29 Ocean dive

* Bang *

* Bang *

* Bang *

" Stop, that's enough for now Raditz. "

Roshi stopped the spar with Raditz, they were going on for about an hour now and Raditz was learning remarkably fast.

* Huff *

Releasing a breath, Raditz rubbed his shoulders, the parts were he was hit the most, training in ultra instinct was very hard.

Even if he had everything down pat, it was difficult, but at least his power level was increasing pretty fast.

" Master, I can go on. "

Regaining his energy back with a little bit of rest, Raditz radiated strength again.

But Roshi shook his head and denied Raditz's request.

" Don't be hasty, we are training your instincts, you can't rush it, too much training and your body will get confused. "

Taking on his master pose, Roshi lectured Raditz with seriousness.

" The only thing more sparring will do now is make you develop bad habits. "

Scratching his long mane, Raditz shrugged helplessly.

" But without that my power level won't increase faster, while I am getting stronger day by day naturally, I would have liked to speed up the progress just a bit more. "

Again shaking his head, Roshi gave his advice while walking towards his beach chair.

" But power without control is nothing, your naturally increasing energy levels are in perfect control right now.. well, I suppose it'll be fine. "

Sitting down on his chair, Roshi finally decided to allow Raditz more training, personally he wanted his pupil to grow in a balanced way.

But he could see the need for power in Raditz's eyes, it wasn't too noticable but it was there, Roshi assumed it was due to him needing to face his previous partners.

" More fighting won't do you any good, you can't get much excercise delivering milk either, let's see, I suppose swimming will have to do. "

Twitching his eyes at Roshi's training regimen, the exact same all of his pupils went through, Raditz wondered how master will make this work for him.

He can't exactly get training done while a shark is chasing him, the shark can't even scratch him even if he sat there and let it attack.

" Alright, you go and start swimming, keep doing it until you run out of breath. "

Opening his eyes a little wider, something clicked inside Raditz, he understood what Roshi was telling him to do.

" You don't mean I need to swim in... there..? "

Pointing towards the vast ocean around the island, Raditz asked again.

" There, deep inside the ocean?? "

Nodding his head with his sunglasses reflecting light, Roshi took out his magazine.

" Of course, the pressure should be plenty for you, and the lack of air will force you just fine. Now go, hang in there. "

Raditz smiled and let out chuckle, Roshi found a good substitute indeed.

Instead of the usual Sharks it was Raditz's own lack of oxygen, instead of tiring muscles it was his body losing strength when holding his breath for long time.

And lastly, the need to concentrate all his energy, everything to stay alive in the deep waters when he starts running out of air.

" I guess that's a gonna be a rough one, I hope I don't drown.. "

While this training did seem dangerous enough, Raditz wasn't about to go in headfirst without testing how to get out in case of an emergency, he wanted to do a test run before that, like normal people should do.

Raditz would rather not scream ' danger and opportunities coexist, let's gamble! ' and run forward like an utter fool, he didn't have the thick plot armor he needed to survive that.

" Okay then, Launch, Master Roshi, I will be off. "

* Whoosh *

Taking off in a jiffy Raditz flew through the air while practicing holding his breath, he never tried to in this body until now.

He really didn't have an idea how capable of such a feat was his Saiyan body.

' Wait, does zenaki boost apply to this? If I hold my breath until I am near death will I get a boost? Then can't I just sit and hold my breath until I am the strongest.. nah that can't be right.. '

That sounded too busted to be possible, it's probably only applicable to actual wounds and stuff, but Raditz will give it a try anyway.

What if it works?! What Broly, what Berrus, what grand priest, everyone step aside, let me hold my breath.

* Huff *

" Alright that's enough daydreaming, my time limit is 3 minutes, pretty good for a first try. "

Breathing in some air again, Raditz calculated his rough time limit, it was good enough for him right now.

But he knew he could do better, even regular humans back at his orginal universe had people who could hold their breath for 20+ minutes.

" Best of all, I am a Saiyan, getting used to incredibly tough conditions is in my blood, Paragus and Broly didn't survive Vampa by chance, it's their nature as a Saiyan that made it possible. "

Currently hovering over the ocean, Raditz was but a dot in the sky for the observing Master Roshi and Launch.

And this dot could be seen descending down feet first, slowly reaching the water surface, looking down Raditz took a deep breath and dived in.

' It's cold, good thing I have my armour on. '

His armour was plenty lightweight and insulating, so feeling comfortable in it Raditz swam deeper.

Settling in the deep part of the ocean, Raditz found this to be a good test spot, he would try and see how long he can last, check his limits then blast off to the surface.

Now all he needed was to calm down and let nature take it's course, closing his eyes Raditz relaxed, his hands hung down and his hair floated up, and just like that time started passing, bit by bit.

* Tick *

* Tick *

* Tick *

Every passing minute could be felt in the depths, but Raditz could hear nothing, only the sound of gurgling water was ringing against his eardrums.

In this ocean he was all alone, with only the sound of water to accompany him, his lungs wanted to breathe again, but he wanted to know, what was down there?

No matter how Raditz tried, he couldn't see the bottom, his sight was gradually obscured with no indication of what was below him, it was a dark, deep, abyss.

And if there is one thing that was true in any reality, it was when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back.

* Blink *

Two eyes looked at Raditz's floating body, where light didn't exist there existed a humanoid, quietly gazing at Raditz's gradually slack form.

It's flipping fishtail was a clear indication, that while the creature wanted to observe a bit more before making it's move, it was almost ready to act.


Fun fact, This ' creature ' is a canon character, a bit obscure but canon nonetheless.

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