109 King Kai

With Cell disappearing, the z fighters could only train hard for the upcoming threat.

With the exception of Yamcha and Chiaotzu, everyone had begun their separate training.

Piccolo together with Krillin, Tien, Goku, Gohan and Nappa were up on the lookout, while Vegeta and Raditz were staying at capsule corporation.

Vegeta kept challenging 18 so he didn't leave, while Raditz himself had to help Bulma go over Gero's data and retrain his ultra instinct with Roshi.


18 attacked Raditz, who moved out of the way very simply, he was currently dodging with his eyes closed.


Yet the simplicity at which he could dodge 18's attacks was something Vegeta was finding hard to understand.

He had just fought 18 a while ago and was currently sitting on the sidelines with Roshi and Violet.

Violet was bandaging him while Roshi looked at Raditz and gave him advice once a while.

'How is he doing that? He isn't even transformed yet, damn it.'

Vegeta silently clenched his fist, while Violet looked at him getting agitated and slowed down her bandaging.

Even though Raditz's power level was not increasing, Vegeta could see that he was steadily getting stronger.

Before Raditz's training he could still last for a few moves against him, now he had a feeling that he wouldn't be able to face even one.

And this was when he himself was progressing, he also had an idea of taking Super Saiyan futher, this was a conclusion both he and Kakarot had arrived at.

'I need more power, and Raditz, don't think I am sitting here while you are progressing.'

'I can see it now, all I have to do is push beyond Super Saiyan.'

This was Vegeta's solution, although both him and Goku arrived at the same conclusion, their paths were completely different.

Goku understood the importance of mastering his current power before pushing for more, while Vegeta straight away wanted to push for more.

And this is the reason Goku would end up with full power Super Saiyan while Vegeta ended up with the cumbersome Super Saiyan grade 2.


Dodging another kick to his face, Raditz bent down and grabbed 18's leg, before throwing her out in one swift motion.


Flipping mid air 18 broke her fall and landed onto the ground, Raditz was fighting in his base and wasn't focusing on attack, so she could still manage to not get absolutely destroyed and thus help him train.


Opening his eyes, Raditz adjusted to the light while stretching his aching body.

"Thanks for the help 18."

Said Raditz while he adjusted himself to his best state again, his amped regeneration taking away his fatigue bit by bit.

18 herself only huffed and folded her hands.

"Don't mention it."

Vegeta meanwhile saw that Raditz's training was now over, so pushing away violet who was bandaging him, he walked over.

"You, machine, fight me."

Said Vegeta, in his usual tone of voice that would make one believe he was the one superior to 18 in this instance.

Well, Raditz couldn't blame him, 18 also acted exactly like that back in the future when she was the top dog.

Turning towards Vegeta, 18 narrowed her eyes.

"I am not your training dummy."

Before Vegeta could say anything else and escalate the situation, Violet figured she might as well not get her semi-husband killed.

"Vegeta, 18's at it for 12 hours straight."

"Although she has Infinite energy, it doesn't hurt to take a break."

Vegeta twitched his eyes at Violet's words, but after a bit of grumbling he decided to go and sit back down.

Violet smiled and continued her bandaging work, she was a shrewd woman who had been in an evil army just like Vegeta, that together with the.. closeness of their relationship, made her understand Vegeta on a much deeper level than most.

Same went for Vegeta, this is what caused the weird scene to happen, Vegeta actually listening to reason.


18 only looked at Vegeta with suspecting eyes and then soon huffed, looking the other way.

Raditz and Roshi didn't say anything the entire time, Raditz was simply relaxing after a hard training while Roshi was in a world of magazines.

When the two Saiyans trained here, back at the lookout the rest of the z fighters were gathered.

Goku had just finished eating his fill and put down the empty bowl of noodles, his blonde spiky hair was currently dancing freely with the wind.

And Krillin who was sitting besides Goku found the time to be right, and asked his best friend something that was bothering him.

"Hey Goku, do you think Cell is going to attack? Even Piccolo eer Kami..? Still can't find him through the lookout."

Goku grabbed his chin with a thinking expression before saying.

"Maybe..? Even if he dosen't, we are still getting stronger!"

Krillin laughed a little at his best friend's carefree attitude.

But although Goku maintained such a carefree attitude, Kamiccolo didn't share the same sentiment.

"Goku, you should get a new Kami soon."

"I can't sense Cell anywhere, I have a bad feeling about this."

Goku hearing that from Piccolo did regain a bit of his seriousness back.

Currently everyone else was getting their training done while they rested a bit.

So if he was going to do this, he might as well get it done now.

"Alright, I'll go to Namek."

Putting two of his fingers on his forehead, Goku narrowed his green eyes, sensing King Kai's ki, Goku instantly teleported to otherworld.


"Aaagh! Goku, you scared me!"

King Kai fell off his car while screaming in fear, Goku always did this, appearing and disappearing out of nowhere.

Laughing if off Goku put his hands together in apology, and told King Kai the reason for his visit.

"Sorry King Kai! It's just that Kami has fused with Piccolo so we need a new Kami."

"I don't remember any of the remaining Namekian's Ki so I can't find the place."

King Kai grumbled before getting up and walking upto Goku.

"Did a new threat arrive Goku?"

Goku nodded a little seriously as he said.

"Yeah, androids, there's this guy named Cell, he became really strong after taking something from his future self."

King Kai's eyes behind his glasses almost popped hearing that, but Goku didn't care and continued.

"Trunks time traveled back to warn us about this thing-"

"Don't tell me!!! Be quite Goku!"

King Kai jumped and grabbed Goku's mouth while sweating profusely.

Ignoring the confused Goku King Kai looked around everywhere with a scared expression before releasing Goku's mouth with a relief filled sigh.

Before he could say anything more, King Kai scolded in a hushed voice.

"Goku! Time travel is forbidden! Don't talk about it so casually!"

Goku frowned, not liking that someone randomly forbid something and now he has to somehow obey such weird rules, but he wasn't one to question too much, so he listened to king kai and scratched his head.

But seeing that this wasn't going anywhere, Goku brought the topic back on track.

"Okay, like I was saying, we need a new Kami, can you find planet Namek for me, pretty please King Kai!"

King Kai breathed a sigh of relief seeing Goku dropping the time travel topic.

And quickly started searching for Namek, he wanted Goku out of his planet and didn't want to have anything to do with the time travel mess.

He was not looking forward to Beerus and Whis coming for him, just because he knew about a time travel happen.

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