Dragonball : Super Raditz

Reborn as Raditz, he found himself with a hole in his chest, a critical situation yes, but not one without solution. With a strong willpower and sharp mind, Raditz would rise to become the strongest being alive.

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166 Chs

Moving in

Satan's wife was lying down on the bed and Raditz was standing besides her, looking down at her condition.

He was about to try and heal her himself, why waste a perfectly good Dragonball wish on something easy, he wasn't Oolong, Bulma, Freeza and come to think of it the entire z warrior gang.

" Be calm, it might sting a little, but after a while you should be fine. "

Raditz assured both the excited Miguel and her nervous husband, now that they were working for him he won't treat them badly.

But maintaining a sense of mystery is a must, he will just use what he noticed in Scale before, pumping her with nature energy.

" Spirits of the world, the sun, the moon, rivers and oceans, please, lend me your strength. "

Raditz raised his hands and recited a random chant he made up, he didn't know Goku's call but this worked fine, he was once again calling upon the world, this time clouds and ground was also within the consideration.

* Woooo *

Satan and his wife shivered, how was wind blowing indoors?? And was that the smell of fresh flowers? How weird.

* Hummmm *

With a humming sound once again pure white energy began to gather on Raditz's hand.

He had noticed this with Scale before, this is a ki which lingers, it is good for your body, long time contact might really help remove regular sickness.

Of course that alone cannot heal her, but it will give the medicine she takes ample time to work as her body stays fresh and doesn't give up.

" Are you ready? "

Asked Raditz as he held a flaming white energy in his hand and Miguel nodded a little excitedly, she was someone who was about to die until a few hours ago.

Now she can live again, watch her daughter grow up and take care of her messy husband, she was beyond ready.

" Alright, stay calm. "

Putting his hand above her, Raditz pushed the energy inside and watched it melt away.

Miguel meanwhile felt amazing, she didn't feel this light since a long time ago.

" Honey! How are you?? "

Asked Satan as he grabbed his wife's hand she smiled back in return.

" I feel so good, I feel like I can sing again! "

Miguel bloomed, she was a singer before marrying Satan, but fell ill shortly after giving birth to Videl.

Now that she was fine again, she felt she can sing once more, of course, this was only considered by her because she was now working under Raditz.

She still remembers this, they are still not useful to him in any way, a burden, so she wanted to show her talents.

" Sing! Really honey! You can sing again?! "

Satan was also happy, her beautiful voice and looks are what had attracted him in the first place.

But he also remembered Raditz, and what he must do, so he began hatching one of his schemes.

" Mr Raditz we can hold a contest, I can sponsor the world Marital arts tournament, there we will create hype for you. "

Putting his hands together he rubbed them nervously.

" If it's okay with you boss, you can act with me and show a set up match, I am the world champion so defeating me in a hot blooded battle should be a good place to start. "

Satan said nervously, because what he was asking of Raditz was taking it easy to human levels and take some hits from him as well.

But Raditz didn't mind, he nodded seriously.

" It's up to you, you are my manager, do what you need to do, set up or real, the end results are all that matters. "

Satan breathed a sigh of relief, he specialized in scamming people, that was his speciality, so he was really worried his boss wouldn't understand the reality of the situation.

Now that his boss had given him free reign to go ham, he would go ham.

" You take him with you. He will support you in everything. "

Raditz took out a saibaman seed and pumped it full of the remaining nature energy.

Because this type of ki lingers, Saibamen would always think of him as it's parent plant, the ki didn't have the dissipation within half and hour problem anymore.

* Gaaah *

The floor of Satan house broke open and a Saibaman drilled out when Raditz poured water from a nearby bottle on it.

" Wow! Is this an alien?? "

Asked Miguel, looking at the green alien with stars in her eyes.

Raditz nodded with a smile.

" Yes it is an alien, it's one hundred and thirty times stronger than you Satan. And it can blow itself up with enough force to take down a skyscraper. "

Satan gulped and looked at the green grinning Saibaman with a terrified look.

" Boss, what do I do with him..? "

Raditz looked at the Saibamen and pointed to Satan.

" Follow his orders. "

A simple command, effective until he gives another command again, him being the top in the chain of command, Satan being below him.

" I can control him?? He won't kill me right?! ""

Asked Satan, very excited and nervous at getting an alien heavy hitter of his own.

But he wasn't sure if the alien would be pissed at him ordering him around and kill him directly.

Raditz shook his head and looked at Satan, such tiny courage, this man was so not suitable for his position.

" No, you can ask the Saibamen to do anything you want, but they can only fight, not serve you drinks or something, so don't ask for a massage, it might crush you by mistake. "

Raditz warned and Satan immediately nodded, that's fine, that's totally fine!

He had someone so strong with him now, and he listened to his every command, for a person like Satan he could think of so many ways to make money and fame out of this.

" Boss Raditz, I have an idea, you might need to do some promotion videos, I'll get it prepared if you are alright with it. "

Raditz gave his permission and Satan gave his wife a big hug before running off to get everything prepared, he would have to make phone calls and so much more.

" Mr Raditz, I can also help, I used to be a singer, should I compose a song for you? I am sure my return would excite my old fans again. "

Said Miguel with her hands joined together and her eyes smiling with her.

Raditz also smiled back and gave a nod.

" Do what you are good at, as long as you work for the betterment of the cause, I don't mind. "

Miguel happily smiled, she was really happy her husband messed up this time around, his mess up actually brought something so good to the table.

But then she remembered her daughter and she asked Raditz on what she had to do.

" Mr Raditz, my daughter, what should she do? "

Raditz thought for a while, Videl was around Gohan's age, so she was now ready for marital arts training, the girl figured out ki pretty fast.

She should have some potential worth exploring.

" While I haven't seen her face to face yet, I have already sensed her upstairs, she has more potential than her dad, see if she's interested in martial arts. "

Raditz gave his idea, now it didn't matter to him much if or not she actually trained, she was no krillin, her potential was vastly limited compared to him.

" I see, I will ask her Mr Raditz. "

Miguel said, while she didn't want her baby girl to fight and get hurt, she knew better than to ignore Raditz's words, if Videl had potential then it would be a waste to ignore that.

If not, then she would just make Videl a singer like her, Videl was her carbon copy, her voice was also trainable into something great.

" Mr Raditz I will show you your room, please come with me. "

Said Miguel as she took Raditz through the house, this was now his house after all, Raditz moving in was a given.