolo turned towards Cell.

Which caused Cell to smirk, he didn't look the least bit bothered that his Cell junior just died.

So raising his hand, Cell announced.

"Piccolo wins the first round!"

"Now, would you like to continue fighting? Or is there a different challenger amongst you?"

Piccolo wasn't hurt so he was ready to continue fighting, but before he could say that, another voice cut in.

"Namekian, it's my turn next."

Vegeta's aggresive speech wasn't appreciated by Piccolo but it was very funny to Cell, watching them fight amongst themselves was a joy like no other.

"Vegeta, don't act rashly."

Nappa attempted to pacify the situation but Vegeta scoffed.

Directly making a ki blast he pointed it towards Piccolo.

Which caused Piccolo to growl, he was sick of Vegeta messing up important things.

But before either of them could fight, making Cell's job easier, Goku said with a smile.

"Oh come on Vegeta don't be like that, we all want to fight, we will get our turn eventually!"

Hearing that Piccolo stopped, then scoffed at Vegeta and turned around, he understood Son was basically telling him he wanted to fight too.

So Piccolo gave up, either way, he might be out of the match but he wasn't dead was he, he would join in right away if Cell does anything suspicious.

"Have it your way then."

Saying that Piccolo jumped off the arena, Vegeta smirked seeing that and directly flew upto the stage with his hands folded.

He was going to show everyone how strong a Super Saiyan was, and then he will kill Cell by himself.

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