111 Junior

Just when Cell's tail was about to stab through Satan.


A green figure jumped inbetween them, and got pierced through instead.


Cell was taken aback but soon didn't care, but Satan once more cried out.


Because this was the Saibaman given to Satan long ago, this was Raditz's gift, although he was dumb, after all this time Satan had developed some attachment to Cabba.

So seeing him now struggling before Cell's absorbing tail was really sad for him.

And Cell didn't miss the opportunity to torment Satan either.

"This green man seems important to you?"

"He has good tenacity, it would be a shame.."

As soon as Cell said that, Saibaman began shrinking, as if water was being absorbed out of him.

Cell smiled again, watching Satan's desperate look.

".. If something were to happen to-"


It wouldn't be a stretch to say that Cell's mocking words were knocked out of his mouth together with his teeth, as a glowing fist slammed into him from the side, shutting his mouth for good.


The fist carried such strength that Cell crashed through multiple buildings before helplesssly getting buried in a particularly thick building.

The Saibaman who was getting absorbed had also fallen down, although it was weakened, by virtue of being a plant, it survived anyway.

And soon buried itself back into the yard soil, taking in nutrients to heal up and protect the parent plant again.

But Satan didn't give more than one relieved sigh in this situation, because he had something way more urgent to think about.


Satan cried out of happiness, because the fist that had smacked Cell across the neighborhood was Gohan's, Raditz's nephew and Videl's friend.

If it was Gohan, everything would be alright!

But Gohan himself wasn't so sure, when he had attacked Cell just now, Cell didn't feel as strong as they figured he would be.

So Gohan didn't let his guard down, and soon the buried Cell crawled out of the pit, huffing and puffing.

"Serves you right Cell! You-"

"Stay back."

Gohan immediately stopped Satan's words and put his hand before him, before seriously looking at Cell and saying.

"I don't think this is right, Cell feels weird."


And as if responding to his words, Raditz flashed before the duo, teleporting to them the moment he felt Gohan's ki fluctuating against one he didn't know.

"Uncle Raditz!"

Turning towards Gohan Raditz patted the boy's head.

"Good thinking Gohan, I don't know who this is, but this isn't Cell."

The panting 'Cell' began laughing intermittently after hearing that, and slowly raised his head with a bloody mouth and still hanging smirk.

Getting up shakily, 'Cell' cracked his neck and soon burst into a plume of smoke.


Releasing the transformation technique.

"He was transformed?! Who is he??"

Gohan asked, taken aback by the technique's use.

But Satan had enough of this, he didn't care who this guy was, whoever he was, he killed his family!

And he wanted his family back, so holding Raditz's hand Satan begged Raditz.

"Boss, please! You gotta revive Videl and Honey!"

Raditz although was concentrating on the guy behind the smoke, did nod his head to calm Satan down.

He would have revived them anyway, even without Satan's pleas.

"That's, did he get shorter..?"

Asked Gohan with a confused look, because the smoke had now cleared and behind it stood a blue Cell, short in height and having a grinning expression.

Raditz narrowed his eyes seeing the one behind the transformation technique.

But Cell, or Cell jr didn't give Raditz the opportunity to question him, as he began speaking by himself.

But it wasn't the shrill Cell jr voice talking, it was Cell's voice, talking through the Cell jr.

"Raditz.. You are here at last!"

Cell jr began walking towards the trio, without any fear whatsoever.

"How did you like my technique? Surprised I didn't come here by myself?"

"Or did you already expect this to happen?"

Not replying to Cell immediately, Raditz first got infront of Gohan and Satan.

Shielding them behind him, then he finally folded his hands and spoke lightly.

"You overestimate me, I had only figured you wouldn't dare to show up before you plan your stuff, didn't know you would send.."

"Whatever this is."

Cell didn't mind the casual insults thrown his way and just laughed it off.

"This is Cell jr. A rather interesting technique, I got it from Tien's cells."

"There's some piccolo in there too, but it's mostly Tien."

Cell shrugged and by now had walked upto Raditz, but the Cell jr body he was speaking through was so short that he reached Raditz knees at maximum.

So it became a really awkward staredown for everyone, but Cell himself didn't see it that way.

"And you are wrong, it's not that I don't dare show up, I simply can't show up right now."

"But soon, soon I will come for you all."

Putting his fingers up, Cell showed the number three.

"In three days I will hold a tournament, you guys love those don't you, especially you Raditz, you got all your fame from there."

"So be sure to participate in this one, it will be grand! And it might just be your last."

"Look forward to the next announcement."

Giving a smile which immediately rang alarm bells in Gohan and Raditz's mind, Cell said.


As soon as Cell jr said that, he began to puff up at a ridiculous rate, looking like a bloated flesh baloon about to blow up.

"Oh crap, he's about to blow."

Raditz twitched his eyes and immediately put his hands on Cell's body, putting two fingers on his forehead he started to think quickly.

'Shit, where do I teleport him to! I don't even know King Kai's ki.'

But seeing the energy inside Cell almost reach the tipping point, Raditz knew he couldn't wait anymore and simply chose a place and vanished.


Watching Raditz vanish, Satan gulped and asked Gohan.

*Where did he go?"


But the loud yet dull explosion that soon shook the Earth answered Satan instead.

Looking at the fireball in place of the moon, Gohan said with a shaky smile.

"I guess he went to the moon.."

'Moon? Is there a moon left anymore!?'

Satan complained internally, but before he could voice his opinions.


"Cough cough."

Raditz came back, coughing and burned up in many places.

He still had lingering feelings of hear palpitations, this was something which would have killed Goku, although he survived, it was because he got out in time and Cell Jr's explosion was on a lesser intensity than perfect Cell's.

But any delay in his actions would have resulted in a huge chunk of Earth getting blown off, and him dying as a result of the Earth crumbling into itself, taking any breathable air with it.

"Gero and Cell are maniacs."

Raditz complained while spitting burnt blood, but Cell was still hiding and not showing his tail.

They would just have to catch him when he arrives, and by then, they will be ready too.

'Three days, so be it.'

Three days is a lot of time for the z fighters to do things, especially with the lookout as their support.

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